Do Security Alarms Deter Burglars?

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13th October 2022

Burglars and thieves are a huge threat to home security. A great way to stop home burglaries is by using home security products such as security alarms. But how can security alarms do this? In this article, we will be discussing what a security alarm is, how they stop burglars, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and where are the best places to place them.

What Is A Security Alarm?

A security alarm, also referred to as burglar alarms or intruder alarms, is a device that is designed to stop intruders from entering your home or property. Security alarms will be installed in both commercial and domestic settings such as homes, schools, and businesses, and within public areas such as hotels.

There are many different types of security alarms such as:

  • Wireless Security Alarms
  • Bell Wired Security Alarms
  • Smart System Security Alarms
  • Security Alarm Systems

Do Security Alarms Deter Burglars?

Yes, as security alarms are a crucial part of home security, and they are able to stop and deter burglars. Security alarms will stop burglars from entering your home as they can act as a visual deterrent and give the impression that your home or property has a strong security presence.

how do security alarms deter burglars

How Do Security Alarms Deter Burglars?

Security alarms mainly prevent thieves due to the loud noises they make when someone triggers the alarm. Burglars will want to stay hidden and be unnoticed so they will be put off by the loud noises that alarms make. Furthermore, the loud noises that security alarms make can let other people nearby and the police know that your property is in danger.

Below, we have listed the different steps that alarms take to stop burglars.

  1. A burglar finds your property.
  2. They move across your property.
  3. The security alarm detects the movement of the burglar.
  4. The movement that the burglar makes causes the alarm to alert its control panel.
  5. After the control panel has been triggered, the alarm will sound till it has been deactivated or the alarm’s cut-off device has been activated.
  6. The loud noise of the alarm will scare the burglar away and it will tell others that your property is in danger.

Security Alarm Advantages

Security alarms can be a great addition to home security as they can help deter burglars. Below, we have listed some of the advantages of using intruder alarms.

Security Alarms Are A Strong Visual Deterrent Against Thieves.

A huge advantage of intruder alarms is that they can provide a huge security presence and act as a visual deterrent against thieves. Burglars are less likely to break into your home if they see that you have an intruder alarm as alarms stop them from being unnoticed.

Wireless Security Alarms Aren’t Affected By Power Cuts.

Wireless security alarms unlike wired alarms will work off batteries instead. This is a huge advantage as it means wireless alarms, they won’t be affected by power shortages or power cuts.

Security Alarms Are Easy To Relocate.

Another benefit of security alarms is that some alarms are movable, and you can relocate them. This is useful as it can allow people to test their alarms out on different areas of their property.

house security alarm

Security Alarm Disadvantages

Although security alarms are extremely beneficial, like all things they do have some disadvantages. Below, we have listed the most common security alarm disadvantages.

Some Security Alarms Can Be Expensive To Install.

Although they are useful, burglar alarms can be quite costly to install. In the UK, security alarms will cost anywhere between £200 and £600.

Some Security Alarms Can Be Hacked Into And Disconnected By Burglars.

It has been known that some burglars can hack into wireless security alarms and disconnect them. This is a huge worry as it can cause alarms to be vulnerable to burglars. However, for burglars to hack into your security alarm they would first have to know and have access to your Wi-Fi information. Due to advances in technology today, more wireless alarms are being made so that they are more secure and less hackable to thieves.

Security Alarms Sometimes Will Go Off For False Alarms.

Security alarms will activate when its sensors have detected motion, such as burglars trying to break into your home. However, sometimes alarms will go off for false alarms due to broken sensors. Some of the most common causes of false alarms are:

  • Spiders
  • Excessive dust
  • Having loose sensors or detectors
  • Bad batteries
  • Storms

Where To Get Security Alarms?

There are many places that you can get security alarms from, as they will be sold in both online shops and in many physical stores. Before you buy a security alarm, you should consider what type of security alarm system you are looking to buy, where you are placing your alarms, and how much you want to spend on your security alarm installation. If you are unsure about what security alarm you may need, you can always contact a security company for advice as they are experts and they will be able to advise you accordingly.

where should you put security alarms

Where Do You Put Security Alarms?

When you are buying a security alarm, it is important to consider where you will be installing the alarm. You should install your intruder alarm in an area that is most vulnerable on your property. Some of the most common places to put security alarms are:

  • On an area that is considered to be a blind spot.
  • Inside your hallway.
  • Inside near your front door or back door.

How To Secure Your Home Without An Alarm?

Although it is highly recommended that you install security alarms around your home. There are some things that you can do to secure your home from burglars without using an alarm system. Some of these ways are:

  • Installing a CCTV monitoring system on your property.
  • Installing security lights on vulnerable areas on your property.
  • To install a security system signage on your house.
  • Using a dog to guard your property.
do security alarms deter burglars

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