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Throughout Manchester we provide professional, high-quality, SIA Licensed Retail Security Guards to ensure the safety of retailers as the rate of crimes such as shoplifting increases throughout the nation. Our uniformed security guards will act as a visual deterrent for shoplifters, will provide First Aid for consumers and staff, act accordingly to store emergencies, report all suspicious customer behaviour to management and monitor the store’s entrance and exit points.

The aim of our Retail Security in Manchester is to make the shopping experience safe and secure for both customers and staff, deterring and preventing crime and providing a visual presence that makes sure your business is a safe retailer and workplace.

Manchester, being as large as it is, is difficult to eliminate the threat of retail crime, this is why Region Security Guarding is committed to tackling this issue one case at a time, preventing any kind of criminal behaviour before it has a chance to happen.

When Region Security Guarding provides your retailer with Security Guards you can rest easy knowing that only the most professionally trained officers are patrolling your site, making sure it is safe and secure from any potential threats at all times necessary for you. Our Guards will stop at nothing to ensure that your employees and customers are happy and feel safe during their time within your business.

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    Security Services in Manchester provided by Trained Guards

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    We can provide on-site manned guarding to keep track of all people coming in and out of the building at any given time, alongside this our security guards in Manchester are all trained to assess and de-escalate any conflict, making sure your staff, customers and brand are safe.

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