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About Our Security Company Milton Keynes

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Region Security Guarding have been supplying high-quality security guards to businesses all over the UK for over 10 years. As an industry-leading security company we understand what is important to businesses and clients when they are looking for the right security service company. We operate many security services, such as retail security, CCTV monitoring, and construction security. To find out more about our specific services for Milton Keynes visit our services page to find out more.

We understand that choosing the right security company for your needs and for your business can be a difficult task. But we want to make this process as easy as possible for you, to give you peace of mind that you are secured as quickly as possible by the best SIA licensed guards. Whether you work in construction or retail, Region Security can help you. We operate across all industries, at all levels. To ensure the best services for each and every client and business we work with, we tailor each service to your individual needs. This provides the best and most personalised cover and protection for you.

Crime in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes may not have the highest crime rates in the UK, however recent trends show that crime rates could be on the rise. Per 1,000 people living in Milton Keynes, on average there were 34.5 crimes. Comparing that to the national average of 30.1 in England and Wales, Milton Keynes is higher than the national average for violent crime ( Thames Valley Police are also working hard to combat knife crime and serious violence in Milton Keynes, which is another crime rate that is increasing in the area.

Our Milton Keynes Services

Although we are based in the West Midlands, we provide security services to the whole of the UK. We have been supplying security guards to businesses for over 10 years, with Milton Keynes being one of our key areas that we protect. We are passionate about getting things right the first time and delivering real value for money. At Region Security Guarding, we want our security officers not just to represent us but to represent our clients with complete reliability and integrity. Our Company has years of experience providing the best security in places in the South East.

If you require security services in Milton Keynes or the South East then get in touch with us today. We will make sure you are always getting the best possible security solution by tailoring it towards your needs and wants.




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Why Choose our Milton keynes Security company?

Security is a worrying issue to expose yourself and your business too, it tends to be something that is only thought about after it is already too late, with Region Security Guarding, we work under a prevention is better than cure mindset and to this end we have helped many businesses from in and around the Bedworth area.

We are a highly rated security company and strive every day to reach for grander heights and provide not only a secure experience, but also a seamless one, not interrupting any part of an average days’ workflow.

To find out more about our Milton Keynes services, or to have a chat with us about how we can help you, then get in touch with us today!


Is Milton Keynes a safe place?

Although Milton Keynes is generally a safe area, the crime rates are higher than those of the national average for the UK. 

Certain crimes such as knife crimes are particularly bad in Milton keynes, with Thames Valley Police working hard to combat these crimes the most. 


Is Region Security Guarding based in Milton Keynes?

Although Region Security Guarding is not based in Milton Keynes, the area is one of our key areas in the UK that we cover. We are based in Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands, but we operate all over the UK, with over 10 years of experience in protecting nationwide businesses. 

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