What Equipment Do Security Guards Use?

Written by Holly Savage

19th April 2022

When on the job, it is important that security guards have all the equipment they may need to be fully prepared for their job. Some companies have a security guard equipment list to ensure that all their staff have the same level of protection. But what equipment do security guards use and need? 

We’ll be discussing that and more, such as the different security guard tools officers use on patrols and what equipment security officers use for communication.

What Is A Security Guard Equipment List?

Before we begin talking about the different security clothing and equipment guards use, let’s first discuss what a security guard equipment list is. A security guard equipment list is simply a list which is written by security companies that mentions all the different security guard tools and equipment which are needed. 

Security officer equipment lists are used to help plan the different types of equipment that guards will need for their everyday tasks. And these lists may differ slightly depending on the company as there is no official SIA security equipment list.

What Equipment Do Security Guards Use?

There is a variety of equipment security guards use to help keep them safe whilst they are working or on patrol. We’ve listed the most common pieces of equipment that security guards in the UK will use.


Generally, security firms will issue a list of security guard uniforms and equipment. This will include the clothing that they expect their security guards to wear. This uniform is sometimes purchased by the guard themselves, or it can be provided by the company they work for.

It may include branded clothing so that the security guard can be easily identified and linked to a security company. The clothing may also have high-vis sections that reflect in the light so that the security guard can be easily seen and act as a deterrent to potential criminals.

security officer gear

Heavy Duty Boots

Heavy-duty boots are also often recommended as security guards are always on their feet for long periods of time. It is important that they have footwear that supports their feet and are comfortable. Therefore, investing in a good pair of boots is worth it in the long run.

security guard equipment


Flashlights are one of the most essential pieces of security guard equipment. They come in many different sizes, and while some are heavy-duty, meaning they are more difficult to transport, they tend to be better at lighting up an area – vital for security officers. Flashlights may also be used during the day by security guards that are patrolling buildings where there may be darker areas and can help them locate any intruders, find missing people, or respond to emergency situations.

security guard accessories

Security Duty Belt

In order to hold many security guard accessories such as a flashlight and radio, a security belt is required. Heavy-duty belts are perfect for security equipment in place, meaning that they will not fall or have to be carried by the security officer. It means that the equipment is easily accessible and that the security guard is organised and ready for any incident that they may encounter.

security officer equipment

First Aid Kit

While this may not be part of a traditional security guard equipment list, a first aid kit can be vital in a number of different security situations. A small first aid kit that can be easily carried may include bandages, antiseptic wipes, and plasters and can help hugely if there is an injured individual or a larger security incident. Most security guards will have received first aid training and, therefore will be able to administer first aid if necessary.

security equipment for security guard

Security Vest

One of the top security guard protection equipment pieces is a security vest. This goes on over the top of a security guard’s uniform if they are working in a field where they may be in danger.

Security vests can be stab-proof or made from Kevlar, depending on the individual’s requirements. Not every security guard will require a security vest, but it can come in useful in certain situations. They also allow the public to identify you as a security officer quickly.

security guard tools

What Should A Security Guard Wear?

A key piece of equipment that security guards will have is their uniform, and what a guard will wear will often depend on their job type. If a guard is working on a construction site, they will be expected to wear a hard hat, heavy-duty boots, a high-vis, and a soft-shell jacket – as these will help to protect from any hazards on the site.

While, if a security officer is working in a retail store or an office environment, they may be expected to wear a smarter uniform such as black trousers, a white shirt, and a black jacket. And this uniform will often be branded and may have logos of the security company that they are working for on them.

If a guard is working in a more dangerous area they will be expected to wear a security vest and possibly a body camera to help ensure their protection. Another key piece of equipment that security guards should wear, no matter what job they are working in, is their SIA licence. As it is a requirement by the UK government that all guards display their licence whilst they are working.

What Personal Protective Equipment Do Security Guards Need?

