How Can Security Officers Benefit Your Business In Scotland?

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25th March 2021

How Can Security Officers Benefit Your Business In Scotland

How Can Security Officers Benefit Your Business In Scotland?

According to Scottish Government Documentation on recorded crime in Scotland, crimes like fire-raising and vandalism that damage property are at their lowest levels since 1976. While this is reassuring for business owners, it should not mean that security for your business is not required. There are still tens of thousands of cases of vandalism in Scotland, over 47,000 in fact, as well as robberies and breaking and entering. It is therefore important that you still protect your business as much as possible, to ensure it is not a target. An experienced and secure company such as Region Security’s Scotland Security Company can help your business become less of a target from criminals, deterring them from entering or damaging your property.

Why Is Region Security A Popular Choice For Scottish Businesses?

Here at Region Security, we provide high-quality security services for businesses across Scotland (from Glasgow to Edinburgh) – at their premises or for organised events. We work in collaboration with your management team to ensure that all your security needs are identified and met. Our aim is to make you feel safe and secure about your workplace so that you have time to focus on other important aspects of your business. We understand that the aim of a business is to generate a profit and aim to keep our prices as competitive and affordable as possible. Our security team is fully trained and vetted, to ensure that they deliver an excellent standard of service and are all licensed according to standards set by the SIA.

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What Services Can We Provide To Protect Your Business?

Our key aim is to keep your business safe and we provide a variety of services that you can customise to meet your individual needs. In the event of a security breach at your premises, we offer a fast turnaround to offer you peace of mind.  The services that we provide in Scotland include:

Construction Site Security Scotland

Construction sites can be a target for breaking and entering, and theft due to expensive equipment and materials being left on site overnight. At Region Security, we can provide 24-hour patrols to ensure that your site is always protected and watched. Our expert staff can also offer full security risk assessments of your site, and frequent reports to keep you updated and informed.

Retail Security Scotland

An industry report produced by the Scottish Grocers Federation stated that ‘Shoplifting is now essentially a pandemic which neither Police Scotland nor the judicial system are dealing with anywhere near adequately’. This is where Regional Security can help. We can provide security guards in your workplace to deter shoplifters reducing your company losses. Our security guards are uniformed and fully trained to deal with any issues in your store.

Warehouse Security Scotland

Warehouses can pose a large security risk as many are easily broken into, and they store large amounts of goods. At Regional Security, we can provide in-person security guards or other services to secure your warehouse. We can install and monitor CCTV and can respond 24/7 to any security breaches.

Reception Security Scotland

Region Security can also provide security guards and CCTV protection for your office buildings and reception. This will keep your office building free from vandalism, protect it from break-ins, reduce employee vehicle theft and keep staff members safe. We can tailor our security packages to suit your needs.

Event Security Scotland and Door Supervision Scotland

Our SIA approved security guards can attend one-off events, or man the doors of your establishment on a regular basis. They are there to ensure the safety of both your staff and your customers.

CCTV Monitoring Scotland

Our team provides expert CCTV monitoring services, that include a 24-hour operation centre manned by fully trained, expert controllers. CCTV is a great way to deter criminals, and also a great way to get them on film if they do target your property. Our trained security guards can visit your property if there are any issues identified in the CCTV.

Mobile Patrol Security Scotland

At Region Security, we can provide mobile patrol security to safeguard your organisation, giving you peace of mind. Our SIA licenced security officers can patrol areas in a random, unpredictable pattern as often as you would like. Our guards are fully uniformed and in marked patrol cars which will deter potential criminals.

Key Holding Scotland

With Region Security’s key holding service, we will keep a copy of keys to your premises to access your property at any time if there is a security breach. We can respond to emergency alarms, securing your building, and resetting any alarms. Our emergency response team can be dispatched to your located 24/7.

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Security You Can Trust

Here at Region Security, we provide coverage throughout Scotland – keep your staff, customers, and businesses safe and secure. Our SIA approved staff are highly trained and offer the highest quality service. But don’t just take our word for it – we have many accreditations showing our expertise. In addition to being an SIA approved contractor, we are also CCAS Registered, Safe Contractor accredited, a member of SMAS, and certified by both CHAS and Construction Online.

If you are looking to protect your business, contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. Visit our contact us page to fill out a request form or to simply have a chat with us about your security needs. Region Security – we aim to keep Scotland Safe.

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Nationwide Security

We cover the whole of the UK, with trained, SIA-licensed guards positioned up and down the country!