What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Security Guard Service
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24th August 2021

Are Security Guards Self-Employed?

The is no single answer to this question as it is dependant on the business that you work for and the type of contract that you are working under. Some security guards are self-employed and are hired by establishments independently. Others are hired by companies as ‘freelance’ security guards, meaning that they are still classed as self-employed, they just get given work by a security firm. Others are treated as full employees by security firms or businesses. One of the main differences between employed and self-employed security guards is that those who are self-employed are responsible for arranging their own national insurance and tax payments, while those who work for a company do not have to worry about this.

Do Security Guards Work Independently?

Security guards can be employed directly by a business to work independently, without other security colleagues. This is usually in retail or business, in smaller premises that only calls for one guard to be on duty at a time. For larger events or premises, it is more likely that a team of guards will work together to secure the area and tackle potential threats. This is because the area is too large for only one independent security guard to cover. Generally, in cases like this, a security firm will provide the whole security team, who will work following the same standards and guidelines.

Are Security Guards Considered Independent Contractors?

Again, this depends on the individual role as many are employed by a security firm and are paid employees of this firm. Some security guards can be described as independent contractors, but this is not as common, especially for larger events that require a lot of security. Some security firms will hire security guards as independent contractors who are, by definition, self-employed. This gives the firms less responsibility when it comes to paying into pensions and gives the individual contractors more choice and flexibility regarding the hours and jobs that they work.

Factors to Consider When Hiring A Security Guard

There are many different factors to consider before hiring a security guard and deciding on their role, fees and a contract agreement. Take a look at some of the factors that you should consider below.

Length of Hire

Think about how long you will require a security guard for, as this can vary between jobs. You may be looking to hire security for a one-off day event, temporary security, or a full-time position. Additionally, consider the type of hours that you are looking for them to work, as this will also need to be finalised with the guard.

Generally, security contracts are the most cost-effective if they are a long-term contract, as you can keep the cost per hour down when the guard has more guaranteed work on the way. Short term or last-minute contracts will cost more as they require more flexibility.

Event Type

It is also important to think of the type of event that you require security at. While security guards are trained for a variety of different scenarios and will have a diverse range of experience, they need to be prepared in advance so that they know what they are getting themselves into. Security guards can be used in a number of different settings, from supervising large public events, corporate events or for construction site security. They are great at securing and patrolling business premises or anywhere where large crowds are expected. The number of security guards required and the resources that they need will be dependant on the type of job, so it is important to give them as much detail as possible.

Services Required

The type of services that you require should also be taken into consideration as this will impact the cost and type of security guards that you require. For example, construction site safety requires an in-depth knowledge of health and safety site protocols and will require a larger budget. Other types of services include simple patrols, CCTV surveillance, manned entrances, bodyguards, keyholding or dog units. Remember that utilising these services overnight will also come at a higher cost than during traditional working hours. 


The location of your business or event will also have an impact on your security guarding budget. If you are located remotely, more travel time will be required, and therefore costs may be higher.

Relevant Experience

Security guards with a wide range of previous experience are preferred as they have the knowledge and expertise to handle any issue that may occur. It is also important to check the qualifications or certifications of your security guard to ensure they are properly trained. Experienced security guards are likely to have a higher cost, but this will pay off if there are any issues.

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