Working as a security guard can be quite dangerous at times, so as well as having general safety and security equipment, security guards will also use personal protective equipment during their shifts. Some personal protective equipment for security guards are:

  • A security vest.
  • A body camera.
  • A flashlight.
  • Heavy-duty boots.
security guard safety equipment

What Is The Best Security Guard Protection Equipment?

The best personal protective equipment for security guards in the UK to use is a security vest. Security vests are a simple but very effective way to protect a guard. These vests are often designed to be stab-proof and they will easily go over the top of a guard’s uniform. Security vests are often used to help provide guards will an extra layer of protection.

What Equipment Does A Security Guard Need On Patrol?

Patrolling is a key duty that all guards will have to undertake, no matter what job they are working. But what equipment is used for patrolling by guards? Some of the most common pieces of equipment for a security patrol officer are:

  • A flashlight.
  • A notebook and pen.
  • A two-way radio.
  • A security duty belt.
  • A security vest.
  • A first aid kit.
security patrol equipment

Can A Security Guard Carry A Baton?

While you may see many security guards on TV and in films carrying a baton for their protection, this is not the case within the UK. The UK has very strict laws that focus on the ability of anyone to carry knives and other weapons. Security guards are included in this legislation.

The law states that security guards and bodyguards are not allowed to carry any weapons, even ones that are used in other countries, such as tasers, pepper spray, and batons. The only piece of equipment that security guards are permitted to carry handcuffs to help them detain anyone who has committed a crime before police arrive on the scene. This is not specific to security guards, as any citizen in the UK can legally carry handcuffs. Instead, security guards are trained to reduce the likelihood of any violence and to protect against potential injury.

What Types Of Communication Equipment Does A Security Officer Use?

The most common type of communication equipment used by a security officer is a two-way radio. A two-way radio is a radio that allows two people to stay in contact with each other via radio waves. Two-way radios are especially common with security officers that work in events or in a retail setting.

In locations where there is more than one security guard on-site, two-way radios are a great option to allow the guards to communicate with each other when necessary. On top of this, nowadays, it is common for security guards to carry their mobile phones with them in case they need to contact their manager or emergency services. Often a phone and a radio will be on a security guard equipment checklist.

unarmed security guard equipment list

Where To Buy Security Guard Equipment?

There are many different places where security firms will buy security guard tools and equipment. Some pieces of equipment such as notepads, pens, and flashlights may be brought in person and in bulk from commercial stores. 

While other pieces of equipment such as security duty belts, uniforms, and security vests will often be brought from online stores. When security firms are looking to buy security equipment for their guards, they will often use reliable websites to ensure that they get the best quality equipment.

What Equipment Does A Security Guard Need?

As we have mentioned above, there are many different types of security equipment for a security guard. But which of these do security guards really need? We’ve listed our top recommendations of equipment we believe every security guard in the UK needs on their shifts. 

 First Aid Kit

It is an official requirement now that all security guards take first aid training. We recommend that all security guards need a first aid kit throughout their duties as it can help them be more prepared in case a security situation does happen where a member of the public gets injured.  

 Security Duty Belt

Another helpful security guard accessory is a security duty belt. Security duty belts are useful as they can often fit many other pieces of equipment that guards will need throughout their shifts, like a flashlight and notepad.

 Security Vest

Security vests are one of the most important tools that a guard can use. Security vests provide security personnel with an extra layer of protection and will help guards stay well protected during dangerous situations.

 Two Way Radio

Finally, the last piece of equipment we believe all security guards need is a two-way radio. A two-way radio is an essential piece of equipment for guards as it helps guards easily communicate with other workers throughout their shifts.

What Should Be Put On A Security Duty Belt?

Security duty belts are a key piece of equipment that all guards should have, as they can hold many items. Some things that can be put on a security duty belt are:


  • A radio or walkie-talkie.
  • A torch.
  • Batteries.
  • An SIA licence holder.
  • A small first aid kit.

So, What Equipment Do Security Guards Use?

So, now you know the different types of security guard kits and equipment which are used by guards within the UK. If you would like to stay updated with all the latest security guard news check out our blog, where you can find articles about what officers are allowed to carry and whether security guards wear body armour.

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