Tips for Customer Service as a Security Guard

Written by Holly Savage

19th August 2021

 Whether customers are entering a shop, walking into an office, or entering a warehouse, a security officer is often their first point of contact with the business. Therefore, it is important to consider security guards as part of the customer experience. Guards will use their strong customer service skills to provide customers with a pleasant experience.

But how can you provide good customer service as a security guard? We’ll be discussing this and more such as what security guard customer service is, and how guards should greet customers. We’ll also be revealing some of our most recommended good customer service skills for security guards.

What Is Security Guard Customer Service?

Security guard customer service is customer service provided by security guards rather than sales assistants or receptionists. This is not a replacement for traditional customer service but should instead be utilised alongside it. Security guards may be positioned at the entrance of a building or property.

Security customer service allows security guards to be more approachable and quickly leads to the customer feeling at ease. Security guard customer service also reflects well on the security firm that a guard works for as it shows that they are professional and experienced in working with the public.

What Is Customer Service As A Security Guard?

As we mentioned above, customer service as a security guard is not a replacement for traditional customer service that a business has but it is an additional service that guards can provide. If a security guard is the first thing that a customer sees when entering a building, they are often considered as a reflection of the business that has hired them – so it is important that they make a good impression.

Most security guards will supply a business with good customer service by being friendly and helpful, and through answering any questions that customers may have. An example of good customer service in security is a reception security guard greeting any customers who enter the reception area.

customer service as a security guard

What Is The Amount Of Customer Service Skills Required As A Security Guard?

The amount of customer service skills required as a security officer depends on the type of environment that you are working in. As retail premises or office buildings will require more customer service skills than working at night on a building site or in a warehouse. Customer service skills are, however, a good skill to develop over time as they make any security officer more versatile and employable.

How Would You Provide Customer Service As A Security Officer?

One great way to provide good customer service as a security officer is eye contact when customers enter the premises. Ensure that you greet them with eye contact and a smile in order to make the customer feel more welcome and safer.

Additionally, great communication skills lead to great customer service – when talking with customers or answering their questions, be polite and friendly through tone, body language and facial expressions. Ensuring that you are approachable so that customers can ask questions or for help if they need it is also important.

As a security guard, it is your main priority to protect a business and its customers, so ensuring that they feel comfortable to raise any issues with you is vital. Combining all these tips will allow customers to feel safe and at ease, making them more likely to spend time in and invest their money in the business in question.

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What Are Great Customer Service Skills For A Security Officer?

To provide good security guarding customer service, there are many skills and qualities that guards will need. We’ve listed some of these ideas in more detail.


Great Observation Skills

Great observational skills are necessary, as the main role of a security guard is to protect a business from threats and security risks. Having good observational skills will allow them to identify anything suspicious or changes in their surroundings in order to protect the business. If there is a crime committed, observational skills will allow a security guard to give an accurate description of any perpetrators they saw to law enforcement.


Time Management Skills

Security guards should also have great time management and organisational skills as they will often be working shifts and be in charge of overseeing multiple rooms or buildings. It is therefore important to turn up to work on time, manage a difficult sleeping pattern and complete the relevant paperwork for each job correctly.


Good Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is vital for both customer service and in order to work with other members of a security team or coordinate with emergency services if possible. When there is a major incident, and emergency services are called, they will take some time to respond to the scene, meaning that security guards may be the most qualified at the location for some time.


Working Well Under Pressure

Being able to stay calm is also important as security guards may need to coordinate with others to control and manage different situations. For example, if there are intruders or people who are posing a threat to a business or staff, having a calm head is vital as a security guard will need to try and diffuse the situation as quickly as possible.


Physical Fitness

Being a security guard also requires an aspect of physical fitness as the job involves patrolling large areas, and potentially chasing after intruders.



By working as a security guard, you are in a position of trust, and therefore honesty and integrity are both vital. You will be responsible for looking after the premises after hours and knowing security protocols. It is therefore important that a security firm is able to trust you as you are representing them.

customer service training for security guards

How Do You Greet Customers As Security?

Security guards who work in building security may be expected to provide businesses with customer service security and they will often have to greet any customers who are entering the building. The best way to greet a customer as security is to appear friendly, approachable, and helpful. It is important that guards put customers at ease and make them feel welcome.

How Do I Deal With A Difficult Customer As A Security Officer?

Sometimes security officers may have to deal with an angry or difficult customer. The best way to deal with a customer like this is to remain calm and keep a level head. Security guards may have to diffuse the situation if a customer gets too angry or starts threatening violence. If a guard is in doubt about how to handle the customer, it is important that they call for additional help.

security guard customer service

Does Security Count As Customer Service?

While security guards may not be part of traditional customer service, they can certainly play a part in it. Security guards are predominantly there to keep everyone safe and to protect a business, part of that is ensuring that customers feel welcomed and comfortable in the premises.

A security guard will be expected to be a friendly face as they enter or leave the building. Security guard customer service focuses on manners, politeness, helpfulness, and friendliness, and these all are qualities that are beneficial in any security officer.

So, How Do You Provide Customer Service As A Security Guard?

Overall, customer service as a security guard is mainly ensuring that guards make all customers feel welcome and at ease when they are entering a business. Most security officers provide good customer service by answering any questions that visitors may have and by helping people with directions.  

If you can think of any more security guard tips, why not let us know your thoughts in the comments below? Or if you would like to learn more about security guards, why not head over to our blog? Where you can find articles about becoming a security guard and where guards work.     

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