Can Security Guards Wear Body Cameras?

Written by Holly Savage

20th December 2022

Body cameras are widely becoming a popular way to protect yourself and others. But can security guards wear body cameras? We’ll be discussing this and more, such as if security body cameras can reduce crime, their benefits, and if security guards should wear them.

Can Security Guards Wear Body Cameras?

Although body worn cameras are often used by other job sectors such as the police, they are becoming more popular within the security industry. Security guards will use body surveillance cameras throughout their shifts and whilst they are completing routine patrols around a site.

What Is A Body Camera?

A body camera is a small video recording device that is worn on either clothing or hard hats. They are used to record video footage and sound in possible security situations such as someone committing a crime. Many businesses decide to use body cameras as they believe they can provide further protection.

How Do Body Cameras Work?

Body cameras will record footage in a similar way to security cameras. However, one person may monitor and use security cameras while body cameras will typically be used by two or more people. One person will wear the camera whilst they are patrolling around a building or site while the others will be situated in a control room and will monitor the footage in real-time.

body security cameras

Who Uses Body Cameras?

There aren’t any specific laws on body cameras and who can use them. And at the moment, there are many different job sectors that choose to use them. Some people may decide to use them for personal reasons while others will use them for security protection. Some of the most common job sectors that a security body cam are:

  • The Police.
  • The Security Industry.
  • In The Military.
  • In Fire And Rescue Services.
  • In Retail Facilities.
  • On Construction Sites.
  • In Healthcare Services.

Do You Need A CCTV Licence To Wear A Body Camera?

According to the SIA, if you are using a body camera for security reasons then you will need a licence that has been approved by them. The most typical licence that is needed to review security camera footage is a CCTV licence, but other licences such as a security guard licence or a close protection licence can be used as well. 

If you are using body cameras to guard or protect members of the public from a disorder or an assault, then you will need a CCTV licence. However, if you are just using body cameras to stop trespassers or to protect a building then you may only need a security guard licence.

What Is The Goal Of Body-Worn Cameras? 

There are many reasons why people may decide to use security body cameras. Some businesses may use them as an extra layer of protection, while some guards will wear them to increase their safety at work. However, overall the main purpose of body-worn cameras will be to reduce criminal activity.

can security guards wear body cameras

Do Body-Worn Cameras Reduce Crime?

A common reason why so many security guards are now using body cams is because they are an asset in reducing crime. One way that body cameras can deter crime is because they are considered as a visual deterrent against thieves. When a potential criminal sees a guard wearing a security body cam it makes them think twice before doing anything as people are less likely to commit a crime when they know they are being watched. 

Another way that security body cameras can help to stop criminal activity is through their recorded footage. If a crime does happen, the recorded footage from the camera can be used as evidence and security guards will often use it to identify any criminals.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Worn Cameras?

Body cameras have been known to be quite beneficial as they provide further protection. We’ve listed some of their most common benefits in more detail.

1. They Can Be Used As Evidence

One benefit of security body cameras is that they provide evidence. The recorded footage from these cameras can be used as evidence in law courts and in other situations. For example, if a security guard has been wrongly accused of misconduct, the footage from the camera can be used against these allegations.

2. Body Cameras Are Easy To Carry

Another benefit of body cameras is that they are quite easy to store and carry. Most body cameras can be easily clipped onto a security guard uniform, or they can be installed in other pieces of equipment such as hard hats or glasses.

3. Night Vision Features

Most body cameras will be fitted with night vision features. This will allow the cameras to record HD footage in darker areas and at night. As nighttime is a considerably more dangerous time for crime, body cameras with night vision features will provide guards with additional protection. Night vision body cameras will also be used by guards who work in areas that need around-the-clock security, such as construction sites.

4. Body Cameras Increase Safety

Security body cameras give a strong security presence and can often increase the safety of a security guard. Online research has also shown that security officers feel positive about body cameras and some even feel much safer during their shift wearing them.

5. Body Cameras Can Be Used As Remote Surrlaivence 

Another benefit of body cameras is that they can also be used to perform remote surveillance. This means while one guard is wearing the camera during their shift, another officer can monitor and review the footage in real-time and see everything that the guard is seeing.

6. They Can Review A Guard’s Performance

Security body cameras can also be a great tool for reviewing a guard’s performance. Some supervisors may use the footage recorded from a camera to review a guard’s performance and then may reward guards accordingly due to this.

7. Body Cameras Can Also Train Other Staff

Another benefit of body cameras is that they can be used to train newer guards. The recorded footage from body cameras may be shown to new guards to teach them about security situations.

security body cameras

What Are The Disadvantages Of Body Cameras?

Like most things, body cameras will have both pros and cons. We’ve discussed some of the disadvantages of security body cameras in more detail.

1. People Feel Like They Are An Invasion Of Privacy

One huge disadvantage of body cameras is that some people feel very negatively about them. And they believe that they are an invasion of privacy, as they make people feel like they are being watched.

2. They Can Be Expensive To Buy

Another disadvantage of using body cameras is that they can be quite an expensive piece of equipment. The prices of body cameras will vary and in the UK, some body cameras will cost up to £130.

3. Body Cameras May Create Additional Liability Issues 

Although the recorded footage from cameras can be used as evidence, it is also believed that they may cause liability issues depending on the situation and actions of a security guard. If the footage recorded from a body camera showcases a guard in a poor light then it could be used against security firms during a lawsuit.

Should Security Guards Wear Body Cameras?

There is a lot of debate on whether body surveillance cameras should be used by security guards. Some people dislike body cameras because they believe they are an invasion of privacy while others think they can help increase safety. Overall, many security companies believe security guards should wear body cameras as they can help guards complete their daily tasks and stop criminal activity.

Security body cameras can be used to not only help guards deter criminals while they patrol a site or property but they can also be used to help train new security officers. Furthermore, security body cameras will also provide security officers with an additional layer of protection and can allow guards to feel much more secure about their safety at work.

So, Can Security Guards Wear Body Cameras?

Overall, many security guards feel positive about wearing body cameras at work, and they will use them to help them complete their daily tasks of stopping criminals. 

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