10 Tips on Staying Safe in the Dark
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26th January 2022

If you have a night shift at your job or you are taking evening classes at your local college, walking in the dark can be scary. As the sun sets, that’s the perfect time for crime as around 61% of violent crime in England and Wales happens at night.

Everyone is wary about walking alone, especially when the skies turn dark. Even the flickering lamp posts tend to scare us. Sometimes, even well-lit spaces at night can cause a shiver of discomfort to run through your body!

The best way to stay safe in the dark is by following night safety tips. In this article, we will recommend our top ten tips for staying safe at night or when it is dark outside.

How To Stay Safe In The Dark?

Last year during a survey by Opinions and Lifestyle, it was recorded that at least 42% of adults in the UK feel unsafe when it is dark. There are many things you do can do to feel safe in the dark, but the best way would be to research night safety tips and to follow these tips when you are out in the dark.

How To Stay Safe Walking Alone at Night?

A lot of people feel unease walking alone at night. It has been reported that at least 1 in 2 women and 1 in 7 men feel unsafe walking alone past a quiet street near their own house at night. While 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men feel unsafe walking alone after passing a busy area at night.

Although it is always best to walk with someone else, especially during the dark there will be times when you will have to walk alone. The best way to stay safe when walking alone at night will be to follow night safety tips such as being constantly alert of all your surroundings or by keeping your friends and family updated on your whereabouts.

How Can I Protect Myself At Night From Home?

Spending the night alone at home can sometimes feel pretty daunting. To protect yourself during the night you could consider doing the following points:

  • Installing motion sensor lights outside your home. These are lights which will detect any movement which is made by your home. They can be an effective visual deterrent to warn off any burglars. Motion sensor lights are also useful as they can give people peace of mind.
  • Making sure that you always lock up all your doors and windows. It has been reported that around 34% of burglars will enter homes through the front door. By making sure that all doors and windows are locked up securely, this can prevent burglars from entering your home.
  • Buying extra secure door locks for your front and back door.
  • Always keep a phone nearby you, so you can call the emergency services for help.
  • Installing a security alarm for your home.

Safety Tips

Below we have listed the top ten tips we recommend for staying safe in the dark.

1. Stay Alert Of Your Surroundings

Being vigilant about your environment is an essential thing. You might panic because of the darkness and lose your concentration. But keeping your bearings intact is a tool that you can’t ever ignore. The more high-alert you are about your surroundings, the more you can focus on determining if there’s anything suspicious going on.

2. Try To Travel Or Walk-In Well-Lit Areas

Sure, well-lit areas don’t promise you complete protection. However, walking or traveling through these spaces is better than going through the darker ones. In well-lit areas, you are able to see better so this helps you to stay alert of your surroundings.

3. Keep Family And Friends Updated On Your Whereabouts

Another way to stay safe is by keeping in touch with someone while you walk home. This could be a friend or a family member. As it can be reassuring to contact someone you trust while you walk home alone. You could have them call you as walk home at night, or you can use apps to share your location.

4. Try To Travel In A Group

If you are able to, it is always best to travel in a group as it is safer in numbers. This is even more important in the dark. However, if you do have to walk alone, make sure to stay in contact with someone you trust like a friend.

5. Plan Ahead The Route You Are Going To Take

One of the best night safety tips is to plan ahead and decide what route you are going to take. Before you leave your destination to walk home, sit for a while and assess the possible routes you could use. Try to remove the darker-lit areas or empty paths such as deserted pathways, parking lots, or alleyways.

6. When Walking At Night, Try To Walk On The Pavement But If There Is No Pavement Available, Walk Against The Flow Of Traffic

When you are walking at night, it is important that you keep to the pavements. However, if no pavement is available and you do have to walk on the road, walk against the flow of traffic. This makes it easier for you to see the traffic and for vehicles on the road to see you. In the UK, it is recommended by the Highway Code that pedestrians walk on the right side of the road as they believe that this is the safest way.

7. Keep Your Valuables Close By You

Nighttime is the favorite time for thieves, as it can be easier for them to steal things without people noticing. To stay protected from thieves during the night as you walk alone, you should make sure to keep all your valuables as close to you as possible.

8. Make Sure To Wear Appropriate Footwear If You Are Walking At Night

Your footwear can become the biggest hurdle if you need to run from potential danger. So, if you’re walking alone, the best hack for staying safe during this time is to wear comfy but appropriate footwear. As wearing appropriate footwear will make it less likely for you to trip or slip.

9. Don’t Use Headphones – They Can Distract You From Hearing Traffic Or Other Sounds

Although it can be comforting to listen to music whilst you are walking home, especially when you are in the dark. This could be more of a hazard than you think, as listening to music too high can cause you to lose your focus on your surroundings. And it can also distract you from hearing any traffic or other sounds.

10. Carry A Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a small deceive that sounds an alarm when you push a button or a pull a leaver. When they are activated, they can alert people close by that you are in trouble. They can be useful to have as they can give people an extra layer of protection, and sometimes activating the alarm can even scare off intruders and attackers.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter if you are walking alone at night or with a group of people. The dark can still feel like a scary place, so staying safe is a priority you shouldn’t ignore. The best way to keep stay safe during this time would be to practice and follow night safety tips.

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