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3rd March 2022

Spring is quickly approaching which means those of us with green thumbs are eager to get back into their gardens and prepare for the upcoming season. For many people gardens provide peace, relaxation, and a way to destress from their day to day.

Theft from UK gardens has risen by 23% since 2017 according to the Office of National Statistics. This means it’s more important than ever that you take the security of your garden into account.

Whether you want to keep your pets as safe as possible or keep hold of those tools you’re going to need in the coming months, we’re going to look at ways you can improve and secure your garden.

How to Secure a Garden for Dogs

How to secure a garden for dogs

Install a Fence 

  • A size of 6ft should be high enough to keep even the most spirited of pets from clearing it, keeping your dog nice and safe.
  • It is good practice to check your fencing perimeter for any gaps or holes that they could potentially squeeze through.
  • Regular checks and maintenance on the fence will save you from any unwanted incidents and help secure your garden. Especially after adverse weather as wooden fencing panels can be damaged by strong winds and rain.

Avoid Growing Anything Poisonous to Dogs

  • These plants are more common than you would think and pose a serious threat to your dog’s health. Oleander, Holly, Ferns, Tulips, Poinsettias and Ivy are very toxic to dogs.
  • If you still decide to have these plants in your garden, have them behind a fence or out of reach in a pot or hanging basket.
  • Here is a thorough list of plants that are poisonous to dog’s, so you know what to avoid.

Have a Shady Area

  • It’s good to have an area of shade in your garden for your dog to cool off in during the summer months. If you don’t have an area shaded by a building you can use tall plants and trees.

How to Secure a Shed Door

How to secure a shed door

Check Your Hinges Regularly

  • The hinge on a shed door is the weakest point so make this part of your maintenance routine. They can be easily unscrewed so consider replacing the screws with nuts and bolts instead.

Improve Your Locks

  • There are lots of options out there when it comes to locks for home security. Cheap padlocks aren’t going to offer you any protection from bolt cutters and saws, and these types of thieves come prepared.
  • Closed shackle padlocks are the best deterrent as they are heavy duty and specifically designed to defend against these sorts of tools.

Install an Alarm

  • While it might not seem like much, they are a great deterrent. There are plenty of options out there to suit your need.
  • Most are triggered by movement and battery operated so you’ll want to ensure it is set up where a break in would be attempted, and that you check the batteries regularly. These will help you secure your garden.

Do Regular Maintenance Checks

  • Over time your shed is going to end up damaged by the elements. Rotten wooden panels and rusted hinges will need to be changed so they can’t be used as easy access points.
  • Weather resistant materials can be used to prolong the life of your shed, but we still recommend checking regularly to see if any issues need to be fixed.

How to Secure Patio Furniture from Theft

How to secure patio furniture from theft

Store it in an Enclosed Area

  • If you have access to a garage or shed, it is best to keep your furniture locked away when it is not being used.
  • If opportunistic thieves can’t see your furniture, it greatly reduces your risk.

Use Ground Anchors

  • Space and storage may not be an option so ground anchors can be tethered to your furniture to make it harder for them to be moved.

Buy Heavy Furniture

  • Lighter ornaments and furniture are going to be much easier to be stolen.
  • Heavier items will take multiple people and vehicles to move, greatly reducing the risk of being stolen.

How to Secure a Lawnmower Outside

how to secure a lawnmower outside

Attach it to a Fixed Object

  • Use steel security chains to attach the steering column of your lawn mower to a tree.
  • Make sure this is done to a fixed point on the lawn mower such as the axle or wheels
  • Don’t just wrap it around the handle as it’s much easier to remove.
  • For sit on lawn mowers make sure you use a u-lock through the wheels to provide some extra protection.

Storage Box

  • Using a lockable storage container will not only deter potential thieves, but also protect your lawn mower from the elements too.
  • There are plenty of types and sizes to suit your needs, just remember to invest in heavy duty padlocks to keep it nice and secure.

How to Secure a Bike Outside

how to secure a bike outside

Dedicated Bike Storage

  • While you might not have garage or shed space, bike boxes are widely available and provide a great alternative.
  • Keep your bike indoors without having it get in your way by hanging it on the wall with a wall hook. This is cost effective and keeps it safe indoors.

