What Is Physical Security?

Written by Holly Savage

26th April 2022

When you are looking to protect your business, it is extremely important to consider hiring physical security protection, like security guards, as they can help to protect a business and keep people away from any potential security threats.

But what is physical security really? And why is it important to have? We’ll be discussing this and more, such as what is meant by physical security, the different levels of physical security, and how businesses can boost their physical security protection.

What Is Physical Security?

Physical security is the physical protection of people, businesses, software, equipment, or valuables against all or any security risks. Physical security is the different security measures that you take to ensure the safety of your business or property. And physical security will protect you against security threats or security incidents such as theft, fires, vandalism, terrorism, or even natural disasters.

What Is The Purpose Of Physical Security?

The main purpose of physical security is to increase the protection of a business or property. Many businesses and homeowners will want to ensure the protection of their property against potential hazards and threats, so they will use install physical security measures to help them do this.

what is meant by physical security

What Are Physical Security Measures?

A physical security measure is the measures or actions that you take to help prevent security risks. Physical security measures can come in many different types of forms, and they will often depend on what or who you are protecting. Some of these measures could be visual deterrents, such as CCTV cameras, or actually applying different actions of security, such as hiring a security guard to protect your business.

Examples Of Physical Security Measures

There are many different ways you can apply security measures to help protect your business. Some examples of businesses and homeowners applying physical security measures are:


  • A homeowner installing CCTV cameras at the side of their home to help protect them from burglaries.
  • In retail security, security guards will be hired to stand at the front of a store to act as a visual deterrent against thieves.
  • Someone buying secure locks for all of their doors.
  • In construction security, guards will be hired as a physical security measure to patrol around the site so that they can watch out for any suspicious activity.
  • Companies, such as warehouses or construction sites, include warning or safety signs in dangerous areas.
  • Businesses installing a physical security system on their properties.
what is the importance of physical security

What Are The 5 Levels Of Physical Security?

In physical security, there are different levels of protection that companies can use to evaluate how effective their security or physical security systems are within their business. And companies may use a security risk assessment or a risk assessment checklist to help them evaluate which level of physical security they have. We’ve listed the five main levels of physical security.

Minimum Security

The first level is minimum security, and this is where you only have minimum security measures in place.

Low-Level Security

The next level is low-level security. Low-level security is where you only have small measures of security in place.

Medium Security

The third level of physical security is medium security. This is where you only have some security measures in place but there is still room for improvement.

High-Level Security

The fourth level is high-level security. This is where you have high-security measures already in place.

Maximum Security

Finally, the last level is maximum security. Maximum security is when you have the best and most effective security measures in place. This level of security is what all companies and businesses aim to have.

5 levels of physical security

What Is Physical Security In The Workplace?

Physical security in the workplace can be any security measures that you take to ensure the safety of your business. This could be by employing a clear desk policy so that all your documents are kept in a safe area, or by hiring a security guard to protect your property.

physical security protection

Who Is Responsible For Physical Security?

A common question asked about physical security is who is responsible for ensuring physical security within a business. It is normally the business owner or site owner that are responsible for hiring physical security protection.

What Is A Physical Security Breach?

Physical security breaches happen when security risks threaten the safety of a business. And they can often involve the loss of property, documents being stolen, and the safety of the building being compromised. Many businesses will employ efficient security measures to stop physical security incidents and security breaches from happening.

physical security breach

How To Prevent Physical Security Threats?

There are many ways to prevent security threats within physical security. One of the best methods to prevent physical security threats would be to hire a security guard to help protect your business. Security guards can be a huge asset to physical security, as they not only protect people but can act as a visual deterrent against potential security threats such as thieves.

Another way to prevent physical security threats would be to make sure your company has installed the latest technologies, such as security cameras, and to make sure that you have reviewed how effective the security measures that you already have in place are within your business.

Can Security Guards Be Used To Improve Physical Security?

Yes, security guards have been known to be an advantage towards physical security, as many business owners will hire security guards to help protect their company.  The main reason why security guards are able to boost a business’s physical security is due to a guard’s main responsibility of providing protection. We’ve listed some examples of how guards can help to improve physical security.


