What is Essex’s crime rate?

Disturbingly, data released by The ONS revealed that Essex Police recorded 168,643 incidents throughout 2019, an increase of 12% year-on-year. Throughout the region, the crime rate was a shocking 92 incidents per 1,000 people, which is far above the national average.

Violent crimes against a person rose by 23%, sexual offences surged by 24% and knife-related incidents leapt by a barbaric 44% since 2018; Essex has the highest crime rate in the east of England.

Between the period of July 2019 and July 2020, a frightening estimate of at least 70,000 violent felonies were reported to the Essex police, and this figure is still rising.

What is Essex Police Force’s response to the crime increase?

The Essex Police have explained that they are aware of the crime rise in Essex and they continue to offer their full support to victims, protect the vulnerable, tackle violence and increase police presence within the area. A spokesperson for the force also suggested that they have significantly improved how accurately they record crime.

However, many locals feel as if the police have not done enough in regard to fixing issues, as there have been 19 unsolved felonies in Essex during the Coronavirus lockdown. Although, with so many enquiries to deal with, the police often rely on members of the public to come forward with specific details. People are urged to report information through contacting the force via telephone or use the Essex Police website.

What measures should we take to protect ourselves in Essex?

Displayed on the police’s website is a guide on how you can keep yourself safe and prevent crime within the district.

Some of the most important factors that they advise you to do is…

Be Assertive

From the moment you step out onto the street in the morning, look assertive and act and walk with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and much less vulnerable.

Hide It

Keep your valuables including your mobile phone, other devices and jewellery, hidden. Remember, out of sight, out of mind.

Go Against the Flow

When walking on the pavement, always face oncoming traffic as it will make it far more difficult for thieves on two wheelers to ride up from behind and snatch your property. Still, it is crucial that you are aware of anyone approaching from ahead of you also.

Be Vigilant

Alcohol and drugs will reduce reaction times and inhibitions which make it harder to assess risks and decide how to deal with them. Keep an eye on how much you drink and never let your glass or bottle out of your sight.

Travel with Others

Try to stay with people you know and where possible, stick to routes and forms of transport that others are using. Plus, make sure you avoid shortcuts in lonely places.

Regrettably, street crime is a common occurrence that many people find themselves victim of. Ensure you follow the steps provided to make yourself less of a target. Changing the way you present yourself will go a long way in keeping yourself safe.