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What can our Security Company do for your business in London?

Region Security Guarding is a highly respected security company providing security guarding services throughout the entire London area and nationwide. We believe in a consumer first business model, and strive to make our services as high a quality as possible alongside being affordable with our price promise guarantee ensuring we will beat any other security companies quote.

We employ a strict recruitment process, ensuring all security guards employed by us are of the highest calibre, all of our security guards are trained, licensed and vetted, capable of handling any situation from mobile patrols to CCTV surveillance, you can rest assured with Region Security Guarding at the helm of your business’ security

With such a large rate of incidents as a place like London will generate it is important to ensure that your business within London is protected and secured by a qualified company that has years of experience.

We provide a range of security services delivered by a team of trained professionals. We are based in the West Midlands but deliver our services nationwide, on top of the services listed below, we also provide a Mobile Patrol unit in London, able to survey and counteract all crime. As one of the industries leading security companies, we carry years of experience in the security sector. We are committed to providing high-quality standards with a cost-effective solution. We recognise that first class security guarding lies with the performance of our team of Security Officers and Supervisors. Our Security Officers are fully vetted (BS7858), trained and licensed to meet standards set by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

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    What services do we offer in London?

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    Retail Security Guards in London

    Being the capital city, London is one of the busiest and most populated areas in the entire United Kingdom, with tourists coming and going from all over the world. Keep your Retail store secured from any potential threats this may cause with one of our SIA Licensed Retail Security Guards. Despite being based in the West Midlands, Region Security Guarding provide Security Guards throughout the entire UK!

    Maintaining a business in a busy environment like London is hard enough as it is, making sure to keep on top of all the facets of running a business is difficult so leave security in the hands of our expert security guards.

    Prevent shoplifting, vandalism and other such threats your business and staff in London with Region Security Guarding today!

    Static Security Guarding in London

    Region Security Guarding promises to provide you with only the best Static Security Guarding possible in London, providing only SIA Licensed and Approved guards to your sites and businesses whether it be retail, commercial or industrial.

    Our London Security Guards are alert, aware and prepared at all times to ensure that your London business continues to exist and grow within a secured and safe environment.

    Our Security Guards in London are highly trained, dedicated, reliable and appropriately dressed. All of our Security Officers in London have a large amount of experience in a variety of security roles so that you can rest easy knowing that no matter what kind of business you have it is being professionally guarded by Region Security Guarding.

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    Warehouse Security in London

    Warehouse owners are usually concerned about two main security risks. These security risks are Vandalism and theft. A warehouse is designed for ease of access and loading and unloading of materials creating a security issue.

    Region Security Guarding provides security guard officers or many other warehouse Security Guard services that may deter theft and vandalism by implementing effective security measures and warehouse security services with our outstanding services.

    Warehouses in London are required to be guarded against theft, vandalism and other such threats, Region Security Guarding can provide you with the means to prevent such events from taking place. Our response and reporting system lets you access our daily, weekly and monthly reports, giving you an in-depth view of how our Security Service is being delivered.

    Construction Security in London

    In London, Construction and building sites are actively an attractive target for criminals due to the expensive equipment and machinery on site. Region Security Guarding provides Construction Site Security in London to a large number of Construction Sites throughout the capital city.

    Our aim is to provide all these sites with a high level of Professional Building Site Security in London, leaving them protected and not an open target to potential threats.

    At Region Security Guarding we can provide you with security guards for your building site in London. Our security services offer health and safety training for the guards to ensure they are fully equipped and can demonstrate appropriate behaviour on-site.

    Call today for a free bespoke tailor made quotation to suit your business.

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    Crime Within London

    Crime has and always will be a huge part of London, with such a populous area, it is nearly impossible to keep everything secured, safe and protected. That is where our London Security Company steps in, we are here to protect your business, providing a multitude of different services from mobile patrols to CCTV surveillance, we are sure we are able to provide you the protection you need.

