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More About Our Services

What To Expect With Our Security Services

When you hire our security services, we provide highly trained and trustworthy security personnel that will help to prevent security risks.

Not only that, you can expect us to provide you with full support from our friendly customer services team.

Security Guard Customer Service

Security officers provide more than just helping to keep your business safe. They also provide a friendly face and a greeting to your customers.

By being a point of contact for customers they can provide help with any questions or issues they might have, such as giving them directions or helping them find the right area of your store. This helpful presence will help to improve the customer experience and keep your customers coming back to you.

At Region Security Guarding we know that our guards are representing you as much as ourselves, which is why we ensure that our guards are polite, friendly, and helpful.

Who Can Benefit From Our Security Personnel?

Our security officers can help to keep property, assets, and people safe across many different industries. Here are some examples of where our security services can help you:

Retail Security – Our retail security teams can help to keep customers and staff safe, as well as keep your stock on the shelves and out of the pockets of potential thieves.

Construction Security – With construction site theft in the UK costing the industry £800 million a year, it’s more important than ever to keep your site secure. Our construction security personnel can provide a visual deterrent and perform regular patrols to help prevent theft, damage, and unauthorised entry.

Event Security – Large events are a prime target for disturbances and disruption. Our event security guards can help prevent unauthorised entry, help to manage crowds, and provide a friendly face for anyone who needs help.

Warehouse security – Warehouses provide an opportunity for both internal and external theft. Keep your warehouse and stock secure with our security services, providing regular patrols as well as static guards.

Vacant property security – Stop break-ins from happening at your vacant property with our team of dedicated security personnel.

Guard tracking – Our guard tracking services are available to all our clients. This allows us to fully monitor our guards and provide our customers with detailed records to confirm patrols are being completed. To give our customers peace of mind knowing that a guard is always patrolling their site, this is a service we offer free of charge.

Logistics security – Ensure that your deliveries are received where they need to be, 100% safe and sound.

Reception and building security – Keep employees and their belongings safe with our reception security guards. A visible security presence providing access control and a warm welcome for visitors will help to keep your premises and visitors secure.

Student accommodation security – Student accommodation is a prime target for theft and break-ins, keep both students and their belongings secure with our dedicated student accommodation security services.

Tailored Security Guard Services

We understand that the security needs of each customer are different, that’s why all of our security services are bespoke and made to fit the needs of each of our customers. All of our security guard services can be tailored to meet the security need of your business.

At Region Security Guarding, we take every factor into account when providing security solutions, from the industry you are in, the size of your building, the security systems you have in place, and identifying any areas that could pose a risk to your security.