SIA Frontline And Non Frontline Licence

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15th March 2022

To become a security guard, it is vital that you have a security licence but should your licence be a frontline or non-frontline licence? In this article, we will provide a guide on the different types of security licences and explain the differences between a SIA frontline and non frontline licence.

sia security guard non frontline licence

What Is An SIA Licence?

An SIA security licence is a legal document that proves you are qualified to perform security-related needs for a business or individual client. Anyone working in the security field should have a type of security guard licence to ensure they are legally covered and well-trained.

Issued by the government-ran Security Industries Authority, the licence covers a number of different skills, including close protection and manned guarding. If you are unsure of what type of SIA licence to get, the U.K. government website can help.

To find more information about what the steps are for renewing your SIA licence or how to apply for an SIA licence, please check out our other article.

Different Types Of SIA Licence

The SIA licence has two main types of security guard licences, which are an SIA front line licence and a non-front line SIA licence. Understanding which licence you need can be confusing, so what is the difference between them?

Let’s first look at the front-line licence. This licence is designed for anyone working in the security industry that would be deemed as a front-line worker – meaning that they are out on patrol, manning doors or responding to alarms. There are many types of front-line security licences depending on the specific role that you are looking to work in.

Door supervisor licences are available for those manning entries of pubs and clubs, while those moving around money and goods will need a cash and valuables in transit licence. The licence is a card that is authorised for some time and needs to be worn when working a security job.

On the other hand, a non-front line SIA licence is for those working in the security industry from the sidelines – as an employer or supervisor. This should only be applied if you are never going to work personally work in security activities. The licence itself is a letter rather than a card and does not have to be constantly displayed.

Difference Between An SIA Frontline And Non Frontline Licence

The main differences between the two types of SIA security guard licences are the jobs that you are allowed to do with each. If you have a frontline SIA licence this means you can get involved directly with security, deal with the public, and responding to security threats. Those with a front-line licence need to display it so that it is visible to people they interact with. This helps reassurance the people you are interacting with, and it can show them that you have the relevant training.

While people with a non-front line SIA licence won’t be able to personally perform security activities. This is because people who have a non-frontline SIA licence are normally a supervisor or an employer. Instead, they will be expected to supervise or manage guards who perform security activities. However, you can supervisor other guards if you do have a front-line SIA licence instead.

sia frontline security guard licence

Other Security Licences

According to Get Licenced, there are many other types of security licenses that you may require, depending on the sector you may work in.


This is a licence that will give a person the ability to hold the keys for properties that may be under the protection of security. The licence, however, does not mean you can perform other types of security work such as responding to alarms or searching the premises. This will require other licences.

Time Frame Cost Validity Period Eligibility
4 weeks £220 3 years

Background Check

Over 18

Door Supervision

A door supervision license given by the SIA is required by law for anyone that works as security in locations where there is an alcohol license. This training is different from a standard frontline license as it tackles challenges that doormen may experience more often due to the public drinking. The course includes information on how to deal with physical altercations between people and ways to reduce conflict before it escalates. According to Statista, this is the most common type of licence.

Time Frame Cost Validity Period Eligibility
4 weeks £190 3 years

Background Check

Over 18

Previous Qualifications – Level 2 Door Supervisor Training Course

door supervisor licence

Protection of Cash and Valuables in Transit

The Security Industry Authority also issues cash and valuables in transit licenses for those who transport these goods throughout the UK. This type of security licence is beneficial if you are dealing with businesses or banks.


Time Frame Cost Validity Period Eligibility
4 weeks £220 3 years

Background Check

Over 18

Previous Qualifications – Level 2 Award for Working as a CVIT Operative

Protection of Cash and Valuables in Transit licence

Public Surveillance Using CCTV

If you are looking to operate CCTV within the U.K., then you will need a licence to do so. This ensures that you are legally able to work in control rooms where you survey security surveillance from offices, businesses, and public areas. The licence will help gain an understanding of the equipment used, how to track people on camera and identify potential risks. This can help stop security issues and report them after an incident.


Time Frame Cost Validity Period Eligibility
4 weeks £210 3 years

Background Check

Over 18

Previous Qualifications – Level 2 Qualification in CCTV Operations

Public Surveillance Using CCTV licence

Vehicle Immobilising

If you are working security in Northern Ireland, you may also need a vehicle immobiliser license. This license gives you permission and experience of stopping vehicles from moving, removing vehicles, clamping vehicles, and charging vehicle owners. It is important to note that you will not need this license if you live in other areas of the UK.

Vehicle Immobilising licence

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