What Is Holiday Park Security?

Written by Holly Savage

7th December 2022

In the last few years, holiday parks have become increasingly popular. According to Parklink, more than 2 million people in the UK take holidays in caravans and motorhomes. With these figures increasing, it’s important to consider for these businesses to consider hiring holiday security services. But what is holiday park security and how can it help them?

We’ll be discussing this and more, such as what security is in a holiday park, what a holiday park security officer’s duties are, and why holiday parks need efficient security in place.

What Is A Holiday Park?

Before we begin talking about what security is in a holiday park, let’s first discuss what a holiday park is. Holiday parks have many names such as residential parks or caravan parks, but they are usually tourist vacation place that is filled with many different types of accommodation.

The main accommodations within holiday parks in the UK are caravans and motorhomes. Holiday parks have been increasing in popularity for a while now, as many people will take vacations in them while others will permanently live in them.

What Is Holiday Park Security?

As residential parks are both temporary and permanent homes to many people, they will often have many different types of holiday park security solutions in place to ensure their protection. The most common security in place at a holiday park are:


  • Security Guards.
  • Holiday Park CCTV Cameras.
  • Security Alarms.
  • Holiday Park Security Managers.
holiday park security

Why Do Holiday Parks Need Security?

Holiday parks are often extremely busy places as they have a variety of different people visiting, staying, and working there. Like many other tourist businesses, caravan parks can often fall victim to crime. So, it is essential that they have good security in place to help ensure their safety.

When a holiday park has good security in place, this creates a safer environment for all employees and guests who are staying at the resident park. This is beneficial to a holiday park owner as having a safe business environment, will allow their employees and guests to feel more comfortable at the holiday park, and to feel more confident about their safety there.

What Crimes Do Holiday Parks Face?

As we mentioned above, holiday parks need to hire efficient security because they often fall victim to security hazards and threats. Some of the most common crimes that holiday parks face are:


  • Burglaries
  • Break-Ins
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
holiday park security officer

What Is A Holiday Park Security Guard?

One of the important pieces of security that a holiday park will have is a holiday park security guard. And a holiday park security officer is simply a static security guard that provides the holiday park with a  strong security presence. The main role of guards who work within holiday parks will be to provide protection for the property, any staff who are working there, and any guests who are staying at the park.

What Are A Holiday Park Security Guard’s Duties?

The main responsibility of a holiday park security guard will be to oversee the protection of all staff, guests, and visitors. And they are able to do this through their wide range of different tasks. We have listed the most common duties that a holiday park security officer will undertake.

Act A Visual Deterrent Against Thieves

As theft is a common target for holiday parks, the first responsibility that guards who work at holiday parks will have is acting as a visual deterrent against thieves. Security guards have been known to reduce crime by providing a strong visual security presence and keeping a watchful eye out for criminals. This strong presence will scare away thieves as people are less likely to commit crimes when they know they are being watched.

holiday park security threats

Monitor Everyone Who Enters Or Leaves The Holiday Park

Another important duty that guards may have is to oversee everyone who enters or exits the holiday park and to make sure that all visitors have valid reasons for being there. It is important for guards to monitor everyone at the park so that they can stop any unauthorised visitors such as thieves from entering.

caravan park access control

Use CCTV Equipment To Monitor Areas Of The Holiday Park

Security guards will CCTV monitoring equipment such as security cameras to survey blind spots in a holiday park and to review any areas that guards might not be able to patrol. Security cameras are also useful as they allow security guards to quickly survey the holiday park, and guards can use cameras to help them keep an eye out for criminals.

Holiday park cctv

Help Guests With Any Enquiries

Security guards who work in holiday parks will also be expected to use their customer service skills to help visitors and help guests feel more welcome at the park. Security guards will help guests by answering any security questions that they have.

holiday park security guard

Do Routine Patrols Around The Holiday Park

Another task that holiday patrol security officers will also be expected to complete is doing regular routine patrols around the park. During these routine patrols, guards will look out for any security risks and keep an eye out for any criminals.

Caravan park security

Keep A Log Of Any Incidents That Take Place

Another responsibility that guards will have is to keep a log of any security incidents that take place at the holiday park. After guards have kept a note of these incidents, they will be expected to report them to a holiday park security manager.

holiday park guards

Follow All Security Procedures

Holiday parks will have their own security procedures and policies in place, so guards will be expected to follow these. These procedures could be responding to any security situations and informing the authorise such as the police about any security incidents that take place.

motorhome safety

What Do Holiday Park Security Systems Do?

Another important security measure that holiday parks will use to ensure their safety is holiday park security systems, and these security systems will often have built-in technologies such as security alarms and security cameras. Security systems will be used in holiday parks to help improve the security and surveillance that is already in a holiday park. Holiday park security systems will:


  • Survey different areas of a holiday park, such as areas that are considered to be blind spots that a guard might not be able to patrol.
  • Detect any criminals that are present at the park.
  • Act as a visual deterrent against thieves.
  • Security systems with alarms in them will sound an alarm to notify everyone when a security incident has taken place such as a break-in takes place.
what is holiday park security

How Can I Make My Motorhome More Secure?

Although a lot of people use residential parks for a few weeks as a form of holiday, many people actually live there permanently in a motorhome or caravan. Some of the best ways to make your motorhome more secure whilst staying at a holiday park are:


  • Installing a security alarm on your motorhome.
  • Adding a security camera on the side of your motorhome.
  • Place a tracking device inside your motorhome.
  • Placing wheel clamps over your motorhome.
  • Keeping all valuables within your motorhome hidden and out of sight.
  • Installing good security duty locks on the windows and doors of your motorhome.

So, What Is Holiday Park Security?

Overall, holiday park and caravan park security are the different security measures that owners will use to ensure the protection of a holiday park. These could be hiring a security guard to patrol the residential site or installing CCTV cameras to detect blind spots in a holiday park.

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