Hotel Safety: Keeping Hotels Safe from Threats

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15th May 2019

hotel safety

Hotel Safety Tips

Hotels often have a large number of different people entering their premises and using the services within their establishment. This makes it difficult for the hotel’s staff to keep an eye out for anyone who may look suspicious, be committing any sort of trouble or crime or be vandalising the property.

Hotel guests’ and employees’ personal belongings or even their well-being can be at risk due to criminal activity or even acts of terror in some circumstances. This is where hotel security comes into the picture.

Why Is Guest Safety And Security Important In A Hotel?

One of the main goals of a hotel is to ensure the safety of all its guests. Hotels will do this because they want to make a guest’s stay as safe and enjoyable as possible. The best way to ensure guest safety at a hotel would be by having good hotel security.

What Are The Most Common Crimes Committed In A Hotel?

Hotels are often at threat from many security risks. Some of the most common crimes committed in hotels are:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Physical/Sexual Assault
  • Rape
  • Drug Dealing
  • Hate Crimes
  • Terrorism
  • General Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Loitering

Below, we have listed some hotel security tips that we recommend to ensure hotel safety.

Hire Hotel Security Guards

One way that you can improve hotel safety is by hiring security guards. Hotel guards are vital for any business as they can provide a strong security presence. Below, we have listed the top 6 reasons why hotels use security guards.

  • Guards can prevent or deter people from causing property damage.
  • They can stop any crime from being committed in areas that are less populated.
  • They can help to prevent any damages, crimes or trespassing when the hotel is closed.
  • Guards will provide a quick response in the instance of an emergency.
  • They can protect both customers and staff members.
  • Security guards are able to monitor and maintain key card access.
hotel safety tips

Install CCTV In Hotels

Security cameras such as CCTV can be an excellent security measure as they can provide an extra layer of protection to your hotel. It is important that you install cameras in public areas such as all entrances and exits of your hotel, the bar area, and the hotel lobby as they can help to keep watchful eye on your premise. And criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know they are being watched.

Use Hotel Room Keys And Locks

Another way to secure to protect your hotel would be by using secure locks and hotel room keys. Deadbolts and other such locks are crucial to preventing burglary, theft or generally any unwanted visitors that may try and access the hotel rooms of any guests or any rooms they are not supposed to have access to. The most secure kind of key is an electronic one that are re-keyed after every use.

How To Handle Hotel Theft?

Hotels are almost always accompanied by a car park that surrounds the premises of the building, these parking lots can often fall victim to theft, with employees’ and customers’ cars being stolen during their stay at the hotel.

One way that you can stop hotel theft is by hiring security guards to do routine patrols around your hotel’s premises. Security guards can act as a successful visual deterrent against thieves and guards can give the impression that your building is protected.

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How To Deal With Vandalism?

Hotels can often deal with vandalism issues within certain areas such as the public toilets or bar area. The best way to deal with vandalism would be to hire a security guard to protect your premise or to install CCTV cameras, as they can help to minimise the risks to your business.

Why Use Our Hotel Security Guards?

Here at Region Security Guarding, we offer security services for hotels such as hotel guarding and concierge security. Our security guards can:

  • Do Site Patrols.
  • Do Room Checks.
  • Monitor Access Control.
  • Prevent Harassment.
  • And Use CCTV Monitoring Equipment.

A site survey of your hotel will take place, determining and organising with you the specific services that need to be performed in order to keep your business up to standards. Once these services start to be provided to you our supervisors will often visit to ensure that our guards are correctly maintaining and securing your site.

Our officers aim to help by conducting regular patrols of the site, preventing any crimes and checking other risks such as broken windows that may have been broken into, they will also ensure that guests are behaving appropriately and are also keeping their televisions and other appliances at a low volume to prevent noise complaints, monitor alcohol usage within the premises to avert any anti-social behaviour and mention health and safety issues to hotel management.

Guards provided by Region Security Guarding will always treat guests and staff members alike with utmost respect and politeness to ensure your hotel is a friendly and inviting environment for all.

To stay updated with all the latest safety tips and guides check out our news page where you can find articles about how to keep your hotel door secure and travel safety.

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