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12th July 2022

When you are traveling on holiday or working away you may decide to stay in a hotel. Hotels can be filled with many security threats such as theft, and many hotels will have hotel security in place to help keep you safe. But what is hotel security? In this article, we will provide a guide all about hotel security and we will be discussing how secure hotels are, if hotels have security cameras, and suggest how it can be improved.

What Is Hotel Security?

Hotels like many other businesses will have security in place that will help them protect themselves from any security threats or dangers. The most typical security in a hotel will be hotel security guards, security dogs, hotel safes, digital key cards, hotel panic buttons, or video surveillance security such as CCTV cameras.

Do Hotels Have Security Cameras?

Yes, hotels will have security cameras. Hotels will use security cameras to monitor the security within a hotel, and these security cameras will be installed in public areas of a hotel such as the hotel lobby, the front desk, and the hotel entrances. Security cameras aren’t allowed to be installed in hotel rooms due to privacy laws.

What Is Hotel Security

How Long Do Hotels Keep Security Footage?

Like most businesses, hotels will keep security footage for a month, as most CCTV footage is deleted after 30 days from when it has been recorded. However, the length of time that hotels will keep security footage will mainly depend on how much storage they have on their CCTV cameras. And some hotels may keep security footage for longer time periods such as up to 90 days.

Can You Get Security Footage From A Hotel?

If you are a victim of a crime within a hotel then you are allowed to request CCTV footage of yourself. To do this you will need to make a request to the owner of the CCTV system and tell them that you are requesting information held about you under the data protection law. However, a hotel may refuse your request for security footage if the footage includes other people that can’t be edited out and if the footage is part of an ongoing crime investigation.

Can You Get Security Footage From A Hotel

What Is The Purpose Of Hotel Security?

The main purpose of hotel security is to ensure the protection and safety of all guests, visitors, or employees at a hotel. Hotel security such as security safes or security deposit boxes will be used to protect physical items within a hotel such as the guests’ valuables.

While other security in a hotel such as hotel security officers and CCTV cameras will be used to act as a visual deterrent against thieves. Security guards will also be used to put guests at ease and to help them with any customer inquiries.

How Can Hotels Improve Security?

There are many ways that hotels can improve their security. Below, we have listed some of these ways.

  • To install the latest security equipment such as CCTV monitoring systems or security cameras.
  • To make sure that all employees and guests know and understand all safety procedures within the hotel.
  • To do regular checks that all locks within the hotel are working correctly and that they are regularly updated. Also, it is important to check that no locks on any doors or windows are broken or damaged.
  • Hire security guards to guard your premise and to do routine patrols throughout your hotel. Security guards can add an extra layer of protection and can often act as a visual deterrent against security threats such as thieves.
  • Buy wearable or wireless panic buttons for hotel staff to wear. Hotel panic buttons are a small wearable deceive that allow you to call for help when you are in danger.
  • Create and complete regular security risk assessments. Security risk assessments are a useful way to identify the most vulnerable areas within your business.
Are Hotel Safes Secure

Are Hotel Safes Secure?

Although hotel safes do provide great security and protection, research has shown that they aren’t always 100% secure. One way to make a hotel safe more secure would be by adding a secondary lock, such as a portable safe lock, to your hotel safe. A portable safe lock is a small deceive which can be attached to a hotel safe’s door. And it is useful to have as provides your hotel safe with an extra layer of protection.

Who Is Responsible For Security In Hotel?

A security department within a hotel is responsible for all the security that takes place. A hotel security department may consist of security guards and security managers. The amount of staff within a hotel security department will vary for each hotel as it will depend on many factors such as the number of guests that a hotel can have.

What Is The Importance Of Security In Hotels

What Is The Importance Of Security In Hotels?

It is important to have hotel security as they help to stop and prevent potential security threats such as vandalism, burglaries, and other crimes from happening. Furthermore, hotel security such as security officers or CCTV cameras are able to add an extra layer of protection to a hotel, and this extra layer of protection can allow hotel guests to feel more safe and secure during their stay.

To learn more safety tips and methods, visit our safety tips & guides news page, where you can find articles about travel safety and how to keep your hotel door secure.

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