    •  Crime is reportedly at an all time high for this decade
    •  Westminster has the
    highest crime rate of all London
    •  Theft is the most common crime in London with it
    increasing by 52% in the last 5 years
    •  The 2018 CVS showed that Wholesale and Retail premises experienced an estimated
    10.1 million crimes
    •  Theft by customers is the most common crime with a 2018 investigation stating there are
    19,300 incidents per 1000 houses

    London, Security, Company, Companies, Guards, Services,
    Security, Company, Companies, Guards, Services

    •  45% of cases in London are still under investigation
    •  38% of investigations end without a suspect identified
    •  Only 3% of suspects are actually charged
    •  90% of criminal cases are either under investigation or are proceeding with no further action

    When you look at statistics like these, it is easy to see why the old adage “prevention is better than cure” rings true, being able to stop these crimes from happening in the first place is critical to ensuring the safety of any business we are guarding. We promise to maintain a diligent and watchful eye over all grounds we are securing, and stopping any issues from happening before they arise.

    How Region Security Guarding are helping to lower crime rates in London

    With a task as big as tackling crime right on our doorstep, Region Security Guarding is doing their utmost to counter this malicious surge in criminal activity with it’s premier security forces. With highly trained, skilled and qualified security guards, Region Security Guarding aims to prevent and ultimately lower all cases of business related crime, from vandalism to theft, we are dedicated to keeping businesses safe and secure, providing a level of security other’s simply can’t match.

    With a population of nearly 9 million people, London see’s a massive amount of footfall every single year, due to this it has attracted a huge market for businesses. These businesses also bring in a lot of tourism and so the cycle continues, but with this large amount of people comes a large crime problem. Protecting the city of London is a massive job and is left to the police force, but protecting individual businesses in London is where we come in. With over 10 years of experience protecting British businesses around the country, we are more than capable of tackling any given task from any given business.

    Our security guards are highly trained, vetted and qualified, leading to an excellent level of customer satisfaction, with all of our security guards performing exemplary work in any job they go to. Lowering crime is a lengthy and arduous process, making the claim that we alone can prevent it from happening is short sighted. However saying this, by expanding our business, protecting companies around the UK and setting the high quality standard we work to, we are confident that the UK can become a much safer place for businesses to thrive.

    If you are interested in protecting your business and its staff, call us now on: 01902 544321
    Alternatively, you could email us at: info@regionsecurityguarding.co.uk

    Crime rates in London 2020

    Crime has and always will be a big problem when it comes to London, with such a densely packed area, keeping all manner of crime under control is exceedingly difficult.

    On a national level we have the police force to help but on a more civilian level we are here to protect businesses and deter criminals away from theft and vandalism in the first place.

    For more on our thoughts regarding this check out our article here on London’s problem with crime…

    Crime, Security, London

    Our goal is simple, to secure and protect as many businesses as possible, to this end we have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure all businesses under our care are properly and professionally secured, from preventing crime to making all staff and customers on the premise feel safe. Our security company is capable of handling many different kinds of situations, offering bespoke tailor made security solutions for any situation.

    Our security guards are all completely SIA Approved and qualified alongside boasting more than 10 years of experience in the field. We believe our security guards are an extension of our philosophy, with a firm dedication to the protection of British businesses, our security guards reflect our desire to grow and adapt in a world of ever evolving traits, we stand steadfast at the forefront of security.

    When you sign a contract with us for one of our Security Guard Services in London you can always be certain that you are getting the best value service for money, this is because we provide all of our clients with a Price Promise Guarantee. This means that no matter what rates our competitors quote, we promise to beat or MATCH their price, making sure that you are receiving Security in London for the lowest possible price.

    Why Choose our Security Guards in London?

    Our London Security Guards will always:

    • Be SIA Licensed with a 5-year background check.
    • Provide loss prevention and Security to Retailers in London.
    • Protect against vandalism and trespassing in Construction Sites in London.
    • Cost a rate that is equal to if not better than our competitors.
    • Offer Security Services in London as well as anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

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