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Do you need Construction Security in Newcastle?


Our Security Company Newcastle construction security guards are skilled and experienced in preventing theft, criminal damage, and trespassers on construction sites.

Our construction guards guarantee to do continuous, regular checks on your equipment, a comprehensive walk-through of your property with you so that they understand any areas of concern, and routine unannounced site checks.

Our construction security services are continually reviewed to guarantee that they always match our clients’ expectations and demands.

All of our Newcastle guards are given comprehensive site instructions and protocols.

Our management team makes regular site inspections and actively monitors the workforce to assist us respond promptly in the case of an emergency.

Protect your construction site in newcastle

Protect Your Construction site in Newcastle


One of the most serious concerns facing construction sites in Newcastle at night is that a vast site full of costly equipment with no one in sight is extremely appealing to thieves. Our construction guards have the knowledge and experience to cope with any type of construction site and safeguard it in a way that you are satisfied with.

Our security services include comprehensive health and safety training for guards to guarantee they are prepared for any task and can conduct themselves professionally on-site. At the best of times, ensuring the smooth operation of a construction project may be tough; but, with the presence of a competent Newcastle construction security guard, you can substantially limit the risks of theft and other anti-social behaviour delaying your project.

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Are There Any New Developments Happening in Newcastle?

There are plenty of new developments happening in Newcastle in the new few years;

New bridge street tower is which is a 32-storey tower, which is being built and that will soon be Newcastle’s tallest building.

Whey Aye, noted to become the ‘tallest wheel in Europe’, is being built, alongside a virtual golf centre and a family entertainment centre.

There are many more developments, stated by chroniclelive


Why Is Security Needed On a Newcastle Construction Site?

Security on a Newcastle construction site is crucial not just to defend against threats and vandalism, but also to ensure that everyone on the site is safe at all times. 

Newcastle was reported to have over 37,000 crimes committed in the year 2021, with burglary and property crime reported higher numbers then on average. This seems to be a rising trend in the city where more developments are continuting. It is advised that every construction site gets security. 

How To Ensure Safely Secure Your Newcastle Construction Site?

We feel that employing a security guard from a reputable security firm is the simplest, best, and most cost-effective option to secure your Newcastle construction site. You should also consider adding security cameras and burglar alarms.

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