What Is Logistics Security?

Written by Holly Savage

5th January 2023

According to LogisticManager, a recent study by the Home Office on Lorry Crime Prevention has shown that the UK economy loses £250 million a year from road freight crime. These are shocking figures and it is no wonder that many industrial businesses are looking at hiring good security protection such as logistic security guards.

But what is logistics security and what do guards who work in logistics security really do? We’ll be discussing this and more such as what threatens logistics, what a logistic security guard does, and why is logistic security important.

What Are The Security Risks In Logistics?

Before we begin discussing what logistic security really is, let’s first explore the different security threats that businesses working in logistics may face. One of the biggest threats that these companies can face is the risk of theft.

Lorries will often be used to move goods to other businesses or manufacturers but transit lorries themselves often become an appealing target for criminals. Thieves may attempt to break into these lorries and steal these goods in hopes of selling them for money. 

Another risk that businesses that work in logistics might face is vandalism or damage to their equipment. Goods or valuables may often be stored in a temporary warehouse or transit lorries and sometimes potential criminals may try to vandalise warehouses or lorries as they are trying to break in.

What Is Logistics Security?

Various goods move through well-established routine supply chains every day from business to business, whether that be from manufacturer to supplier or supplier to retailer these goods remain vulnerable to threats such as theft, vandalism, and general damage. In essence, logistics security is the protection and tracking of these important goods whether that being when they’re in transit or stored temporarily in warehouses.

There are a variety of methods you or a security company can ensure full protection of your goods. We have explored these in more detail.

Security Guards

The first security measure that is often used in logistic security is professional security guards. Logistic security officers will often be expected to not only protect a business but it’s valuables as well. Guards will provide businesses with a strong security presence and they will often deter criminals through their daily tasks.

logistics security guard

Remote Monitoring 

One key aspect of logistics security is a remote monitoring service – This provides a cost-effective security solution to protecting cargo. Security professionals will monitor a site’s alarm and CCTV security remotely. In the event of an alarm being raised or suspicious activity being caught on CCTV where you are storing your logistics vehicles or goods, the security force that you have hired will respond instantly to deter any potential intruders away from your valuable vehicles or goods.

The act of keeping clearly marked CCTV near your vehicles can even act as a deterrent all in itself, stopping crime before it even happens – after all, the UK College of Policing has found that crime decreased by 13% in areas with active CCTV as opposed to areas without it.

security in logistics

Temporary Warehouse Security

Many security companies may offer warehouse security solutions as part of their logistics security packages. As logistics vehicles and goods may be stored temporarily at a warehouse, it’s important that this stage of the operation is able to be protected either via static security or mobile patrol security guards.

logistics security guard alternative

Systems Control

Many logistics security providers can also understand that the type of storage environment may be particularly crucial for the safe transfer of perishable and high-value goods such as needing constant refrigeration for frozen packed meat transport. 

For this reason, systems control is common in a logistics security package – it involves security professionals monitoring whether a storage unit is at the correct level of lighting, temperature, and humidity.

logistics safety

Lock And Key Security

Sometimes, even the most basic security arrangements can make all the difference. A sturdy locked cargo container with a heavy-set padlock attached may mean the difference between stolen and non-stolen cargo.

Some thieves might not have the know-how or tools to get past the locks, and even if they can – more layers of security on a locked cargo container may result in security guards having more time to respond to the crime to prevent it from going any further.

importance of security in logistics

What Is A Logistics Security Officer?

A security officer who works in logistic security is simply a static security guard. The main role of a logistic security guard will be to deter criminals and provide ultimate protection to business and their valuables.

logistic security

What Does A Logistic Security Guard Do?

As we mentioned above, a logistic security guard’s main duty will be to provide businesses and their goods with an extra layer of protection. But guards will also have many other tasks and responsibilities to oversee. Some of these are:

  • Stopping all criminal activity.
  • Doing regular and mobile patrols around logistic sites or warehouses.
  • Providing logistic businesses with a strong security presence to deter criminals. 
  • Using CCTV monitoring equipment to review any blind spots.
  • Providing good customer service.
  • Ensuring that anyone who visits a logistic site has valid reasons for being there.
  • Apprehending any criminals on site.

Why Is Logistic Security Important?

Logistics security can be an important and huge advantage towards businesses for a variety of different reasons. We have listed these reasons in more detail. 

Prevention Of Goods Theft

Stealing of goods remains a common risk for all logistics operations and companies, opportune thieves can steal from the back of a truck or van either by force or discreetly without the driver even realising – that’s why it’s important to make sure all logistics are well-tracked.

security logistics

Personnel Protection

An unfortunate by-product of logistics crime may be the intimidation or even harm of delivery drivers looking to steal either a company vehicle or/and the goods it carries by force – a vehicle that’s visibly marked that it’s protected by security may help to prevent this from occurring as thieves may be deterred from theft altogether.

logistics security officer

Protection Of Company Vehicles

Similarly, hijacking and theft of company vehicles remain a high threat in the logistics industry due to the high value of heavy goods vehicles, a vehicle marked that it’s protected and monitored by GPS may result in thieves thinking twice before stealing it.

what do logistics security guards do

Why Is Security Important In Transport Logistics?

Security is extremely important for transport logistics. Many businesses may choose to transport their goods or valuables in transit lorries. But when goods are in transit this can cause them to become more vulnerable to security threats such as crime. Transit lorries are often an appealing target towards criminals. Having good security in place such as guards can help to prevent these attacks and security personnel have been known to deter potential thieves through their security presence.

what is logistics security

How Can You Acquire Logistics Security?

The best way to acquire logistic security for your business would be by contacting a reliable security company. When you are contacting a security firm it is important that you provide them with detailed and specific information such as the number of guards you require and how long you need security protection.

Here at Region Security Guarding, we provide professional protection for logistic businesses. If you’re interested in learning more about how to receive logistic protection from us, check out the quick steps we have listed.

1. Contact Us 

Be sure to let us know of your exacting requirements, either by requesting a free quote on our website by calling us on 0330 912 2033 or by sending us an email at info@regionsecurityguarding.co.uk 

The more descriptive and detailed you are about your security requirements, the more helpful and quicker we can be with setting you up with efficient logistics security!

2. Receive A Free Quote

We try to make sure that we send you back a fully comprehensive and easily broken down quote as quickly as possible tailored to your specific needs.  Part of our policy is a price match promise so if you already have a quote for a security arrangement, we’ll try to match or beat that quote.

3. Get Protected

Once the quote and service are agreed to, we’ll match up your business with the right security professionals for the job.

4. You’re Secure

Congratulations, you can focus on the day-to-day operation of your business knowing your logistic businesses are secured with Region Security Guarding!

So, What Is Logistic Security?

Overall, logistic security is the different security measures that businesses will use to ensure the protection of their goods in transit. The most common logistic security used are security personnel and remote monitoring equipment such as CCTV cameras.

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest security guard news, why not take a look through our blog? Where you can find articles about business park security and gatehouse security.

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