Bristol at it’s core is a vibrant community of artists and progressive thinkers, with it being a hub for all things hipster and young, Bristol caters to everything you could want in a city.

First things first, the most notable aspect of life in Bristol is the festivals. Bristol knows how to have fun, and this is no more obvious than in it’s festival scene. From the internationally renowned balloon fiesta to more subdued activities such as food festivals, Bristol is a city that is no stranger to the concept of letting its hair down and having a good time.

Another aspect people often ask about is “is it safe to live in Bristol?” and the answer is the same as most areas in the UK of this size, it depends. Whilst there certainly are dangerous areas and neighbourhoods in and around Bristol, there are also a lot of safer areas. The general advice for moving to Bristol or any given area for that matter is to do your research, look into neighbourhoods near yours, read the local paper and pay attention to dangerous areas. It is also important that you know how to protect yourself if worst comes to worst.

But what about the entrepreneurs amongst us? Well Bristol is a very forward-thinking city, having technology and creative media dominate a large amount of its income, meaning for up and coming business owners there is a lot of potential. On top of this, Bristol and Bath were both revealed to be the top two most productive tech and digital clusters in the country.

All of this together reveals a larger narrative that Bristol is a brilliant place to live on almost all fronts, now whilst the city does fall short in certain aspects such as certain areas being potentially fairly dangerous, this is more so a fault of society than Bristol itself.