Bike Locks

  • Using two secure locks, lock the back wheel to a fixed point, and lock the front wheel and frame together and to the same fixed point. Like padlocks, there are lots of different options available. U-locks and D-locks are a good choice for this.

 Ground Anchors

  • Like the garden furniture, bikes can be easily tethered to the ground with ground anchors. Using steel security chains and good padlocks will create a strong deterrent for potential thieves.

How to Secure a Garden Greenhouse

how to secure a garden greenhouse

Keep it Within Sight

  • Make sure you can easily see your greenhouse, avoiding any blind spots is going to reduce the risk of an incident occuring and help you secure your garden.
  • If it’s a small mobile greenhouse, bring it inside during the night.

Plant Holly and Rose Bushes

  • These spiked plants are going to make someone think twice about going near your greenhouse. It’s also a natural method of security, which is a bonus.

Install Lights in your Garden

  • Motion activated lights will notify you of when somebody is in your garden. Combined with a motion activated alarm and you won’t be caught unprepared.
  • The effectiveness will depend on what type of light you install.
  • We recommend a flood light to illuminate as much as possible, but there are smaller alternatives that can be placed in key locations throughout your garden.
  • Lights in general are a great way to secure your garden, they can be applied to most of the areas we are covering.

How to Secure a Garden Back Gate

how to secure a garden backgate

Ensure it Can’t be Climbed

  • Make sure the design of your gate door doesn’t have any where for a foothold making it easier to climb.

Remove Anything That Provides an Access Point

  • Don’t keep anything near your gate that can be used as a stepping point for climbing over. This includes things like plant pots, bins, and storage containers.

Invest in a Good Quality Lock

  • Sliding bolts are common for back gates, if you feel it isn’t enough there are other options available that are more secure
  • You’re going to want to check these locks during your maintenance to make sure they don’t need replacing.
  • Also, it’s worth noting if you use a lock that requires a key, get the locks changed if someone loses a key.

Keep it Shut and Locked When Not in Use

  • When you’re done in the garden for the day double check it’s closed and locked so it isn’t encouraging for any opportunistic criminals.

How to Secure Garden Fencing

how to secure garden fencing

Police Recommend Fencing 1.8 Metres High

  • Making sure your fence is this high is going to make it more difficult to scale, making potential threats think twice about whether it’s worth the effort.

Check it’s Secure

  • Check to see if your fence creates a solid boundary around your property

Perform Regular Maintenance

  • Check the condition of your fencing every few months.
  • It can be susceptible to damage from the weather and people targeting your property to return later.

How to Secure a Garage

how to secure a garage

Motion Activated Flood Lights

  • Flood lights attached above your garage door are going to illuminate the area when anyone comes within a certain distance of it.
  • This will alert you to any potential intruders as well as deter them.
  • Once again installing lights across multiple places outside your property is going to help secure your garden.

Install Cameras

  • Combining cameras with flood lights is going to give you video evidence should the worst happen.
  • You can also install signs saying CCTV is in operation to act as a deterrent.
  • Make sure your cameras are placed in the right location to catch any potential intruders.
  • To secure your garden effectively, installing cameras in key locations  outside your property is going to maxmimise your their benefit.

Use Locking Garage Door Bolts

  • Investing in quality locks is going to stop them being damaged and broken so easily.
  • It is also good practice to check the condition of your locks to make sure they are not weakened over time.

How to Secure a Kayak Outside

How to secure a kayak outside

Keep it Close

  • If it isn’t possible to keep it locked indoors when not in use, keeping it tethered as close to your property as possible. Preferably within sight.

Use a strong anchoring point

  • Ground anchors can once again be used with various methods such as chains and locks.
  • Another option would be to anchor it to a fixed structure such as a building or a tree.

Install a Kayak rack

  • If you have the space, dedicated storage is a great option for keeping your kayak.
  • It allows for specific cables and locks to be used to keep it secure.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are lots of different ways to secure your garden, that range from simple things like performing regular maintenance checks, to more thorough methods like installing alarms and flood lights.

Each of these will help increase the security of your garden and put your mind at ease.

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