Do people feel safe in the presence of uniformed officers?

Written by regionadmin

18th August 2021

Recently we ran a survey asking around 500 participants if they felt safe in the presence of uniformed officers (police officers, security guards etc.) and the results we got back were quite surprising.

We wanted to run this survey to get a better grasp of what the general populace feels about security guards and how we could improve our services to make people more comfortable and ultimately, more secure.

The results are as follows:

Answer Answer by percent
I feel very safe 30.19%
I feel safer than normal 26.80%
I neither feel more or less safe 28.15%
I feel less safe than normal 6.96%
I feel very unsafe 7.91%

As you can see, the majority of people feel very safe in the presence of uniformed officers, with over 30% of people ticking this answer. However, there are still 14.87% of people who have answered that they feel either less safe than normal or very unsafe, making for a pretty large percentage.

Taking a deeper dive into the statistics reveals some interesting information about the different age demographics and how they feel about this issue.

For example, by far the most comfortable group were people aged 65+, with only 2.4% of them stating that they feel either very unsafe or less safe than normal. This makes sense as according to research published by Northwestern University, it is shown that the elderly have a considerably higher fear of crime and so makes sense for them to have less fear towards police and other authorities.

On the contrary, however, people aged 25-34 had a whopping 21.1% of them vote that they felt unsafe in the presence of uniformed officers.

It was also found that Men tended to feel more safe with 58.3% voting positively that they felt safer in comparison to women where a slightly lower 55.7% voted the same way.

33.3% of 18-24 year olds stated they neither felt more or less safe in the presence of uniformed officers

Uniformed Officers

Does this data match up with what you initially believed? Let us know down in the comments, we’d love to hear your feedback and any experiences, positive and negative with guards, police officers or any other types of uniformed authority!