How To Hire Security Guards

Written by Holly Savage

24th August 2021

Many companies look for security services and guards to protect their assets, but what is the best process for hiring security? We’ll be discussing this and more, such as how to hire security guards, what you need to consider before hiring security, and why businesses should hire security protection.

Why You Should Hire A Security Guard?

Many business owners wonder “Can I hire a security guard?”, and it’s possible for any business to hire security personnel. Security officers are an excellent security measure, and they not only boost the safety of a company, but they also provided businesses with a safer working environment. Some of the benefits of hiring security officers are:


  • They reduce crime, by acting as a visual deterrent against thieves.
  • Guards provide businesses with a strong security presence, and this presence can not only scare away criminals, but it can supply businesses with a safer working environment.
  • Guards will review and evaluate the current security a business has in place by conducting risk assessments.
  • Guards ensure that every area of a business is well-protected. They do this by patrolling regularly around a site and by using CCTV monitoring equipment to review any blind spots of a business.

How Much Do Security Guards Cost To Hire?

When you are hiring security, it is important to consider how much security guards will cost. And honestly, there is no set price for how much security guards will cost, as this will often depend on many factors such as the location that your business is in and the number of guards you need. Most security firms will try to price their services at a fair price and many will have a price promise in place to ensure that their prices are similar to their competitors.

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Can You Hire Armed Security In The UK?

In the UK, it is impossible for any businesses to hire armed security. This is because the UK has strong laws against carrying weapons and firearms.

Are Security Guards Self-Employed?

A common question asked when hiring security officers is whether guards are self-employed or not. And there is not a set answer to this question, as it will often depend on the type of business a guard is working for and the type of contract that they are working under.

Some security guards are self-employed and are hired by establishments independently. Others are hired by companies as ‘freelance’ security guards, meaning that they are still classed as self-employed, they just get given work by a security firm.

Others are treated as full employees by security firms or businesses. One of the main differences between employed and self-employed security guards is that those who are self-employed are responsible for arranging their own national insurance and tax payments, while those who work for a company do not have to worry about this.

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Do Security Guards Work Independently?

Security guards can be employed directly by a business to work independently, without other security colleagues. This is usually in retail or business, in smaller premises that only call for one guard to be on duty at a time.

For larger events or premises, it is more likely that a team of guards will work together to secure the area and tackle potential threats. This is because the area is too large for only one independent security guard to cover. Generally, in cases like this, a security firm will provide the whole security team, who will work following the same standards and guidelines.

Are Security Guards Considered Independent Contractors?

Again, this depends on the individual role as many are employed by a security firm and are paid employees of this firm. Some security guards can be described as independent contractors, but this is not as common, especially for larger events that require a lot of security.

Some security firms will hire security guards as independent contractors who are, by definition, self-employed. This gives the firms less responsibility when it comes to paying into pensions and gives the individual contractors more choice and flexibility regarding the hours and jobs that they work.

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Factors To Consider When Hiring A Security Guard

There are many different factors to consider before hiring a security guard and deciding on their role, fees, and contract agreement. We’ve listed some of the most common factors that businesses need to consider before hiring security.

Length Of Hire

Think about how long you will require a security guard, as this can vary between jobs. You may be looking to hire security for a one-off day event, temporary security, or a full-time position. Additionally, consider the type of hours that you are looking for them to work, as this will also need to be finalised with the guard.

Generally, security contracts are the most cost-effective if they are long-term contracts, as you can keep the cost per hour down when the guard has more guaranteed work on the way. Short-term or last-minute contracts will cost more as they require more flexibility.

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Event Type

It is also important to think of the type of event that you require security at. While security guards are trained for a variety of different scenarios and will have a diverse range of experience, they need to be prepared in advance so that they know what they are getting themselves into.

Security guards can be used in a number of different settings such as supervising large public events, corporate events, and construction sites. They are great at securing and patrolling business premises or anywhere where large crowds are expected. The number of security guards required and the resources that they need will be dependent on the type of job, so it is important to give them as much detail as possible.

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Services Required

The type of services that you require should also be taken into consideration as this will impact the cost and type of security guards that you require. For example, construction site safety requires an in-depth knowledge of health and safety site protocols and will require a larger budget.

