How To Prevent Bike Theft

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22nd September 2022

How To Prevent Bike Theft?

Since 2020, cycling has increased by 23% and has now become a common way to travel within the UK. However, due to this increase more bike thefts have happened, which leads us to wonder how we can stop bicycle theft from happening. In this article, we will discuss what bike theft is, whether it is considered to be a crime, how to prevent bike theft, and what the police are currently doing about bike theft.

What Is Bike Theft?

To put it simply, bike theft or more commonly known as cycle theft, is the crime of stealing someone’s bike. Bike theft can refer to the theft of taking different parts of someone’s bike or to the theft of stealing a whole bicycle.

Is Bike Theft A Crime?

Yes, bike theft is considered to be a crime throughout the world. And it is included as one of the most common crimes within the UK.

Why Are Bicycles Stolen?

There are many reasons why bicycles may be stolen. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • People believe it is easy to get away with.
  • Bicycles haven’t been securely locked.
  • Some people steal bike parts to sell.
  • Some people may steal bikes to joyride them.
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How Common Is Bike Theft?

In the UK, cycle theft has become quite common and bicycle theft statistics have increased. According to Statista, last year there were 77,465 incidents of bike theft reported compared to 2020 which had 77,302 bicycle theft incidents reported.

What Can The Police Do About Bike Theft?

Bike theft is a priority for many police stations, so if your bicycle is stolen, one of the first things you can do is contact the police and report the incident online. The police will help by looking into the theft and seizing criminals who have stolen the bikes. Every bike theft case is different so there are a variety of different methods that the police may use. Some of these methods are:
  • Accessing CCTV monitoring equipment from where the incident took place.
  • Talking to any witnesses within the area.
  • Using online bike registration companies such as Bike Register to recover stolen bikes.

Can You Insure A Bicycle Against Theft?

Yes, it is possible to insure your bicycle against theft and many cycle companies recommend that you get insurance for your bike. A lot of cyclists will get insurance on their bikes because it adds an extra layer of protection, and most insurances will cover any accidental damages to your bicycle. There are many different types of cycle insurance such as specialist bicycle insurance or cycle cover on a home insurance policy.

Specialist Bicycle Insurance

Specialist bike insurance is insurance that will protect your bike both at home and in other areas. A bike insurance policy will cover your bicycle against any damage or if it gets stolen. There are many different types of specialist cycle insurance online so it is important that you do research beforehand.

Cycle Cover On A Home Insurance Policy

Cycle cover on a home insurance policy is bike insurance that is covered through your home insurance. This type of insurance will only protect your bike at home and may not provide you protection if your bicycle is stolen away from home. A benefit to using a cycle cover on a home insurance policy is that it may be a lot cheaper than buying specialist bike insurance.

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How To Report A Bike Theft?

If your bicycle is stolen it is extremely important that you report it straight away to your local police. The best way to report a bike theft would be to ring the police or fill in a form online. When you are reporting a bike theft you should:

  1. Tell the police exact details about the theft such as where and how it happened.
  2. Tell them if your bike has a GPS tracker.
  3. Mention if there were any witnesses near the incident.
  4. Say what your bike’s make and frame number is. You should also tell them if your bike has any unique features.
  5. You can also send across any photos you have of your bicycle to the police.

After you have contacted the police, it is also important that you report the theft to your insurance company and to any bike registration companies that you are a member of.

How To Stop Bike Theft?

Although you can’t 100% avoid bike theft, there are some things that you can do to prevent it from happening. The best way to prevent bicycle theft would be to follow bike security tips. Below, we have listed some bike safety tips that we recommend.

How To Protect Your Bicycle From Theft?

Making sure that your bicycle is theft proof is extremely important. Below, we have listed some of the best ways on how to theft proof your bike.

  • Lock your bicycle with a secure bike theft lock.
  • Attach a cycle theft alarm system to your bike.
  • When you are locking your bike in a public area make sure to lock both the frame and wheels to a secure cycle stand.
  • Double lock your bicycle. Doubling locking your bike can help to prevent bike theft as it slows thieves down.
  • When you are locking your bike at home it is recommended that you lock your bike inside and out of site.
  • If you are leaving your bike in a parked area, make sure to remove any removable parts from your bike e.g., wheels, lights, baskets, and saddle.
  • Register your bike online with a bike registration company such as BikeRegister. The police will use a bike registration company to help them find bicycles.
  • Don’t park your bike in the same place every day.
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What Is The Best Anti Theft Bicycle Lock?

One of the best ways to stop bike theft would be by using a cycle theft lock. Below, we have listed some of the best bike theft locks.

Altor SAF Lock

An Altor SAF lock is the world’s first angle grinder-proof cycle lock. This lock is ideal for keeping your bicycle safe at night. Some of the benefits of using this lock are:

  • That it weighs a lot less than a bike chain.
  • It is priced at an affordable price.
  • The lock has false gates and a unique key profile which makes it harder for thieves to pick.


A Skunklcok is an American-based U-shaped lock that will protect your bicycle from any potential thieves from taking your bike. Inside a hollow shackle in the lock, there is a noxious vomit gas that will spill out if thieves try to cut the shackle. Carrying a noxious substance for self-defence reasons is illegal within the UK; however, the creators of the lock say that have a suitable alternative that is compliant with UK laws.

Pragmasis Protector Chain Lock

Another popular bike lock is the Pragamasis Protector Chain Lock which comes in a variety of different sizes such as 11mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm and 22mm. These lock chains are not only used to protect bicycles but can also protect motorbikes as well. Out of all of these bike locks, the 16mm lock is the most recommended to use for bicycles.

Kryptonite Evolution Standard U Lock

The kryptonite evolution standard U lock is a 14mm max-performance steel shackle lock that is popular with many cyclists. The lock has a double deadlock design, has high-security disc cylinders that resist bolt cutters, and comes with 3 stainless steel keys. This bike lock has a security level rating of 8 out of 10.

How To Stop Bike Theft On A Train? 

Bike theft can happen anywhere, and one of the most common places bike crimes happens is on a train or at a train station. In 2019, the BBC revealed that bicycle theft at railway stations increased by 42%. Below, we have listed some bike theft prevention tips to keep your bike protected whilst you are on a train or at a train station.

  1. If you are leaving your bike at a train station, make sure to park your bike in a secure area that is well-lit and covered by CCTV.
  2. If you are taking your bicycle on a train, make sure to sit or stand near your bicycle.
  3. Use two different high-quality locks to lock your bike.
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To keep updated with all the latest safety tips and guides – check out our news page where you can find articles about vehicle security and what you should do if your car keys get stolen.

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