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About our Security Company in Manchester

The crime rate in Manchester is extremely high; Manchester has a higher-than-average crime rate across the board, appearing in the top 10 cities for the most crimes committed. That is where we step in, with nationwide security, Region Security Guarding is able to work alongside Manchester businesses in order to provide comprehensive and tailor-made security solutions to fit every kind of business.

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Our security company is a high-quality security provider that is located in the West Midlands but cover all of Manchester. We strive to be the number one security company in Manchester and surrounding areas and make sure all of our clients are fully satisfied with our services. We do this by ensuring our services are highly tailored to fit individual needs required by our customers. We are proud to say that Region Security Guarding is an SIA approved contractor along with several other accreditations. If you are looking for a Security Company in Manchester that can make your business feel secure and safe then we can provide the right solution for you.

We have over 10 years of experience providing security services in Manchester, at Region Security Guarding we are the leading Manchester company that supplies security services throughout the whole of the UK we are proud of that achievement here and we work our hardest to deliver reliable and efficient security guard solutions to all our customers. We only provide the most professional security guards who are trustworthy and very experienced. We provide Retail SecurityReception and building security, Warehouse Security and many more. Contact us to find out how we can provide you with a high-quality security service in Manchester, or request a free quote now.

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    Manchester News

    Manchester, or as it is colloquially referred to as, the capital of the north, is a bustling and vibrant digital metropolis nestled in the north east region of England. Currently sitting at a population of over half a million, Manchester finds itself only outclassed in sheer populous density by 5 other cities, one of which being London, the capital of England itself.

    There seems to be a lot of contention around the topic of safety when it comes to the UK, some people argue that the UK is a very safe place to live, provided you keep your wits about you like any other place. Others disagree and claim there are plenty of areas peppering the UK that could be considered very dangerous to live in or work around.

    Manchester has long been a controversial area when it comes to crime, being one of the largest cities in England, it is understandable that it may have some issues dealing with criminal activity. We have decided to take a look into some of the statistics and found that between March 2019 – February 2020, there has been a stark drop off in crime and criminal activity in the Manchester area.

    High street’s have long been the nations go to place to peruse the offerings of their local and not so local community. A place to grab coffee with a friend or go looking around to treat yourself to goods or services, they have served almost all of us at one point of another and are looked upon fondly.

    Find out more about our Manchester Security

    • We will deliver our excellent security services in a timely manner.
    • Ensure all our employees share our commitment and continue to raise standard of our security services within Manchester.
    • Provide only trained and licensed professional security guards.
    • We will provide effective solutions that work and are cost effective to all our Manchester clients. This will be specially tailored to your needs
    • We aim to provide the best solution to all your security needs.

    Region Security Guarding is a security company that provide a wide range of security services across the area of Manchester. All our Manchester Security Guards are SIA licensed and are all trained and experienced professionals. We currently provide our services in Manchester and nationwide, we undertake both large and short term contracts. We offer a wide array of different services in the Manchester region, from Retail Security to key holding and emergency alarm response units, we can guarantee we offer a quality service that your business can utilise. We also have a price promise guarantee; where we can beat or match any of our competitors’ prices and can assure our security is the best provided.

    The security service that Region Security can offer your business in Manchester will be bespoke to your precise needs. Our security guards can monitor all kinds of premises in Manchester from a singular position, and they can patrol the premises over a large area. Whatever your company needs or wants out of your security service in Manchester, our specialist, experienced team will work alongside you and the interests of your business.

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    Manchester Security & Crime News

    Is Manchester Safe?

    Manchester is often times thought of as the capital of the north, providing a home and leisure space to over half a million people it is easy to see why. But with this overabundance of people coming and going comes a wave of crime few areas in the UK can contend with. Manchester has seen an explosion in crime since 2012, skyrocketing up to have the second highest amount of crime reported per 1,000 people, only being beaten out by London.

    But what can be done to combat this?

    Keeping Manchester secure is a hefty task to place solely on police forces, here at Region Security Guarding we recognise and implement our ideas of the every-man working to make Britain a safer place. To this end we supply only the highest quality security guards found around Britain, with a rigorous vetting and training process we ensure our guards are capable of tackling any task, no matter the size.

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    Manchester Statistics

    Manchester has a huge population with over 2,000,000 residents and as mentioned above, has a higher-than-average crime rate across the board and is considered one of the most dangerous UK cities. An estimated 1,077 crimes are reported in Manchester per day.



    With such a large population, protecting your business should be imperative.


    Crimes Reported

     Violent crime makes up 43% of this figure.


    Guards Patrolling

    We have Region Security Guards monitoring all areas in Manchester.


    Sites Protected

    Our security guards have successfully protected 23 areas around Manchester.

    What separates us from our competitors

    Price Promise Guarantee

    Whilst most other competitors have fixed rates for particular jobs, Region Security Guarding breaks the mould by offering a price promise guarantee for all of our clients in Manchester and nationwide. This price promise guarantee allows us to ensure you that you get the most value for your money when it comes to your security, as we promise to meet or beat any competitors quotes on a like for like basis. This allows us to stay on top of the ever growing and rapidly evolving security company industry

    Bespoke Security Guarding Solutions

    Our security guarding solutions are offered on a bespoke premise, meaning we understand different businesses have different needs, and to accommodate these needs, we are able to hand craft a tailored plan to suit your individual business. This flexibility ensures we are capable of doing what others can’t, being able to sit down and truly understand the daily ins and outs of your company gives us the knowledge we need to apply the expertise we have in the most efficient and secure manner

    FAQ’s about Manchester

    Manchester is a huge city with a rich and varied history, this makes it so that the city has many things it can be considered “famous for”

    • The Suffragette Movement
    • Coronation Street
    • Alan Turing
    • The Football League
    • The splitting of the atom.

    Manchester, being one of the largest cities in the UK, is often times seen as a hub for criminal activity. Whilst it definitely suffers with it’s fair share of crime, Manchester isn’t nearly as bad as people think. There are certain areas to avoid such as Moss Side and Rusholme but as long as you keep your wits about you and proceed in a sensible manner, avoiding any unnecessary risk, you should be fine. For a more detailed breakdown of crime in Manchester, check out our article here

    Manchester as a city has one of the largest economies in the UK, housing quite a few multi-millionaires, however, Manchester is primarily a city of contrast. Whilst it has some incredibly high value and affluent areas, it also has some of the most economically deprived areas in the UK. This juxtaposition leads a lot of people to underestimate how much the Manchester economy is worth.

    Being a large city, Manchester has areas where it is much cheaper to live and areas where it can reach extortionate heights. Comparing Manchester to a city of very similar economic size, Birmingham, shows us that Manchester has, on average, slightly higher living costs:

    Rent prices in Manchester are 5.61% higher than Birmingham

    Groceries prices in Manchester are 3.15% higher than Birmingham

    Consumer prices in Manchester are 2.14% higher than Birmingham

    As you can see, the difference isn’t too big of a deal but it would cost you around £3,196.97 to maintain the same quality of life that you can have with £3,100 in Birmingham.

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