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About Our Security Company Wrexham

Wrexham a city in Wales has long been a place where many businesses have established themselves. Wrexham has, over the years, become a bustling hub of opportunity. However, in order to keep your business safe, you need to keep crime away. Our security firm in Wrexham is dedicated to deterring all manner of crime. It only takes one criminal to get away with a good haul to completely sink a company. To make sure this doesn’t happen to your Wrexham business contact Region Security Guarding today to hire experienced security guards.

Region Security guarding provide the best security services at a reasonable and affordable price.  All our guards are SIA approved, therefore they are able to provide exceptional security services, especially in difficult situations. Wrexham is one of the main cities in Wales in which we provide our specialist security services. Our main goal is to make you feel protected and stress-free. We work our hardest to deliver on this goal by ensuring our services are always efficient and reliable.

Some of the services that our reliable experts can provide include:

  • Retail and Store Security Services
  • Industrial Sector Security Services
  • Construction and Property Development Security Services
  • Public Sector Security Services
  • Front of House Reception Security Services
  • Patrolling Security Services

 A lot of our client’s main security worries are vandalism or theft. At Region Security Guarding we believe the value of your business and your businesses assets are the priority. 


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How Will We Ensure the Quality and Affordability of Your Service?

To ensure the quality of our services all our security operatives must undergo both in-house and out of house training. After that, a selection process before they begin working for us, as one of our security officers. Each and every one of our guards hold an SIA license, meaning they have proven their ability to react effectively in whatever situation may arise.

Finally, to ensure the affordability of each service that you require for your Wrexham business you will receive our price promise guarantee. This will ensure you get absolute security for less. Not only this, but you can get all of this quoted to your business completely for free within the next two hours.

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Our Ethos:

Region Security Guarding are leading providers of quality security services across the whole of the UK. We are a team that takes pride in the professional services that we offer, carrying out each task with enthusiasm. Our company mission is to provide value, versatility, and quality with every service that we supply. Each of these factors will allow our main goal to be fulfilled, which is to bring you peace of mind.

We promise to…

  • Address and satisfy the client’s security needs.
  • Comply with industry regulations and standards to ensure our service is always of the highest standard.
  • Listen to our clients, staff and regulators to make sure we get it right the first time, every time.
  • Constantly review and improve our business for the benefit of all those associated with it.

Security Guards in Wrexham

Security is a worrying issue to expose yourself and your business to, it tends to be something that is only thought about after it is already too late, with Region Security Guarding, we work under prevention is better than cure mindset and to this end, we have helped many businesses from in and around the Wrexham area. We are a highly rated security company and strive every day to reach for grander heights and provide not only a secure experience but also a seamless one, not interrupting any part of an average days’ workflow.

Security Company Wrexham

What Our Clients Say

Our main priority is our customers, we will go above and beyond to meet your business needs. Below is a testimonial from one of our clients.

I approached Region Security because we were changing to a 24 hour operated site. Region Security helped me by quickly setting up a contract and sent guards to site for training. Our guards monitor our site from 8pm to 8am and 24 hours on a weekend. The responsiveness from Region has been fantastic – from issues to finance, I promptly receive assistance and the customer service is great. I would definitely recommend Region Security!

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