5 Physical Security Incidents And How To Avoid Them
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8th March 2022

Every company wants to make sure that their business is safe 100% of the time. However, sometimes this isn’t possible due to security incidents happening. A security incident is when an event has taken place that has caused a breach of safety in a company or a business.

Security incidents can happen in a variety of different areas of security such as IT security, information security, and physical security. If a security incident has happened, this means that the security measures that the company already has in place haven’t worked; and it can also suggest that their business could be facing a possible safety risk. So, it is extremely important to businesses that they avoid security incidents.

In this article, we will be discussing what the five most common physical security incidents are and what are the best ways are to avoid them.

1. Theft And Burglaries

Having your business broken into is a major worry for many companies. So, the first most common physical security incident is theft and burglaries. In England and Wales, it has been reported that over the last few years there have been at least 606,282 crimes against businesses. These are extremely high figures, and they will be worrying to think about for any company or business.

How Can Theft And Burglaries Be Prevented?

The best way to stop the security incident of theft and burglaries is to make sure that your business has the highest measure of security in place. Below, we have listed the different ways companies could do this.

  • By installing the latest CCTV cameras on your property.
  • By making sure that all your windows and doors are securely locked.
  • By hiring security guards to keep watch over your site, as security guards are known to be a good visual deterrent against thefts.

2. Vandalism

The second most common physical security incident is vandalism. Now vandalism may not be thought of as an extreme security risk like theft is. But it can still be annoying, and it does cause property damage. Last year in the UK, it was reported that there were 475.2 thousand criminal damage and arson offenses committed

What Is Vandalism?

Vandalism is the crime of causing intentional damage to public property or to something that belongs to someone else. Below we have listed some examples of vandalism.

  • Adding graffiti to a wall.

  • Breaking somebody’s windows.

  • Keying or scratching paint off someone’s car.

  • Defacing a public bench.

  • Knocking down or altering street signs.

How To Stop Vandalism?

The best way to stop vandalism is by using visual deterrents. One way that you can do this is by hiring security guards to do routine patrols around your business or site. Another way to prevent vandalism is by installing CCTV cameras all over your premises. That way you can monitor any suspicious activity that takes place.

3. Unaccounted Visitors

The third most common physical security incident would be having unaccounted visitors show up to your business or property. For example, an unaccounted visitor could be a theft looking to steal from your business.

How To Avoid Unaccounted Visitors?

Unaccounted visitors cause potential security risks as they stop businesses from knowing everybody who is at their property or site. The best way to stop unaccounted visitors is to make sure that everyone who visits the property has valid reasons for being there and to make sure that every visitor is logged.

Below, we have listed different ways that companies could do this.

  • Companies could hire a security guard who works in gatehouse security to work at the entrance or reception of your site; where they can log everybody who enters and leaves the building or site.
  • They could also install CCTV cameras at all the entrances and exits of your building. They could hire somebody to regularly check and monitor the CCTV footage to watch out for any suspicious activity.

4. Stolen Documentation

The fourth most common physical security incident is stolen documentation. This can be a huge worry for businesses. As many companies may keep important documents that they wouldn’t want to go missing, such as contracts, payment details, passwords, and paperwork on site.

How To Avoid Stolen Documentation?

One way that you can stop this security incident would be to make sure that all your documentation is stored in a safe location, such as a secure safe. While, another way, to prevent this security incident would be to employ a clear-desk policy.

A clear desk policy is when employees make sure that their desk is clear at the end of the day from having any paperwork. It is also when employees get rid of any documents that contain sensitive information. For example, this could be shredding all post-it notes or pieces of paper that contain any passwords.


Finally, the fifth most common physical security incident is terrorism. Although terror attacks are rare, they are still a huge threat to physical security. The government will have strategies and measures in place for terrorism. But it is still important that you are aware and prepared for this physical security incident.

How To Stop Terrorism?

The best way to stay safe during the security incident of terrorism would be to stay updated with all the government’s latest news about terrorism. Companies should also review how effective their own security protocols are in response to a potential terrorist attack. They should also make sure that everyone at the business understands and are aware of these protocols.

Final Thoughts

Although it is always best to avoid security incidents if one does happen it is extremely important that companies record all the information about the incident in a security incident report. To find out more information about how to report a security incident, please check out our other article that includes a security incident report template.

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