Newcastle Crime Rate 2023

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7th April 2022

Newcastle crime rate

Newcastle Crime Rate

Located in the North East of England, Newcastle is a historic city with urban centers and more spacious suburbs. Home to over 800,000 people, over the past few years, Newcastle has been deemed as a safe place to travel, with a safety index score of 72, higher than that of Manchester, Liverpool, and Glasgow, amongst others. However, local newspapers have documented that some of the areas near the city are experiencing violent crimes such as assaults and stabbings, suggesting that the area is not as safe as it seems.

Newcastle is a popular destination for students, tourists, and those looking for a great night out, but is it really safe? Let’s take a look at the facts when it comes to Newcastle crime to find out which areas are the most dangerous and how it compares to England’s crime rate as a whole? Let’s take a closer look.

What Are The Crime Rates In Newcastle?

It is best we look at the Newcastle Upon Tyne crime statistics to help understand crime in the area. Statistics show that in 2021, the crime rate was 111 crimes per 1000 people. This crime rate is higher than the regional average by around 17%. In terms of its violent crime rate, the region ranks highly compared to the national average, with violent crime increasing by around 8.7% in the past year. This raises the question of whether Newcastle is a safe area to live in.

Does Newcastle Have A High Crime Rate?

With the crime rate in the area being within the top 5 highest cities in the country, let’s take a look at the area in a little more detail. The most common crimes in the area were anti-social behaviour, violence and sexual offences, public order offences, shoplifting and other theft.

Crime levels overall have stayed at similar levels in the area over the last two years. The crimes that have been getting worse in recent years include anti-social behaviour and bicycle theft. Other crimes such as criminal damage and arson, vehicle crime and shoplifting have reduced in recent years.

The top ten areas of Newcastle Upon Tyne where the most crimes are reported are listed below:

Area Number of Crimes Crimes Rate Per 1000
City Centre & Arthur’s Hill 7,920 367
Byker 3,029 245
Elswick 2,543 174
Shieldfield & Heaton Park 1,557 76
Nunsmoor 1,203 85
Kenton 1,153 101
Heaton South 1,036 102
Fenham 963 79
Walker North 909 135
Fawdon South 871 90

Like many other areas, crime in the North East tends to be higher in more urban areas where there is a larger population, which is why Newcastle crime is relatively high compared to other areas.

Byker Crime

Byker crime is extremely high, last year there was at least 515 crimes reported. According to Northumbria Police, the crimes most common in the area of Byker and Walker include violence and sexual offences, criminal damage and arson, vehicle crime and other theft.

Benwell Crime

Benwell Newcastle crime is quite high, last year there was at least 258 crimes reported. According to Northumbria Police, the crimes most common in the area of Benwell include violence and sexual offences, public order crimes, criminal damage and arson and other theft.

Elswick Crime

Elswick newcastle crime is quite high. According to Crime Statistics, there have been at least 594 crimes reported since last year. The most common crimes within Elswick are public order crimes, criminal damage, and violence and sexual offences. The most popular crime within the whole area is violence and sexual offences, as at least 275 crimes offences were reported last year.

Is Newcastle A Safe Place To Live?

Newcastle is ranked within the top 5 most dangerous cities within England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and higher than other North East crime rates. The most common crimes in the area are violence and sexual offenses, and this can be concerning. However, Newcastle sprawls over 44 square miles, meaning that the crime rate can differ depending on the area within the county, so it is important not to judge the region as a whole.

When it comes to the people that live in Newcastle, the vast majority feel safe and are proud of the region that they live in. There are also community safety partnerships such as Schemelink and Safe Newcastle that are there for resident safety.

Is Newcastle Upon Tyne A Nice Place To Live?

This is up to personal preference, and whether you prefer a city-center location or one on the outskirts closer to the coast, Newcastle has it all. The crime rate in Newcastle upon Tyne is better than in many cities, including Leeds, Liverpool, and Leicester, meaning that it is arguably a nicer place to live.

Perhaps you may consider the nicest place to live as being the area with the lowest crime rate, in which case, according to our data, you should look to live in High Heaton, Westerhope, South Gosforth, or North Jesmond. It is important to consider, however, that these areas are likely to have higher property prices due to their low crime rate.

Additionally, if you are looking for a more urban home like one in Newcastle, you may need to expect a higher crime rate. The area of Newcastle is patrolled by Northumbria Police, so if you ever do need help, you know where to find them.

Sunderland is another city in the North East with a high crime rate. To find out why is the crime so high in Sunderland read our other article.

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