The Most Dangerous Areas in Wales

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7th April 2021

The Most Dangerous Areas in Wales

When it comes to looking into the most dangerous areas in Wales, a lot of surveys and statistics are based around England and Wales put together. It is mainly because Wales is not as bad as other parts of the country, but it does not mean that there are not areas that do have a significant crime rate attached to it.

Crime In Wales

One way to monitor and assess how crime rates are changing in an area is to look at one specific area of crime. For example, crime against police officers. Looking at these assaults against police office statistics can show the general crime trends in the area. The figures stated below were taken between the year 2018 and 2019:

  • Wrexham – 130 assaults (95 per 100k people)
  • Merthyr Tydfil – 48 assaults (80 per 100k people)
  • Denbighshire – 74 assaults (78 per 100k people)
  • Cardiff – 231 assaults (63 per 100k people)
  • Conwy – 74 assaults (63 per 100k people)
  • Ceredigion – 45 assaults (62 per 100k people)
  • Newport – 89 assaults (58 per 100k people)
  • Gwynedd – 68 assaults (55 per 100k people)
  • Carmarthenshire – 102 assaults (54 per 100k people)
  • Pembrokeshire – 61 assaults (49 per 100k people)

The statistics show that Wrexham has the highest crime rate related to assaults on police officers. But that is not the only reason that this county has the worst levels of offending police officers, they are also rated very high in levels of burglary, criminal damage and arson, drugs, public disorder and weapons, shoplifting, other theft, and vehicle crime. For example, Wrexham’s overall crime rate per 1,000 people was 84.28 incidents up to March 2012, not far behind major cities like Liverpool’s at 99.3 and Manchester (112.92).

Second, on the list is Merthyr Tydfil where a total of 90 street-level crime incidents in Heolgerrig in December 2020 alone. The largest category was Anti-Social Behaviour, followed by Violent Crime. So unlike Wrexham, this is a different category of crime mainly that occurs in the area.

 Antisocial Behaviour

There is no precise definition of antisocial behaviour. Broadly, it is acting in a way that causes or is likely to cause alarm or distress to one or more people in another household that is not your own. To be antisocial behaviour, the behaviour must be persistent and not a one-off situation. There may be a fine line between antisocial behaviour and disputes between neighbours over relatively minor inconveniences, although these may, if persistent, become antisocial behaviour.

Antisocial Behaviour Can Include:

  • Noise
  • Shouting, swearing and fighting
  • Intimidation of neighbours and others through threats or actual violence
  • Harassment, including racial harassment or sectarian aggression.
  • Verbal abuse
  • Bullying of children in public recreation grounds, on the way to school or even on school grounds
  • Driving in an inconsiderate or careless way, for example, drivers congregating in an area for racing
  • Dumping rubbish
  • Animal nuisance, including dog fouling
  • Vandalism, property damage and graffiti.

Crime In Denbighshire

Third in our list is Denbighshire, a beautiful area in the North-East of Wales. There highest crime rate at the records that were found was mainly around road traffic incidents. The rate give to us was per 10,000 population and has increased by 6.6% since 2014. The definition of a road traffic accident is when a vehicle that is moving along a roadway collides with another vehicle or object. When you run a red light and hit a car going in the other direction, this is an example of a road traffic accident. But levels of crime against police officers is still high and that is why they have made it to third on the list that we stated above.

Cardiff Crime

The fourth was actually Cardiff and though a lot of people may think that this should be higher because it is one of the major cities in Wales, it actually didn’t score too bad but that could be down to the sheer amount of people that live in that area which was level out the crime rate per 10,000 people, etc.


The main issue that occurred when researching the areas was for single females travelling alone, this is one of the most reported incidents that happen in that area. These are just some of the areas that we found had a high crime rate, though they all differ in the different categories of crime. It’s important to look at the area you work or live in to see what is happening with the crime rates to best know how to protect yourself and your business.

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