How Safe is Manchester?

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31st October 2022

how safe is manchester

Manchester has earned a poor image as a safe place over time. With high crime rates and recently being ranked as the second most dangerous in the UK for burglaries according to Manchester Evening News, Manchester has been put under scrutiny in the last few years but is it a safe place to live? This is what we will be going over in the article.

How Dangerous Is Manchester?

Many would argue that Manchester is a dangerous city. It is, however, difficult to assess how dangerous an city is as they are several aspects to consider. We will look at the statistics for the city in comparison to other areas in the UK and give you an idea of how dangerous it is. So, let’s have a look at some crime statistics.

Does Manchester Have A High Crime Rate?

Manchester has a rather high crime rate when compared to the national average. According to statistics, it has 138% of the national crime rate, which means it has much more crimes than other areas in the UK and Wales on average according to Plumplot.

What Is The Crime Rate In Manchester?

In the last few years, Manchester has reported one of the highest crime rates in the UK. According to Verisure Security, Manchester has reported over 380 crimes per 1000 people which is a extermely large amount for the size of the population. This ranks Manchester as the second most reproted crimes for a city in the UK and for its size, it shouldn’t be at this rank. This does not give the city a good reputation and suggests that there is a major crime issue in the city as a whole.

By far the most reported crime in Manchester was anti-social behaviour which has seen over 244,000 crimes in the last few years with violent crime following in the second with over 122,000

what is the crime rate in manchester

So, Is Manchester A Dangerous Place To Live?

Following the statistics we have gathered, our outcome would be that Manchester is a dangerous city. As the main crimes are anti-statistics social behaviour and violent crimes, these are offenses that could impact the general public, making it a dangerous city for people to reside in.

Are There Safe Areas in Manchester To Live?

Of course, just like any city in the UK, there will be dangerous areas and also safer areas for people to live in. Generally, the safe areas are away from the city centre, where the population is less busy. You will however expect house prices to be more expensive away from the city, as it is like that in most places in the UK.

Manchester’s Worst Places To Live

As with every major city, certain cities have a negative reputation while others have a fantastic one. In terms of crime statistics, the town centre is perhaps the worst place to reside in Manchester. However, being in the town centre provides the advantage of being close to all of Manchesters’ attractions. Here we have compiled a list of the ‘Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas in Manchester’ 


Manchester does have areas with high crime rates that are perceived as dangerous and unsafe, particularly at night when crime rates rise. However, there are areas of Manchester that are really lovely and ideal for families to reside in. If you are considering moving to or visiting the region, it is advised that you review the most recent and relevant crime data.

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