Is Cardiff Safe?

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9th November 2022

According to walesonline, public opinion of the safety in Cardiff is poor with 38% of adults in Cardiff surveyed believed they don’t feel safe at all on the streets at night as well as a further 31% worrying about safety even in day time.

But Is Cardiff Safe in reality? We’ll be exploring that and more in today’s article.

Cardiff Crime Rates

When examining the crime rates of Cardiff from, as of 2021 the overall crime rate stood at 96 crimes per 1000 people – compared to the overall regional crime rate, this comes in at 13% higher than the South Glamorgan average at 85 crimes per 1000 people.

See the graph below for a breakdown of the five most common crime type rates in the city compared to the wider South Glamorgan region.

Crime Cardiff Crime Rate S. Glamorgan Crime Rate Rate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour 34.35% 31.82% 8% more dangerous in Cardiff
Violence & Sexual Offences 34.33% 31.95%

7% more dangerous in


Public Order 12.71% 11.56% 10% more dangerous in Cardiff
Criminal Damage & Arson 9.31% 8.78%

6% more dangerous in


Shoplifting 8.23% 6.64% 24% more dangerous in Cardiff

As you can see, Anti-social behaviour is the most numerous crime in Cardiff – perhaps something to consider and be on the lookout for when you’re travelling or/and living in the Welsh Capital

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Cardiff Crime Comparison

Cardiff’s crime rate currently stands at 96.02% of the national average, placing it in the top ten most dangerous cities in the UK but how specifically do the other cities compare?

See the graph below for a breakdown of a comparison of the UK’s ten most dangerous cities compared to Cardiff’s crime rate.

City Crime Rate Rate Difference
Leeds 153.06% 59% more dangerous then Cardiff
Bradford 145.60%

52% more dangerous

then Cardiff

Birmingham 137.17%

43% more dangerous

then Cardiff

Liverpool 127.90%

33% more dangerous

then Cardiff

Leicester 111.75%

16% more dangerous

then Cardiff

Coventry 102.37% 7% more dangerous then Cardiff
Cardiff 96.02% N/A
Bristol 93.77%

2.3% safer then


Sheffield 91.10%

5% safer then


Croydon 82.48%

14% safer then


As you can see, although Cardiff is still in the top ten most dangerous cities in the UK, it’s still not the most dangerous in the UK, but caution should still be exercised in any city – if you want to learn more about how to stay safe in the city why not check out one of our latest articles?

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Safest Places In Cardiff?

If you’re thinking about visiting the historical city of Cardiff, you might be thinking about what areas are the safest and you should be sticking to – below is listed some of the safest areas in the city.

Llandaff & Danescourt –

Llandaff & Danescourt is ranked at the 17th least dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of just 356 and crime rate of 40%

The joint area is an outer suburb of Western Cardiff, only 3 miles northwest of Cardiff city centre and named as one of the best urban places to live in the uk.

Cyncoed North – 

Cyncoed North is ranked as the 18th least dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 222 and crime rate of 37%

Cyncoed South & Roath Park –

Cyncoed South is ranked as the 19th least dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 269 but a crime rate of 35%

Cyncoed is known as a particularly affluent and exclusive community in the northeast of Cardiff – many properties in the area regularly sell for over the £1 million mark.

Thornhill –

Thornhill is ranked as the 20th least dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 185 and a crime rate of 32%

Thornhill is seen as a relatively modern area with housing dating mainly from the late 1980s and is served well by a community centre, a supermarket, and a post office and pharmacy as well as a myriad of transport links.


Lisvane is ranked as the 21st least dangerous and safest neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 128 and a crime rate of 22%

The area is seen as affluent and lies to the north of Cardiff, just 5 miles away from the city centre. The area features many historic sites such as the Tŷ Mawr historic house and a cold war nuclear shelter.

Most Dangerous Places In Cardiff?

On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are many dangerous neighbourhoods of Cardiff that are probably either best avoided or to avoid extreme caution if you do need to pass through these areas, we list them below.

Trowbridge –

Trowbridge is ranked the 5th most dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 675 and crime rate of 109%

The area is located on the eastern edge of the city of Cardiff and dates back from the second half of the 20th century.

St Mellons West –

St Mellons West is ranked the 4th most dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 743 and crime rate of 114%

The area began as a small commercial centre and became part of the city of Cardiff on 1st April 1974.

Splott –

Splott is ranked the 3rd most dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 848 and crime rate of 138%

The area is situated to the south of Cardiff and is characterised by old steelworks and tight terraced houses. It’s suggested that the unusual name derives from “God’s Plot” as the land once belonged to the Bishop of Llandaff in medieval times.

Adamsdown –

Adamsdown is ranked the 2nd most dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count of 2,314 and crime rate of 192%

The area is located between the inner city and the south of Cardiff. Although the crime rate is so high, it has recentky received regeneration – particulary amongst Clifton Street.

Cathays South & Bute Park –

Cathays South & Bute Park is ranked the most dangerous neighbourhood of Cardiff with a crime count 4,681 and crime rate of 370%

The area majorly consists of multiple HMOs (Hoses of Multiple Occupations) due to its proximity to Cardiff University.


In conclusion, we have explored some of the most dangerous and safest areas in Cardiff as well as the overall crime rate – remember, every city can be safe or dangerous, it’s always a good idea to advise a general level of caution if where you’re going is unfamiliar.

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