  • Security guards who work in building security will improve a building’s physical security by logging the number of people who enter or leaves the building. This is important to a building’s security, as the guards will watch out for any suspicious activity and make sure everyone who enters the building has valid reasons for being there.
  • While guards who work in event security will help improve physical security as they will be responsible for everyone at the event, and security guards will use their customer service skills to help other employees or to help guests feel at ease during an event.
  • Security guards who work as bodyguards will be hired to protect high-profile people such as celebrities or politicians. These bodyguards will improve the physical security of these people, by making sure that no harm or danger comes to them.
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Why Are Guards Considered The Most Effective Form Of Physical Security Control?

As we mentioned above, security guards can be an asset to improve physical security, and many people consider security officers to be one of the most effective security measures that a business can hire. This is because, security officers can not only instantly suggest that your business has strong security protection, but they are also can create a safer working environment at your company.

Some of the physical security benefits that security guards can provide businesses are:

  • Security guards can reassure everyone visiting or working at your business.
  • A physical security officer will protect your business’ stock and assets from theft and damage.
  • Security guards are a visual deterrent against thieves.
  • Security personnel provide businesses with a strong visible security presence.
  • Security guards are a physical security measure that will save businesses money.
  • Security officers will regularly monitor the safety of a business – this can be done through patrols and by using CCTV equipment.
  • Security guards will perform risk assessments to review what physical security a business already has in place and how it can be improved.

How Do You Ensure Physical Security In A Company?

There are many different ways that businesses and companies can improve and ensure that they have good physical security in place. Some of the best ways that businesses can improve their physical security within the workplace are:


  • Employing a clear desk policy.
  • By closely monitoring your accounts.
  • By keeping a device inventory.
  • By doing maintain backups.
what is a good practice for physical security

How Can Physical Security Improve Cyber Security?

Many people believe that physical security and cyber security are two independent entities. However, the two are closely connected. Cracking down on physical security such as CCTV, alarms, and locks, ensures your environment is impenetrable, which can largely diminish the threat of a digital data violation.

If you’re wondering how physical security can help improve your cyber security, we have listed our top five physical security tips that we recommend.

1. Make Sure All Security Systems Are In Order

There is nothing worse than finding out CCTV cameras were not working at the time of the crime. Set them up in the most crucial areas, specifically where important documents or equipment is held not just outside of the building.

Carry out weekly checks to confirm that all systems are fully functioning and not at fault. It could save a lot of time and money in the future.

physical safety

2. Clear Desk Policy

All desks should be cleared at the end of a workday so that no important information is left out on display.

Confidential documents and essential equipment should be stored and locked away when not in use, to limit the risk of theft.

what is the purpose of physical security

3. No Unauthorised Visitors

Provide ID badges upon entry so visitors are easily identifiable and no one without authorisation can gain access to the premises.

Have a log at reception so anyone who enters will have to sign their name and what date and time they arrived and left. This is a good way of keeping track of people entering and exiting your site. Having gatehouse security is a great way of monitoring and controlling access.

Who is responsible for physical security

4. Encrypt Data

Encrypted data, usually known as ciphertext, is a very popular form of protection in security programs. Data encryption is information that has been translated into another form that can only be accessed by those who possess the correct encryption key.

We now live in a digital world where most information is inputted through online systems, however, this can leave you vulnerable to hackers. Encrypting emails and online systems where sensitive information is stored will be a great way to prevent this.

examples of physical security

5. Hardware And Document Disposal

Simply throwing things in the bin will not suffice. Any documents that are no longer needed should be shredded and disposed of immediately. Over time hardware will need to be updated or replaced so you have the newest and most secure devices.

Old equipment, especially hard drives which will contain classified information, will need to be disposed of correctly and by a dependable security firm.

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Why Is Physical Security Important?

It is important to make sure that your business has good physical security, as physical security helps to keep your business, and anyone employed by the business protected and away from any harm. Having good physical security in place also creates a safer working environment as it allows people to feel a bit more secure and can give them peace of mind.

So, What Is Physical Security?

As we mentioned above, physical security is essential for everyone to consider as it can help to improve and boost the safety of your business. If you would like to see more of our safety tips and guides or if you would like to learn more about security guards – why not check out our blog? Where you can find articles about how to become a security guard and what is the process for hiring security.

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