Bristol has long been known as a very peaceful area as far as crime is concerned, according to research, it currently sits at around 93% of the national crime rate, an overall win when it comes to keeping the city safe. However, despite being shown to have lower than average crime rate, this is notably only slightly lower than average, with the threat of crime still lurking.

The reason this is brought up is due to the undeniable rise of crime that is occurring across the UK in total, including Bristol. Whilst it may not post a significant threat at the moment, with time this could very quickly shift and there could be lives and businesses lost that needn’t be taken.

This all comes back to the adage of old “prevention is better than cure” and it couldn’t be more true than in this circumstance. For two core reasons do we think we should follow these principles. For one, 93% of the national crime rate translates into roughly 28.9 crimes committed per 1,000 workday people, and whilst that doesn’t sound like a lot, there are roughly 724,000 people in Bristol which means that is 20,272 crimes being committed annually. From a percentage standpoint, 93% is good news but when you look at the actual figures, you will seldom find people celebrating over 20,000 reported crimes. This is where tightening up on security and cracking down on these figures needs to be priority number 1 to ensure that 20,000 people aren’t injured, stolen from or worse.

Point number two looks at how year on year this is increasing, so we can’t take the percentage value at face value. Let’s say, the national average is currently sat at 30 crimes committed per 1,000 people, and Bristol is sat at 25, this means Bristol sits at 83% of the national crime rate. If crime continues as it is predicted, we could end up with upwards of 40 crimes committed per 1,000 people being the average. If we then assume Bristol increases to say 30 crimes committed per 1,000 people, that means it is sitting at 75% of the national average. This is very dangerous as most people would believe Bristol is reducing in crime when it is actually increasing, making people relax and subsequently increasing crime rates even further. This idea is to look at the actual numbers of crimes committed instead of in comparison to something due to the danger of how percentages can mislead.

All in all, the key to lowering Bristol’s already relatively low crime rate is to crack down twice as hard, securing your premises as much as you can and reporting any attempts on your residence or business.