What Is Warehouse Security?

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15th September 2022

What Is Warehouse Security

Many businesses across the country invest in a variety of different warehouse security solutions – a wise endeavour after reports from the Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) have reported that an estimated 38% (151,000 premises) in the wholesale & retail sector have been a victim of crime between April 2020 and March 2021.

There is a wide variety of warehouse security solutions available deployed by private security companies.

But what exactly is warehouse security and why is warehouse security so important? – we’ll be exploring those reasons in this article.

What Is Warehouse Security?

Warehouse security is an important aspect of any business that uses them.

Warehouse security is the securing of a warehouse and its key assets and stakeholders, whether that be expensive equipment or the safety of staff.

It can also be said that the smooth operation of a warehouse is often the lifeblood of many companies, especially those such as online wholesalers and retailers – so warehouse security is especially important for these type of companies as important customer and client orders, or equipment may be lost in theft and vandalism otherwise.

In addition to this, warehouse security can come in many forms, from SIA qualified security professionals providing manned on-site services to useful security hardware such as alarm systems and CCTV cameras – there is a variety of ways to protect a warehouse.

Below we list some of the differing types of warehouse security and why it is useful to warehouse and business owners.

5 Types Of Warehouse Security

With a dedicated CCTV monitoring service watching over warehouse operations both day and night, businesses can be sure that a vigilant eye is kept over both warehouse stock and equipment.

Visible CCTV may discourage criminals from even breaking into a warehouse premises in fears of being caught.

Likewise, if a criminal is caught on camera stealing from a warehouse, CCTV footage will serve as excellent evidence to prosecute the offender.

Static Warehouse Security

Visible, fully uniformed, and licensed security guards act as a striking visual deterrent for thieves in any warehouse setting.

A static security guard can provide not only direct manned protection of expensive stock and machinery but also gives a warehouse or business owner as well as employees the peace of mind knowing that their assets and safety are secured in a variety of different critical situations as Security Guards are often well trained in how to act both under pressure and in an emergency, keeping employees safe in the process.

This may be especially useful for employee morale for staff working night shifts and may be uneasy about working in darker hours.

Static warehouse security also can work well with CCTV as a CCTV operator being able to alert a manned security guard of a situation or a site security breach instantly in an area the guard may not be covering.

Warehouse Security Alarm Systems

If security cannot be covered 24/7, there are numerous high tech security gadgets that can be used in substitute of manned security solutions – such as a warehouse alarm system.

A warehouse alarm system can detect any break-in after business hours at a warehouse or bolster a present security force in areas it cannot cover.

Warehouse Security Lighting

Although you may not think it, warehouse lighting levels is a vital part of warehouse security.

A poorly lit warehouse gives criminals an immediate advantage, making them harder to identify in dimly lit situations. As well as this, poor lighting can be a health and safety hazard for both warehouse staff and security guards, therefore it’s important for warehouses to be well lit.

Warehouse Security Building Reinforcement

One key component of warehouse security can be said to be the reinforcements of warehouses themselves.

Entryways can be secured through simple solutions from reinforcing doorways with high quality locks and sturdy ½ inch door screws to more heavy-duty solutions such as heavy-duty rolling doors and steel shutters securing any fragile windows.

Why You Need Warehouse Security?

There are many reasons why a business may choose to invest in warehouse security such as the ever-present threat of warehouse theft & vandalism.

What Is Warehouse Theft?

One key aspect as to why businesses employ warehouse security is to prevent and deter theft of key assets inside a warehouse.

Key assets can be anything from warehouse merchandise or stock to equipment with high value such as pallet stackers & forklifts. If it has a high value, chances are thieves may be looking to steal it.

What Is Warehouse Vandalism?

Another reason why warehouse security is so important to a business is that many Criminals may also seek to vandalise the warehouse property itself, whether it be through trying to break-in order to steal valuables and damaging assets such as doors and fences or antisocial behaviour such as graffiti on or inside a warehouse – vandalism remains a constant threat to any businesses warehouse.

How To Get Warehouse Security?

Many security companies across the UK can provide warehouse security, typically before the service is employed a company will provide a full no-obligation quote and advise the best ways to secure the premises.

If you want to learn more about warehouse security, why not read our article for our best 12 warehouse safety tips or even find out how can you secure inventory in warehouses?

We also have an eclectic variety of YouTube videos for a range of security news and facts you can check out on our channel!

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