How Much Do Security Guards Cost?
Icon2 How Much Do Security Guards Cost?

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7th August 2020

how much does a security guard cost

As a security company, a question we get asked a lot is “how much does a security guard cost?”. This question has many different answers. This is because the cost of hiring a security guard can vary massively. The amount you end up paying for your security will depend on multiple different factors. Some of these factors include location, contract duration, duties, number of hours, and even experience of the guards and company. These factors will be explored later in more detail.

How Much Do Security Guards Cost?

If you are simply looking for the straightforward answer to the question, “what is the cost of hiring a security guard?” then it will depend on many factors. General manned security guarding can cost anything from £10 to £25 an hour. However, the price will ultimately depend upon the duties you wish security guards to complete and where. These are just two of the factors that can greatly impact on the price you will end up paying for the protection of your business.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Hiring Security

The cost of a security guard can depend on many factors, such as the location in which you will be hiring security guards, the number of security guards you will need, the security guard services which you require, and the duration of the contract that you apply for. All of these factors will influence the price and the cost of a security guard.


Number of Security Guards

When hiring security for your business it is important to know how many guards you will need to properly ensure the safety of your assets. It goes without saying that the more guards you require the higher the cost will be. Multiple guards, however, will be a necessary requirement for certain businesses.


Duration of Security Contract

The duration of a security contract is likely to vary considerably. You might be considering contracting a guard for:

  • A fixed number of regular hours.
  • A full-time position.
  • A one-off job.
  • A temporary site security requirement.
  • A last-minute security requirement.

The length of the contract you request will affect the price you pay massively. This is because a long-term contract will be more cost-effective in terms of cost per hour. Some security companies will even do deals or reduced prices if you sign a longer contract. In addition, if you require security at short notice, you will pay more because the security company will have to arrange cover quickly.

The time that you require the security will also affect security guard prices. If you need security cover during peak times you will be quoted a higher rate. In addition, you can expect that the price will rise if you need the cover for the peak time at the last minute.



The location of the business you need security for impacts the price because different locations carry different crime rates. This means places with higher crime rates will pose more risk to the safety of security guards therefore the price will be higher. The graph below shows the pay averages of security guards per area. This shows that somewhere like London where crime rates are higher will require guards to be paid more for their services.

London, England       11%
Liverpool, England        0%
Glasgow, England        2%
Manchester, England        3%
Sheffield, England        4%
Cardiff, England        4%
Edinburgh, Scotland        7%

From looking at Payscale, we can see that employees with security guard in their job title who work in London, earn an average of 11.0% more than the average. The lowest salaries can be found in Edinburgh, with 6.6% less, Sheffield, with 4.4% less, and Cardiff, with 3.6% less.


Security Guard Duties

The duties security guards undertake also impact on the price you pay.

One of the lowest costing services is static and construction security guards, this is because their main role is to patrol the empty site. Therefore, they cost less than say a retail security guard whose role requires them to talk to the public, show them around and deal with shoplifters.

More expensive security services include security guard supervisors and door supervisors who manage a team of guards. Door supervisors would also be stationed at pubs, events, or weddings where they may have to deal with people drinking, which would be more demanding than other roles. In addition, security guards with dogs and mobile patrol security guards will be more expensive due to the extra maintenance charge of the car and looking after the dog.

All of these are factors to consider when you are looking to hire security for your business. But, although the price is important and needs to be considered, the effectiveness of the security measures should be the top priority.

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Security Guard Services

Security guards cover a broad range of services. If you need an in-depth and hands-on approach to every aspect of your business’s security, it is likely that you will end up paying more.

Whereas some businesses will require simple patrols when premises are closed or not in use making their cost lower. However, overnight patrols and unusual hours may be more expensive than daytime shifts.

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Security Guard Hire Price UK

So, how much does a security guard cost? As we have seen the price you end up paying will be completely individual to you. It will depend on the exact service you want and need, where your business is located, the length of contract you require, and the number of guards.

Below, we have listed security guard services from the lowest to the highest average cost per hour. The lowest would be anything from £10, and the highest could be up to £60.

  • General static or construction security guards.
  • Retail security guards or store detectives.
  • Security guard supervisors or door supervisors.
  • Mobile security.

The lowest price would be anything from £10 per hour and the highest could be up to £60 per hour. These are the general prices that you can expect to pay for security guard services, and for the protection of your business.

Mobile security comes out as the most expensive security service because it must consider the cost of the upkeep of the car. This, therefore, adds to the price you will pay. In contrast to this general static guarding will be the cheapest service you could acquire. This is because they need no equipment to complete their job, therefore there is no extra cost added to your price.

How Much Do Security Companies Charge UK?

The price that security companies charge in the UK can vary depending on the security guard service you require, and how many guards you will need. Here at Region Security Guarding, we take pride in our motivated and dedicated team of security guards, who can provide you with leading security services at the best price. We pride ourselves in our competitive security guarding rates. We promise to meet or beat all our competitors’ rates without decreasing the standard of the security we provide, so you can protect your business at the price you want.

Our security company is committed to bringing you the highest quality services at an affordable price for you.

Our Price Promise:

  • We promise to beat any competitor’s current rate on your proposed project.
  • We will provide only the best and most cost-effective solutions based on your needs and budget.
  • Once we verify the competitors’ service and rate, we can match it or offer you a better deal.

What Are Our Security Guard Services?

Here at Region Security Guarding, we provide a range of security services nationwide, delivered by a team of trained professionals. As we are one of the industry’s leading security companies, we carry years of experience in the security sector. We are committed to providing high-quality standards with a cost-effective solution. We recognise that first-class security guarding lies with the performance of our team of security officers and supervisors. Below, we have listed some security guard services that we provide.


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