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Sainsbury’s Security Guard Threatened With AIDS

“I have got AIDS and will give it to both of you” were the words of Philip Jones, an addict and thief who threatened local supermarket security staff with a hypodermic needle. Jones is thought to be suffering from Hepatitis C.

The 29-year-old entered the store on July 25th to do his shopping however his bank card was declined through lack of funds, leaving Jones to attempt to leave the store while shoplifting a bottle of Bold detergent. Security Staff caught on to the stunt and decided to stop and search the man as he tried to leave the store.

When approached by Security, Jones reached into his pocket and pulled out the hypodermic needle and warned the security guards that he had hepatitis and would infect them. The security guards however were not phased, taking the defendant to the floor, this is when Jones decided to bite and scratch one of the guards during the struggle, said guard is now facing an anxious wait to discover if they have been infected.

The guard has stated “This has left me feeling extremely angry. I was doing my job and now have to worry that I might have contracted an illness.”

There is currently no evidence of the guard being infected due to the clash.

Jones, from St Anne’s Road, Fordhouses has admitted to threatening numerous people with a bladed article and has been sentenced to 2 years in prison by Judge Michael Challinor who has said: “You have been stealing from shops for a long time but significantly raised your offending on this occasion”

“Many people steal from shops and many do so to feed an addiction but those that use weapons to threaten security staff will get no sympathy from the courts.”

Source: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/crime/2018/10/19/jailed-addict-thief-threatened-to-give-sainsburys-security-guards-aids/

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