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Tips For Installing CCTV Cameras

Tips For Installing CCTV Cameras

It is legal for anyone to install CCTV on their property. any homeowner or business may choose to install CCTV to help protect their home or business from intruders and keep their property and those in it safe.

Can CCTV be Hacked? and 8 Other CCTV Questions Answered

Can CCTV be Hacked? and 8 Other CCTV Questions Answered

With an estimated 4 to 5.9 million security cameras across the UK, that’s one camera for every 13 people, it’s easy to see how they are part of our everyday life.

There are a lot of commonly asked questions when it comes to security cameras, from their functionality to how they can be used from a legal perspective. Here we will be debunking the myths and answering the questions that surround security cameras.

Guide To CCTV Security

Guide To CCTV Security

Welcome to our definitive guide to CCTV and everything related to it including tips for businesses, homes, and also the top most popular CCTV cameras! Did you know experts believe that as many as 67% of burglaries could be prevented if people had CCTV camera systems at home? Did you also know in an average day some people are seen over 300 times on CCTV? CCTV is a huge part of modern life and the modern world with most businesses deploying surveillance systems. But what exactly is CCTV and how are you able to use it most effectively? Let’s dive right in…

The Top 9 Benefits of CCTV Security

The Top 9 Benefits of CCTV Security

Recent years have seen CCTV security increasingly becoming ubiquitous, with at least 25 million units currently operating worldwide. There are over 4 million in the United Kingdom alone, which is unsurprising given how it’s known for having more cameras per head of population than any other country. Without a doubt, the popularity of CCTV cameras is due to their effectiveness. Research has shown that they’re incredibly helpful at deterring crime, particularly in public places like car parks and shopping centers. They’re also regarded as instrumental in preventing burglaries, home invasions, and robberies.

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