Halifax: Everything You Need to Know about the charming Yorkshire Market Town
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6th July 2021

Did you know…

Halifax, in West Yorkshire, was once the heart of England’s woollen industry, and so this market town has a history to be talked about. Victorian architecture and strong industrial heritage are some of the things Halifax is known for today, being the home to the unique Piece Hall, Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, and the Halifax Minster.

As is the case for most places, it’s important to protect the heritage it has as it’s something that belongs to a place. If left unwatched, there’s a risk of vandalism and other anti-social behaviour, therefore it might be a good idea to hire some public sector security guard services to protect your staff and members of public.

You can find Halifax in West Yorkshire, northern England with a population of about 90,000, making it the largest town in Calderdale. Halifax has plenty of markets, independent and high street shops, theatres, and many great places to eat and drink at, so there are a lot of businesses in the town.

To protect their staff, property, and its customers, they might benefit from looking into security companies, and hiring a service that can give them a peace of mind. Businesses often attract unwanted attention from thieves and criminals, so it’s important to get that extra bit of safety and security early on.

What is the crime rate in Halifax?

When you look at the crime rate of Halifax, it’s normal to be shocked as the statistics show that Halifax is a really dangerous town.

Annual crime rate in Halifax is 53.6 crimes reported per 1000 workday people. Compared to the national crime rate, Halifax stands out negatively, as the crime rate is at 164%, violent crime making up 40.2% of all crimes reported in the postcode area. This number has increased by 2.2% in the period of June 2020 – May 2021.

Overall, the violent crime rate in Halifax is the 4th highest out of 99 England and Wales’ postcode areas. These numbers are sure to make you worry, and make you feel unsafe, however this does not have to be a case when you invest in good security services.

How can Security Company Halifax help?

Security companies can offer you security services that will protect your business from theft, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour. Security Company Halifax is one of the leading security companies who can provide you with affordable, high quality security services in Halifax.

You don’t have to spend a lot to get cost-effective and tailored solutions for your business. It’s not possible to tell the exact price for each of our service, that is why we have a free, no-obligation quote available to discuss your needs in detail and look at the security services that would suit your situation the best.

Halifax has some stunning architecture and industrial heritage that is open to the public, so it’s important to protect these buildings, their staff, and visitors. Security Company Halifax has public sector security, such as manned security guarding and mobile patrols available!

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