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Do you need Construction Security in Newcastle?


Our team of local Newcastle construction security guards are trained and experienced to protect construction sites from theft, criminal damage and trespassers.

Our officers promise to make continuous, regular checks on your equipment, perform a thorough walk-through of your property with you so that they understand all areas that may be of concern and conduct routinely unannounced checks on the site.

Construction security services are monitored constantly to ensure that they always meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

All of our Newcastle construction guards are given full site instructions and protocols are clearly laid out to them.

Regular site visits by our management team, with us, actively monitoring the staff to help us respond quickly in the event of an emergency.


Construction sites in Newcastle


One of the biggest issues facing Construction sites in Newcastle is at night-time, a large site full of valuable equipment with no one in sight is incredibly alluring to criminals. Our security guards have the expertise and experience necessary to deal with any kind of construction site and secure it in a manner you are happy with.

Our security services offer all-encompassing health and safety training for the officers to ensure they are ready for any given task and can demonstrate professional behaviour on-site. Ensuring that a construction project runs smoothly can be difficult at the best of times, however, with the presence of a professional Newcastle security guard, you can drastically reduce the chances of theft and other anti-social behaviour delaying your project.


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What is construction security?

Construction security offers solutions to common construction site safety problems, such as loss of machinery, goods, or equipment. Without proper construction site security in place, people could even lose their lives

Why is security needed on a construction site?

Security on a construction site is not only important because of threats and vandalism, but also so that every person within the site is protected at all times. It is even more crucial when there is explosive equipment on-site

How do you ensure security on a construction site?

We believe that the easiest, best, and most cost-effective way to secure your Newcastle construction site is by hiring a security guard from a reliable security company. Other things you should consider are installing security cameras and burglar alarms

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