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About Our Security Service in Reading:

Looking for the right security company in Reading? This can be a stressful task when judging the look of the city you live in, you may think your business is safe and secure but the most of the time with sprawling urban environments of a city the average crime rates around 80% nationally. So finding the best solution for your business is a top priority, this is why, when choosing Region Security Guarding we will only offer you the most professional bespoke services that make us different from other security companies and offer competitive prices that can beat any quotes. So if you want to make sure your company is in secure hands choose Region Security Guarding we are delivering excellent Tailored security services with SIA approved security guards you can depend on to provide you with the perfect security solution for your business. We want all our Security Guards not just to represent us but to represent our clients with complete integrity and professionalism. Call today on 01902 544321 to receive your FREE quotation

We are a growing security company in the area of Reading. We provide a variety of security solutions in Reading including Static Security Guards, Construction Security, Event Security, Warehouse Security, Retail Security and many more. We have been providing security for many years in Reading, during this, we have built a good customer relationship. At Region Security, we understand that each client has individual requirements when it comes to the safety of them and their business. We believe that we can provide the right security solution for all companies and businesses within the area of Reading to fit their needs.

Reading has a national crime rate of 80% in comparison to the rest of the UK, this means that Reading strictly speaking gets more crime than most other areas. This can be a huge pain and a worry for businesses setting up in Reading looking to expand their chain. This is where Region Security Guarding comes in.

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  • We will recognise and implement the timely and excellent delivery of our service to you
  • Ensure all our employees share our commitment and continue to raise standards of performance within Reading.
  • Provide only the best security; trained and licensed professionals
  • We will provide only the best and most cost-effective solutions to all our Reading clients according to their needs and budgets
  • We aim to provide a complete solution to all your security needs

We have many years of experience in providing licensed guards to construction sites to make sure they are well protected and secured from the groundwork stage through to full completion. Our security guards are responsible for frequent calls to check security, controlling the site and reporting any possible threats or incidents. We also have a team of supervisors that monitor their performance by making regular checks on them. This is just one type of security that we provide there are several other types of security we can provide you.

Region Security Guarding is a well-established security company that provides are unique security services to the area of Reading. With a wide range of solutions, we believe that we can cater to an affordable solution for any situation. Statistics show that there are around 300 crimes committed within the area of Reading every month. This is quite high so we recommend using Region Security to protect your business and property.

What Separates Us from our competitors?

Price Promise Guarantee 

Whilst most other competitors have fixed rates for particular jobs, Region Security Guarding breaks the mould by offering a price promise guarantee for all of our clients in Reading and nationwide. This price promise guarantee allows us to ensure you that you get the most value for your money when it comes to your security, as we promise to meet or beat any competitors quotes on a like for like basis. This allows us to stay on top of the ever-growing and rapidly evolving security company industry

Bespoke Security Guarding Solutions

Our security guarding solutions are offered on a bespoke premise, meaning we understand different businesses have different needs, and to accommodate these needs, we are able to handcraft a tailored plan to suit your individual business. This flexibility ensures we are capable of doing what others can’t, being able to sit down and truly understand the daily ins and outs of your company gives us the knowledge we need to apply the expertise we have in the most efficient and secure manner

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Security can be a big purchase and so ensuring that money is well spent is critical to any team, with Region, premium security for less than premium prices is just around the corner

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, call now on: 01902 544321

Retail security is a difficult job there is no way around it, with so many high-value goods in an enclosed area, it is a veritable treasure trove of items for criminals. That means having a vigilant and watchful security team on-site at all times is a must, to ensure you don’t have to worry about your business being robbed or vandalised.

This is where Region Security Guarding can help, with over 10 years of experience in the security industry, tackling problems like this on a day to day basis, our guards are more than up to the task of keeping you and your business safe. Not only do our guards provide a powerful visual deterrent but also are capable of acting in situations where that might be necessary, moving swiftly and discretely to solve the problem.

Construction is a huge industry, being worth just shy of 290 billion euro’s, it is a competitive and as such, highly targeted industry when it comes to crime. Reading especially has seen it’s a fair share of construction-related crime, from the theft of fuel and materials to vandalism simply for the sake of it. This is where we come in, providing construction security in Reading is something we are specialised in and are able to tackle no matter the site.

Region Security Guarding is proud to sport over 10 years of experience with all of that providing high quality, affordable security to the Reading area. Keeping all of your access points and vehicles safe when it comes to construction is one of the biggest challenges, make sure it is done the right way today by calling us on: 01902 544321

Warehouses, in their nature, are prone to criminal activity, being large stores of high-value goods is always going to attract the eyes of those looking to cause some damage. With our security company Reading on the job, we are more than capable of dealing with any security worries that comes your way. Warehouses in Reading are amongst the top victims in crime when it comes to property vandalism and theft, ensure you aren’t a victim today by calling us on: 01902 544321

Static guarding is still proving to be one of the most effective methods of security a company or business can employ, not only having the physical presence of a guard able to secure an area but also acting as a visual deterrent to any would-be thieves. our Static Guards in Reading are more than capable of dealing with any issue your company may have, with Reading being an area we have a lot of experience in, we are able to identify and accurately assess all areas of a site and work out the best way to protect it. For more information or to book a free quote call us on 01902 544321

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