Top 10 Most Dangerous Areas In Newcastle

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13th October 2022

Newcastle is one of the most populated cities in the UK with over 300,000+ people as of 2022. Located in the North East of England, Newcastle remains a city full of city culture and nightlife. Being a popular city to visit in the UK, Newcastle has higher chances of increased crime than other major cities in the UK.

In this article, we will discover the top 10 most dangerous areas in Newcastle and overlook the crime rates of each area in Newcastle

Is Newcastle A Dangerous City?

From the data collected from , it displays that Newcastle was voted the 28th safest postcode in the UK

This statistic is based on information gathered from around 32 different factors. These factors include; The number of officers in the area, crime rates per 1,000 people, the amount of CCTV cameras, and resident safety.

Newcastle came out as one of the lowest cities for the amount of CCTV cameras with only 76 in the city. This is extremely low for Newcastle, considering the population, especially with business crime ever increasing there. Most major cities have almost 10x that amount of average.

Newcastle also recorded over 37,000 crimes for the past year, which is more than the national average.  However, it reports low for burglaries, only coming out as 6.3 per 1000 people which is a low average for their city population

Newcastle deploys a high amount of police officers to deal with the increases in crime. It is said they have around 3000+ police officers in their police force which is higher than the national average.

According to crimerate, the most common crime in Newcastle was anti social behaviour with over 16000+ cases. This is extremely high than the national average which could be due to the hectic nightlife that Newcastle is famous for.  The second most common crime with over 12000 offences is violence and sexual offences and then followed by criminal damage and arson with over 4000 crimes committed

These kinds of crimes may cause havoc in companies, stores, and office buildings, and needing enhanced security and protection.

Burglary and criminal damage are on the rise in Newcastle, due to the city’s increasing nightlife and tourism.

Newcastle’s crime rates may appear high in comparison to other cities in the UK due to its population; nevertheless, Newcastle, like any other city, has safe parts and more hazardous areas with higher crime levels.

most dangerous places in Newcastle

What Neigbourhoods Of Newcastle Are The Most Dangerous?

Gathering data from the Newcastle police, show the crime rates per neighborhood.


Crime Count

Crime Rate

City Centre & Arthur’s Hill









Walker South



Walker North



Heaton South









Fawdon South






The Statistics above show that the city centre & Arthurs Hill has the most crimes committed and the highest danger rank making it the most dangerous area in Newcastle 

This might be due to the area being heavily occupied by visitors and residents due to the fact that there are more activities and days out in the centre.


Top 10 most dangerous areas in newcastle

What is The Most Common Crime in Newcastle?

Newcastle is one of the smallest areas in the UK for its population size. It is part of a massive metropolitan area with over 800,000 people. As statistics reveal, there is a lot of crime in Newcastle, but we need to look at what kind of crime is going on.

There is also the issue of determining whether areas are unsafe. To understand what makes something dangerous, we must examine crimes that are likely to cause harm to others. If we merely compare the ten areas stated above, the conclusions change.

Below are the results gathered from Northumbria police. As you can see, anti-social behavior is way ahead with 55 crimes per 1000 residents with violence and sexual offences coming in second.  


Crime Rate per 1000 residents

Anti-Social Behaviour


Bicycle Theft




Criminal Damage and Arson




Other Crime


Other Theft


Possession of Weapons


Public Order


Robbery (inc. mugging)




Theft From the Person (inc. pickpocketing)


Vehicle Crime


Violence and Sexual Offences




Newcastle has a bad reputation, yet like any other city, some areas are more dangerous than others.

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