What Is Business Park Security?

Written by Holly Savage

21st February 2023

Business parks are sometimes threatened by crimes such as burglaries and vandalism. And one way that they can protect themselves is through hiring business park security. But what is business park security, and why is it needed? We’ll be discussing this and more such as what a business security guard is, the different crimes that affect them, and why they need good security protection.

What Is A Business Park?

Business parks, which are also referred to as office parks, are usually designated areas of land where many different types of buildings are grouped together. There is a variety of different businesses that can be housed in a business park, however, the most common is office-type companies.

What Is Business Park Security?

Business park security is the different security measures that owners will instil to ensure the safety of a business park. Business parks will have to use many different types of security measures to ensure their safety. We have listed some of these security measures in more detail.

Security Guards

Many business parks may hire security guards to protect their property, as guards have been known to have a strong physical security presence and it is a known fact that security guards can often reduce crime because of this presence.

Business park security guards will reduce crime at business parks, by acting as a visual deterrent against thieves and through taking routine patrols around the site where they will keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour and criminal activity.

business park security officer

Security Cameras

Business parks may also install security cameras on their property for additional protection. Security cameras, like guards, can act as a visual deterrent as thieves and criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know that they are being watched.

CCTV cameras will be used to review and monitor all blind spots within the park. Some benefits of using security cameras are that they can stop internal thefts within a business, and the recorded footage from a camera can often be used as evidence.

business park security cameras

Security Alarms Systems

Another security measure that many business parks will use is security alarms. Security alarm systems are also an excellent way to protect a business as they instantly give the impression that a business is well protected. Security alarms are also able to stop criminals as they will often sound a noticeable noise when the alarm is triggered.

Another benefit of security alarms is that they can often be set up so that the police are notified straight away as soon as the alarm sounds. Many security alarms will also come with additional security features such as motion detection features and some may have CCTV cameras built into them.

business park security systems

Security Dogs And Security Dog Handlers

Some business parks may employ security dogs and their security dog handlers as an additional layer of protection. Security dog handlers and security dogs will have similar tasks and responsibilities that security guards do. But some business parks may prefer to use a security dog as well – as guard dogs can often provide businesses an additional layer of protection.

business park security guards

What Crime Targets Business Parks?

Because business parks often house many different businesses, this causes them to become a hotspot for crime. Back in 2019 in England and Wales, it was reported that there were at least 606,282 crimes against businesses reported. These are worrying figures and it is no wonder that many business parks are looking for effective security to protect them. Some of the most common crimes against business parks are:


  • Robberies.
  • Break-ins.
  • Vandalism.
  • Internal Theft.
what is business park security

How Are Businesses Impacted By Crime?

One of the biggest ways that crimes can impact businesses is their safety. When criminals attack a business, it instantly weakens their security. This can impact the business negatively as it can reduce the safe working environment that a business has. Furthermore, if a business has been broken into can cause employees of the business to feel less confident about their safety at work.

Another way that crimes negatively impact businesses is financially. When crimes such as robberies or internal theft take place – it can also businesses to lose out on money. Crimes such as vandalism and break-ins can also cause businesses to lose out financially, as owners may have to pay to fix any damage that has been caused by vandals or criminals.

What Is A Business Park Security Guard? 

Business park security guards are typically static security guards who help ensure the safety of a business park. Their main role will be to provide protection to the business park building, to all workers at the business park, and to any visitors who are visiting the business site.

business park-security guard

What Does A Business Park Security Guard Do?

The main task that guards who work at business parks will have is ensuring the safety of the park and all workers there. But they will also have many other tasks and responsibilities to oversee. Some of these are:


  • Doing routine patrols around the business park.
  • Using CCTV monitoring equipment such as security cameras to survey different areas of the business site.
  • Keeping a watchful eye out for criminals.
  • Keeping note of any security incidents that place.
  • Monitoring everyone who enters or exits the business park.
  • Following all security policies and procedures.
  • Acting as a visual deterrent against thieves.
  • Make sure all visitors or workers at the business park have valid reasons for being there.
  • Providing businesses with a strong security presence. This presence can be used to not only scare away criminals but to also provide the park with a safe working environment.
business park security

Why Do Business Parks Need Security?

Business parks, like many other companies, will need security in place to ensure their protection against crime. As business parks often house many different companies and businesses if a crime is committed, it can become a quite expensive problem.

So, it is essential that business parks have good security in place to reduce the chances of crime. Having good security in place, such as business security officers, suggests to criminals that the site is well protected, and it can also create a safer working atmosphere for all workers at the business park.

So, What Is Business Park Security?

Overall, business park security is the different security measures that owners will use to ensure the safety of all businesses within the park. The most common security measure that business parks will use is business park security guards. And these guards will deter criminals through their strong security presence.

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