With the rising tide of Coronavirus, times are more uncertain than ever, that is why we here at Region Security Guarding want to reassure you that all Security Operatives employed by us have been extensively briefed on how to conduct themselves in order to minimise risk of infection or spread. All guards are safe to work around and are confident in their ability to keep a calm level head amongst this pandemic and keep your business safe first and foremost, we sincerely hope all this passes with minimal casualties and minimal issues.

The Coronavirus has already managed to devastate so many families and individuals, keeping safe is the top priority at the moment as to prevent a potential epidemic situation, with over 1,500 confirmed cases in the UK alone and many more unconfirmed cases, as all businesses should we are taking the utmost precaution in day to day operations ensuring hygiene and safety comes before all else.

For live updates regarding the Coronavirus please see the link below:

Coronavirus in the Security Industry