What are the Differences Between Door Supervisors and Security Guards?
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23rd June 2022

Wondering what are the differences between door supervisors and security guards? In this article, we are providing you with information on both security types so that you can decide exactly what is required for your business.


What Are the Responsibilities of a Door Supervisor Compared to a Security Guard?

What are the responsibilities of a door supervisor

Door supervisors are responsible for the safety of staff and customers at licenced venues such as clubs, festivals, concerts, and bars.  To do this, they will guard both entrances and exits of the premises to control who enters. They have the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe has the intention to cause harm. This decision is made after searching them and checking their ID.

Door supervisors will also take on other responsibilities such as administering first aid, escorting individuals from the premises, and repeating details of events to law enforcement when needed.

With 644 crimes alone from nightclubs based in the West Midlands back in 2019, this figure is expected to follow a rising trend in the present and coming years.

What is the role of a security guard

Security Guards are responsible for protecting either locations or specific buildings on various types of sites such as construction sites, warehouses, retail outlets, and more. There are many ways to do this:

  • Patrolling the Site
  • Observing Camera Footage
  • Responding to Potential Threats
  • Guarding Specific Areas
  • Conduct Security Checks
  • Control Access to Site
  • Keep Detailed Reports

With the announcement of lower-level crimes going uninvestigated by the Met Police due to spending cuts, businesses are having to control the smaller crimes that happen on their site by hiring security guards instead.

Read our security guards 101 guide to find out more information regarding their skills and abilities.

Why Do We Need Door Supervisors?

Why do we need door supervisors

Having door supervisors is one of the most effective ways to protect your premises when serving alcohol. They will carry out a range of services to ensure your business comes to no harm and have the following benefits:

1. Uphold Standards

If your company wishes to uphold certain standards, hiring door supervisors is a great way to do this. For example, if your business requires a dress code or wishes to keep out any hen or stag do’s, supervisors will make sure to stick to these requirements when allowing individuals to enter the premises.

2. Make Sure Unsafe Items Stay Out of the Premises

With the rise of knife crime and needle spiking, it is highly important that unsafe items are not allowed to enter the building. This will put both customers and the business at risk of harm and can be prevented by having bags searched at the door.

3. Control Anti-Social Behaviour

People are usually less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour when in the presence of security due to the fear of being caught. However, if this behaviour does still occur then door supervisors have the right training to control and diffuse the situation.

 4. Avoid Legal Issues

In the event of an incident happening on your premises, it can come with great costs such as bad publicity and the possibility of losing your licence which will put the business at risk. Door supervisors can prevent this from happening and also gives a good impression of the safety of your business.

5. Customers Will Feel Safe

One of the most important benefits of door supervisors is that they will make your customers feel safe. Customers will be able to enjoy spending their time at your business with the knowledge that security is keeping them safe and are there if needed.

Why Do We Need Security Guards?

Why do we need security guards

The ongoing problem of theft from construction sites means more and more businesses are considering the option of hiring security guards. We have listed some reasons why security guards are needed:

1. Prevent Crimes

Security officers immediately deter crime with just their presence alone. This is because the opportunity to commit a crime and not get caught has been taken away. However, if someone decides to take the risk of entering the site, then security will immediately stop and question them.

2. Quick Response Time

When a crime is being committed, every second will count. If security officers are on-site, they can immediately respond to the crime and stop it before anything major occurs. They will continue to take control of the situation until the police arrive to take over.

3. Reduce Stress

With the knowledge that security officers are monitoring and protecting your site, you will be able to relax and be stress-free when away from the site. You are also able to rest assured knowing the security on-site are well trained to handle any potential threats in your absence.

4. Customer Service

Security guards often build relationships with those on-site and ensuring good customer service comes hand in hand with keeping them safe. It’s possible that the guards may be a customer’s first impression of the business, so they are trained to greet customers and offer any help if necessary.

5. Handle Crimes

Security officers are familiar with law enforcement protocols and can communicate with each department. However, in the absence of emergency response, they will remain in control of any situation and keep a detailed report to inform the police of the exact events that took place.

So, What Are the Differences Between Door Supervisors and Security Guards?

What are the differences between door supervisors and security guards

The main difference between door supervisors and security guards is that door supervisors are required by premises that are open to the public for the consumption of alcohol. Traditional security guards are ideal for environments that do not serve alcohol and require the monitoring or patrolling of a site.

This information should help you decide which type of security your business requires so that it does not come to any harm.

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