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Security Guarding Test

Part 1

A. NoneB. Same as the PoliceC. More than PublicD. Same as Public A. NoneB. Minimum AmountC. It does not matterD. Maximum Amount A. Police OnlyB. Security Officers on DutyC. AnyoneD. No-one ParliamentJudgesLawyersPrime Minster ProhibitionWarningMandatorySafe Condition ProhibitionWarningMandatorySafe Condition Anything that has the potential to cause harmEmployers responsibility onlyEmployees responsibilityThe chance, great or small, that harm could happen in certain circumstances Displaying hostile attitude to a personPutting people into groups and judging them by thatHave a preconceived opinion based on little or no facts about an ethnic groupBeing violent towards certain groups of people All Scottish people are sweatyFrench people always smell of garlicI don’t like Muslims because of terrorismBeing violent towards certain groups of people The Equality Act 2006The Discrimination Act 1996The Ageism Act 2006None of the above

Part 2

TrespassBurglaryCriminal DamageRobbery TrespassBurglaryCriminal DamageRobbery ProhibitionWarningMandatorySafe Condition Replace extinguisher in correct placeNothing as it helps keep the air moving in the buildingReport it to controlIgnore it
It is in-direct discriminationIt is direct discriminationAs it was a joke you can say thisIt is victimisation

Part 3

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