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Does Your Manchester Student Accommodation Need Security?


Manchester is home to one of the most popular cities in the UK, with over 40,000 students studying at the main city’s university.

The national average in the UK, states that around 1/3 of students during their university education are reported to be victims of crime. With Manchester having a large population in terms of university students, this makes this a problem that needs preventing. This is why our student accommodation security service is critical in protecting Manchester university students.

Our Manchester security officers are trained to recognise and assist pupils in addition to protecting them. Our security guards collaborate closely with the location’s facilities staff to guarantee that students may study and realise their best potential in a safe atmosphere.

Region Security Guarding takes pride in aiming for quality, and as a consequence, we’ve swiftly established ourselves as providing one of the best student housing security services in the whole UK.

student accommodation security guards in Manchester

The Roles of a Student Accommodation Security Guard in Manchester


Students should not have to worry about crime in their student housing because it is their second home, yet it is something we cannot avoid. A security guard, on the other hand, can help to prevent an incident from occurring. We cannot overstate how crucial it is to have one. Some of their responsibilities include:

A student accommodation security guard in Manchester, can be expected to;

  • Provide 24-hour monitoring in the student housing – Our highly qualified Manchester student housing security guards will be stationed at reception to guarantee that only authorised persons enter the premises. They will conduct frequent security checks on all people entering and exiting the premises to ensure their legitimacy. They will also give any other 24/7 security support to students in the reception area as needed.
  • Be the first responder to any incident that occurs- We can provide a CCTV monitoring service with our Manchester security guards to guarantee that all student accommodation is adequately secured and watched, so that if an incident occurs, our highly trained guards can be vigilant and respond with the right protocols to bring all persons to safety.
  • Be a visual deterrent –  Our Manchester security guards can serve as a visual deterrent to anyone who may be a threat. You may anticipate an individual’s intents to inflict harm to be prevented by having a trained expert on-site, display, which might prevent any crime from occurring.


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manchester university campus
Is Student Life Good in Manchester?

Student life in Manchester remains active. Manchester is one of the most populated universities and therefore receives plenty of funding for the university to put on special nights for the students to enjoy. Manchester remains a massive city and so has plenty for students to explore.

Is Manchester Safe For Students?

As with any city, crime does happen. However, Manchester remains one of the few major cities that experience high numbers of crime. Manchester is a very community-based city and so they will look after their own people. 

How Much is Student Rent in Manchester?

Student accommodation in Manchester is averagely priced. You are looking to spend around £6,000 for your average accommodation. 

Are There Any Student Accommodation Security Jobs in Manchester?

If you are looking for a student accommodation security job in Manchester, you can fill in our online application form to be enrolled on our job search database and we will get in touch when any security guard jobs in Manchester become available. Additionally, you can search for any more Manchester security guard jobs by using job sites like

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