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Need Reception & Building security in Nottingham?


We are constantly monitoring the Security Services we provide in Nottingham to ensure that they meet all the requirements you may have. Our security guards are given full site instructions and protocols are laid out clearly for them. Our Management team make regular site visits, actively monitoring the staff to help us respond quickly in the event that there is an emergency.

We are able to perform any tasks when on site in a Reception in Nottingham our guards will see to tasks such as reception duties, monitoring the incoming and outgoing of products and any other services you require. It is difficult to operate around some security services, so having a guard always willing to lend a hand helps to alleviate some of that burden, whilst all this is ongoing however, security is the number one priority, keeping your business and employees safe and secure comes before all else.

Reception Security Firm

Reception & Building security in Nottingham


Reception and buildings can often be a place which is left unprotected despite it being a central hub for a building, having a safe and secure reception can discourage criminals from entering the property.

If there is any criminal activity happening inside the building our guards will be sure to act swiftly and discretely to root out and solve the issue.

This unprecedented level of security is built on the back of years of experience in the security sector and a set of highly trained and experienced guards.

All of our guards are fully SIA licenced and go through a rigorous vetting process in order to ensure they are of the highest quality to ensure your reception receives the most premium of protection options.


Reception & Building Security In Nottingham

Why Do Receptions Need Security?

Receptions require security for many reasons that enhance the safety and functionality of any business premises. Firstly, receptions often serve as the primary point of entry for employees, visitors, and deliveries, making them vulnerable to unauthorised access if not properly monitored. This vulnerability can be exploited by individuals with malicious intent who are looking to cause harm or disruption.

Secondly, receptions typically house valuable assets such as visitor logs, sensitive information, and sometimes cash or equipment. This makes them attractive targets for theft or espionage, especially in industries dealing with confidential data or high-value goods.

Moreover, ensuring the safety of employees and visitors is paramount. Security in receptions not only deters criminal activity but also provides a reassuring presence that promotes a sense of safety and well-being among those entering the premises. This is particularly important in high-traffic areas where the volume of people entering and exiting can make it challenging to monitor everyone effectively.

How Much Do Our Nottingham Reception Security Services Cost?

Our rates for a security guard begin at £13.95 per hour. However, these rates can be influenced by factors such as your business location and specific site requirements.

Region Security Guarding is committed to providing cost-effective security solutions. To ensure our customers receive the best price, we continuously monitor industry pricing and offer a price match promise. Our price promise match is where we try to match or beat any of our competitors’ prices.

While we strive to stay informed about competitive pricing, we may not always be aware of every offer. Therefore, if you discover a more affordable Nottingham reception security service elsewhere, please inform us, and we will try to match it.

Do You Provide Uniforms For Your Reception Guards?

We emphasise professionalism for all our reception security guards during their shifts. They are outfitted with a variety of uniforms and equipment to ensure readiness for any situation.

Our security reception personnel wear smart attire and soft-shell jackets. Additionally, they are equipped with radios, torches, security body cameras, company phones, and vehicles to support their duties effectively and efficiently. This comprehensive array of equipment enables them to maintain high standards of service.

How Long Does The Proccess Of Hiring Nottingham Security Services Take?

Securing services from us can vary based on your immediate needs. With extensive experience in managing both short-term and long-term security contracts, our business is well-equipped to accommodate various timelines.

We can deploy a security guard to your business within 24 hours’ notice, and for urgent short-term contracts, we can mobilise a guard within just a few hours.

Upon requesting a quote through our website, our team will promptly provide you with a detailed quotation within 10 minutes. Subsequently, we will email you confirmation of the quote a few hours later, and invite you to arrange a free consultation meeting. This meeting is where we can talk in more detail about the type of security you require.

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“Services provided were excellent! Punctuality was excellent, management was well organised and communication with both employees on duty and the management was excellent. I would definitely recommend your services and would not hesitate to use your services in the future.”

British Steel


“We approached Region Security Guarding with an urgent need for security at a large site in Pineham, Northamptonshire. They provided us with a quotation within the hour and managed to resource a security guard for the following day. The security guard worked on the site for a two month period and was punctual, reliable and professional throughout. Any queries or requests that we had throughout this period, were actioned promptly by the Region Security manager. We would definitely recommend using Region Security, as they provided an excellent service for a reasonable price.”

White Land Scaping

“The security has been fantastic overall. Guard is an absolute superstar and please pass on our thanks. I have been very impressed and we would like to use Region if we have any holidays to cover in the future.”

The Student Housing Company

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