Other types of services include simple patrols, CCTV surveillance, manned entrances, bodyguards, keyholding or dog units. Remember that utilising these services overnight will also come at a higher cost than during traditional working hours.

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The location of your business or event will also have an impact on your security guarding budget. If you are located remotely, more travel time will be required, and therefore costs may be higher.

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Relevant Experience

Security guards with a wide range of previous experience are preferred as they have the knowledge and expertise to handle any issue that may occur. It is also important to check the qualifications or certifications of your security guard to ensure they are properly trained. Experienced security guards are likely to have a higher cost, but this will pay off if there are any issues.

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How To Hire Security Guards

As we mentioned above, there are many things that businesses may need to consider before they hire security personnel and services, such as the number of guards they require. But what is the best way to hire security guards? We’ve provided a quick step-by-step guide on everything you need to do before hiring a security guard service.


Step 1: Know Your Security Requirements

The first thing you should know before hiring security is the reason why your business needs security and the different types of security requirements you may need. The best way to find this out would be to ask yourself specific questions such as:

  • How much security will I need?
  • How long will I need the security?
  • What type of security will I need?
  • Does the security I require need to be personalised?
  • How much will security cost and what budget should I set aside for it?
  • Why does my business require security?

Step 2: Finding A Security Company

When you are deciding which security company to hire from it is important that you conduct thorough research, as you will need to make sure that the company offers the specific services that you require. For example, if you are hosting a party with a large number of people you may be considering a company that has experience in event security.

There are many places to look for potential security companies such as physical newspaper ads and word of mouth, but one of the best places to find security firms is through using search engines online such as Google. From using Google, you’ll often be able to find a company’s website and on there you should be able to review the different areas they service and the services that they provide.

A good security company should make it extremely clear what services they offer and the different locations they service, so you aren’t left confused about what or not the company can offer you and your business.

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Step 3: Comparing Different Security Companies

When you have found a few different security companies that you think could be a good fit. It is important that you compare the different things that each company can offer you. There are multiple things that you can compare such as:

  • The different areas that they serve.
  • The different security services that they provide.
  • How much does their security cost and do they have a price promise guarantee?
  • Their testimonials.
  • What accreditations do they have?
  • What online reviewers say about the company.
  • If any of the security services they provide can be personalised.
  • What benefits can they offer you such as free additional services?

Step 4: Contacting Security Companies

When you have found a suitable security company that supplies protection in your location, then the next step is to contact the company further. You can often do this by getting in touch with them via phone and email or by contacting them on their website.

The most important aspect of this step though is that you’re clear on what you want from the security company and that you include as much information as possible in the inquiry. This information could be:

  • The type of service that you require.
  • Your contact details and business address.
  • The number of guards you need.
  • Dates for when you want security to start and end.
  • If they provide tailored security services.
  • How much the security will cost.

After you have contacted a security firm, they should reply back to you quickly and let you know straightway:

  • The exact price of your service package.
  • The dates they can provide security for.
  • What’s included in your service.
  • The amount of security guards that will be supplied.

A good security company should be able to communicate with you well and should reply back in a timely manner, one that doesn’t may be a potential red flag.

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Step 5: Purchasing Security Protection

After you have compared different companies and found the one that will best suit your business, then the final step in hiring security will be purchasing your security package. When you are hiring security guards, it is always important that you stay in regular contact with the security firm. And that you regularly review that the services and guards that they are providing you with meet your business requirements.

If you have any doubts or issues about the services that a security company is supplying you with, it is always best to contact them straight away and let them know. All security firms want to deliver efficient security and improve their services, so they will have a customer service department set in place that is ready to answer any questions or worries that their clients may have.

So, How To Hire A Security Guard?

Overall, the most important thing that businesses need to do before hiring security guards to protect their sites and building is to consider what security guard services they will need, why they need security officers and the number of security personnel they require. When businesses understand specifically what security they need and why, it can make the process of hiring security much easier.

If you’re interested in learning more about security guards, why not check out our blog? Where you can find articles about where security guards work and the different equipment guards use.

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