Is Security Guard Tracking Useful?
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3rd May 2022

security guard tracking

Security guards are vital if you want to protect the assets of your business. The key to successful security guarding is to ensure staff have the right knowledge and awareness of security practices.

You also want to make sure that your surveillance unit is able to communicate effectively with its guards to keep them safe and make sure they are doing their job to your company’s high standards. Security guard tracking makes this possible.

What Is Guard Tracking?

Guard tracking is a way of keeping in touch with what your guard or guarding team is doing during their shift. It not only enables you to keep track of where they are but also allows you to keep control of their punctuality and performance on shift.

Where Could Security Tracking Be Used?

You can use security tracking in any area where security guards are working either individually or in teams. Read, Where Do Security Guards Work?” to find out more information about the different areas where security guards work in.

Below we have listed some locations where security guard tracking often happens:

  • Factories
  • Building Sites
  • Retail Establishments
  • Warehouses
  • Business Parks

According to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) on average burglary and criminal damage affect businesses by more than £14,000 over two years. A figure that you should be able to avoid with security guards. Read our article “Do Security Guards Reduce Crime?” to find out how guards can help prevent burglaries. 

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What Equipment Is Used For Security Guard Tracking?

Most standard security guard systems include a selection of small discs which are used as checkpoint tags. They are placed in various locations around a building. When the security guard passes into an area, they swipe the checkpoint tag which then records data.

The data can include the date, time, and identity number of the security guard on duty. All data is then transferred via GPS. The GPS can be tracked by the app. The security equipment is always provided by the security provider or the security company.

What Is A Security Guard Tracking App?

A security guard tracking app enables a surveillance company to keep in touch with its security team. Each security guard will have a mobile phone. The security guard tracking app software will have been downloaded to the guard’s phone. The guard tracking app has various features.

Each security guard can be tracked using the GPS tracking function. This will tell you exactly where the guard is in or outside the building. If the guard is away from their usual route or if there are any delays in surveying a certain area you will know from the information provided by the app.

The app can also be used for messaging, keeping track of shift timings, and logging reports. More importantly, the app can be used as an emergency alert to advise other team members if help is required or if suspicious activity has been spotted. In a nutshell, an app is a simple but effective method of tracking security guards in the workplace. It is used to monitor security guards in an area and to assist in the identification of the guards in specific areas.

What Is The Purpose Of A Guard Tour System?

A guard tour system allows for increased security in locations that may be vulnerable with only audio alarms. The guard tour system works especially well in establishments that aren’t easy to block off from the public completely such as factories or building sites. Or where members of the public gather, in places like retail establishments and business parks.

A guard tour system demonstrates to the public that there is security on-site and that suspicious activity can be dealt with quickly.

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How Do You Monitor A Security Guard?

Security guards are monitored by scanning the tracking tags that are placed around the building and by using the security guard tracking app. Monitoring is necessary to establish that the guard is doing the job properly and keeps safe while doing the necessary surveillance rounds.

The security guard patrol tracking system also helps to monitor a team of guards. Shift starts and finishes are recorded using data. The checkpoint tags also keep a report of when a guard surveyed an area, so you can see whether the guard is where he or she is supposed to be during their shift.

Is Security Guard Tracking Useful?

Security guard tracking is useful because it provides you with an extra layer of security. For example, if a member of staff reports suspicious activity in an area, you can check to find out whether there is a guard available close by or contact the Mobile Patrol Security if you have one.

The system also tells you if a guard hasn’t been in an area which should have been checked. This could mean the guard has a problem. It’s a signal to get in touch and find out why the security guard isn’t where they should be in the building.

Another reason why security guard tracking is useful is so that you can ensure the guards you manage are working effectively. You will know if they arrive for work punctually, are where they are supposed to be at all times and they have the right number of breaks during a shift. It’s a way of making sure an important job is done properly.

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Is Security Guard Tracking Helpful?

Security guard tracking is helpful because it optimises your security operation by enabling tracking with the minimum of equipment using GPS technology and the simplicity of a security guard patrol tracking system.

What Are The Benefits Of Guard Tracking?

Guard tracking is a service that provides location notifications for your on-site security guards. When a guard has visited an area, a report will be received so it is a way of keeping track of where the guard is and what areas have been checked.

The benefits of security guard tracking are that you will know where your guards are at any given time, and you will be able to get a guard or guards to an area where there is suspicious activity.  This provides you with the reassurance that your property is being continually monitored and that any suspicious activity is dealt with quickly.

Guarding your premises is a step worth taking if you take account the government’s findings in their 2021 Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) which has found that 38% of business premises in the wholesale and retail sector in England and Wales have been victims of crime during 2020 and 2021.

Is Security Guard Tracking Free?

Most companies will charge for this service, but here at Region Security Guarding, we include this as a free service on all our contracts as part of our customer service. We know that with security guard tracking you will have peace of mind knowing that security guards are completing patrols on time and within their areas so that your assets are protected whenever your security guards are on duty.

To keep up to date with the latest security guard news check out our other articles.

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