Why Is Crime So High in Sunderland? We Have the Answer

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22nd July 2020

Over the centuries, the Sunderland area was home to a wide range of industries consisting of potteries, limestone quarrying, coal mining and shipbuilding. A large population of the district were shipbuilders, as the city is divided by the River Wear. Sunderland was one of the country’s chief shipbuilding towns and due to this, the city was hailed as the “Largest Shipbuilding Town in the World”.

The region is also well known for its history of glass-making, which dates back to over 1500 years. Although, competition from overseas forced the closure of the town’s glass-making factories. Years later, in 1998, the National Glass Centre was opened which is a famous tourist attraction that reflects Sunderland’s distinguished glass history.

Even though the region has an incredibly notable past, the present day is not as positive. Felony is a huge issue in Sunderland and residents worry about the rising figures in criminal activity. Within this article, we will be discussing the dismal downfall of Sunderland’s crime rate and the potential reasons for this issue.

How many people live in Sunderland?

Sunderland has an exceedingly sizeable population. Figures evoke that 341,366 people reside in Sunderland; a minimal 0.20% growth since 2015. Getting on the property ladder isn’t an unachievable dream and there is a choice between countryside, big city bustle, retail heaven and content coastline; perhaps some of the reasons why Sunderland is a popular choice amongst citizens.

What are Sunderland’s crime statistics?

Unbelievably, over 10,000 violent crimes were reported in Sunderland between July 2019 and July 2020, equalling 28% of all crimes committed within the city. In addition, violent crime is at 140% compared to the national crime rate, which is far above average. However, this unfortunately isn’t the only offence that commonly occurs in the area; criminal damage and arson is at an astonishing 222% compared to the national average, resulting in Sunderland ranking as the worst region out of 104 areas in England and Wales combined. Shoplifting is at 180% and the area ranks third for this offence.

Despite these incredibly scary statistics, antisocial behaviour appears to be the fastest growing crime and has increased by 14.3% over the last year. An estimated 110 crimes are reported per 1000 people in the North East of England, which consists of Sunderland; this is the highest crime percentage in the UK.

Why is Sunderland’s crime rate so high?

Crime has surged expeditiously throughout the district. A member of Sunderland City Council has labelled the reports as “disturbing” and has raised concerns for these consistent rises. All crime categories have unfortunately surged within Sunderland, with theories suggesting it is caused by the lack of support police receive. Since 2010, police numbers have decreased by around 20,000 throughout the UK.

Other’s believe the cause of Sunderland’s crime catastrophe is related to peer pressure, poverty, and an increased availability of guns, knives, alcohol and illegal substances. 22.6% of Sunderland’s adolescent population live in low income families and substance misuse is often linked with violent crimes, muggings and robberies; three of Sunderland’s biggest criminal dilemmas.

What has the news reported regarding crime in Sunderland?

Recently, police launched an investigation regarding the dreadful death of Andrew Mather, who was discovered at a home on Aintree Road, Farringdon, on Wednesday the 3rd June. Thankfully, the police were able to locate his killer and Wayne Miller, 32, has since been charged with murder, remaining in custody.

Earlier, reports on the malicious murder of 55-year-old Sean Mason were highlighted. Officers were made aware of his injuries and he was taken to hospital but sadly died as a result of his wounds.

How effective are the Northumbria Police?

Sunderland is served by the Northumbria Police; the force was latterly examined by the HMICFRS (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services) and in conclusion, the extent to which the force is effective at reducing crime and keeping people safe requires improvement. Moreover, the extent to which the force operates efficiently and sustainably also appeared to demand development.

Phil Gormley, who inspected the police force, explained that he has concerns about the performance of Northumbria Police’s ability at reducing crime, and in particular, its effectiveness at protecting vulnerable people. As well, he also indicated that the force needs to improve its method of preventing crime and anti-social behaviour through better engagement with its communities and a more consistent, structured approach to solving neighbourhood problems.

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