Top 5 Popular Security Guard Interview Questions

Written by Holly Savage

4th August 2021

One of the key steps to getting a job as a security guard is the security interview. But what are the best ways to prepare yourself for a security interview? And what security guard interview questions will be asked?

We’ll be discussing this and more, such as the best ways you can prepare yourself for an interview for a security job, and we will be providing you with the five most popular security guard interview questions and answers.

How Do You Introduce Yourself In A Security Interview?

Introducing yourself at a security interview can often be the most nerve wracking part, as the start of an interview can often be very overwhelming. When you are introducing yourself at a security officer interview you should:

  • Remain confident.
  • Smile.
  • Introduce yourself by your name.
  • Shake hands if possible.

What To Wear To A Security Guard Interview?

Although there isn’t an exact dress code for a security guard interview, it is important that like any other job interview, you dress professionally. Wearing clothes that look smart makes a good impression and can show your potential employer that you take the job seriously. 

As well as dressing smart, it is also important that you wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. As the more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you will feel for your interview.

How To Prepare For A Security Guard Interview

When you are becoming a security guard, the scariest step is the security guard job interview. Doing good preparation beforehand can be the difference between getting a security guard job or being rejected. So to help you out, we have listed some tips that will help you feel more prepared for your interview.

Research The Company Beforehand

The first thing you should do when you receive an invitation for a security officer interview, is do research on the company beforehand. Doing research can help you understand more about the potential security firm that you will be working for, and it can help you gain a better understanding of the different requirements you may need for the job.

security officer interview questions

Review And Revise Your CV

The second thing you should do is review and revise your CV. Your CV will have helped you gain the interview, so it is important that you make sure that you know everything you have written on your CV. Furthermore, job interviewers may use your CV as a tool to ask your more specific questions during your interview, so it is essential that you make sure your CV is up to date, and only contains relevant information.

security guard interview questions

Practice Interview Questions

The third and final thing you should do in preparation for your security personnel interview is practice security guard interview questions and answers. Practising questions allows you to feel a bit more prepared for your security guard interview, and it can give you an idea of what the interview will be like. When you are practising questions you should make sure to give detailed answers which are filled with real life examples.  

security officer interview questions and answers

What Questions Are Asked In A Security Guard Interview?

There are many different types of security guard interview questions that will be asked. Some of these are:

  • Why should we hire you as a security guard?
  • Do you have any previous experience or skills that you can bring to this role?
  • Why are you interested in becoming a security guard?
  • Describe a time when you faced a challenge and how you overcame it.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What security systems have you used in the past?
  • What do you excel at in your role as a security guard?
  • Do you have experience as a security guard in other industries or sectors?
  • Do you have career goals related to this position?
  • What interests you the most about this position?
  • Describe a time when you have worked efficiently within a team.

Now, we know some of the questions you may be asked and how to prepare for a security interview. Let’s look at the top five most popular job interview questions for security guards and how to answer them. 

Interview questions for security guard

1. Why Are You Interested In Becoming A Security Guard?

Asking this question in a security guard interview gives the recruiter an insight into why you are applying for the role and your long-term plans. They are unlikely to hire someone who is not interested in the security field or simply wants the job as a stop-gap before a better offer.

You may wish to mention any experience that you have in the security field at this stage to show that you are dedicated to the career. Additionally, you may want to mention that you like keeping people safe and protecting businesses from harm. If it is a job that has shift work, state that you like working on a varied schedule and have had experience of this in the past during the security guard interview.

common interview questions for security guard

2. What Qualities Do You Possess To Be An Effective Security Guard?

For this security guard interview question, you should discuss the skill and qualities that you have that the company could benefit from. The initial job description should list qualities that the company is looking for, so make sure that you mention some of these within your answer.

As well as general qualities such as good timekeeping, organisation, and communication skills. It is also great to add in some qualities that will particularly benefit the role of a security guard.

For example, mention that a security guard, or security officer, needs quick reactions so that they can respond to issues promptly, reacting in an emergency and protecting the business. After you mention a quality that you have, give a short example of when you have shown this quality.

security job interview

3. Describe A Time When You Faced A Challenge, And Explain How You Overcame It

Show that you have experience and stay calm under pressure during the security guard interview when challenged when answering this interview question for a security guard role. It may increase your chances of being hired as a security guard as they are looking for someone who is trained, calm and collected.

When answering this question, first explain the challenge that you were faced with before going through the steps that you took to resolve the challenge.

What are the key skills of a security guard

4. Explain Any Experience You Have That Is Relevant To This Role

By answering this question, you are telling the company why they should employ you and what you can bring to them.

Your answer to this interview question should be based on experience working in a team, in the security field if you have it, or in a customer-facing role, depending on the job you are applying for.

For example, if you have previously worked as a security guard, then mention where you worked, how long you worked there, and the experience you gained. Perhaps give a few examples of when you had to use your training in this role.

Additionally, if you have any security qualifications or first aid training, it is important to mention these at this stage.

security guard interview questions and answers

5. Explain How You Work Effectively In A Team

As a security guard, it is unlikely that you will be working alone, and instead, you will be a member of a team. A good worker should be able to work by themselves or work well with others.

State the qualities that you need to work in a team and explain when you have shown these in the past when answering this security guard interview question.

For example, mention that one of the most important qualities necessary for working in a team is communication. Explain why communication is important as you need to pass on information to those you are working with, and you need to communicate and cooperate to build a strong team.

Then, give an example of when you have communicated effectively and why it led to success in your role.

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So, that’s everything you need to know in preparation for your security guard interview.

Want to be even more prepared? Download our free security guard interview questions template.

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