How To Write A Risk Assessment For An Event?

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9th August 2022

risk assessment for an event

Event risk assessments can be a huge benefit in event security, as they can help ensure the safety of an event. In this article, we will discuss why event risk assessments are needed, why they are important, and how you can write a risk assessment for an event.

What Is An Event Risk Assessment?

An event risk assessment is a risk assessment that is specially designed for events. Event risk assessments are a great way to keep you safe at events as they will identify all potential risks and weaknesses that may arise from holding an event. They also help event organisers to review what security actions they already have in place and plan what steps they could take to reduce security risks.

Here you can check out our top 6 tips on staying safe at events.

How To Write A Risk Assessment For An Event?

When you are writing an event risk assessment there are a variety of different sections that need to be included. These are what is the risk, how likely is this hazard, who is at risk, how serious is this risk, what steps can you take to remove the risk from happening, and whether risk has been fixed or not.

1. What Is The Risk?

The first thing that you should review and write in an event risk assessment is what risks could happen at your event. In this section, you should consider what are potential risks that people could face during your event. Some of these risks could be crowd injuries, terrorism, bad crowd behaviour, people fainting, and electrical equipment being broken.

2. How Likely Is This Hazard?

After you have considered the different risks that could take place, you should then think about how likely is it that this risk will happen. Security risks may be very likely while others may be impossible to happen.

3. Who Is At Risk?

Next, you should consider who the risk would be threatening. This could be people attending the event, the event staff, or anyone performing who is performing at the event.

4. How Serious Is The Risk?

Many security threats and risks will all have a different scale of seriousness, so it is important to consider how serious each threat will be. Some security risks may only have a minimum risk while others could be a server security threat.

5. How Can The Risk Be Stopped?

After you have anaylsed how serious each risk is you should then consider how the risk could be stopped. In this section, you can review what serious measures you have in place or plan what actions you need to take to prevent this risk from happening such as hiring security guards to provide protection for your event.

6. Has The Risk Been Fixed?

Finally, the last section you should write in an event risk assessment is whether the risk is ongoing or if it has been fixed. You can also include in this section whether the risk has been auctioned and if so by who.

how to write an event risk assessment

Does An Event Require A Risk Assessment?

According to the management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 law, it is a requirement that all businesses complete regular risk assessments. So, it will be essential for all event organisers to ensure that they have completed regular risk assessments for their events.

Why Is A Risk Assessment Important For Events?

Risk assessments are important for events because they will help event organisers anylase how secure their event is. They also allow you to think about where there may be weaknesses in your security, and they let you consider what actions you need to take to defeat each risk.

Risk assessments are also important for events because add an extra layer of protection to your event and event organisers can use them to their advantage.

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Why Do We Need Risk Assessments In Live Events?

Live events such as music festivals or concerts especially need risk assessments as much more security threats have been known to happen at these events such as crowd injuries, terrorism attacks, and out-of-control crowd behaviour such as mosh pits.

It is especially important to have risk assessments in live events because they allow event organisers to plan ahead and be prepared for any potential security risks that may happen.

Can Event Organisers Hire Someone Else To Conduct A Risk Assessment?

It is possible for event organisers to hire someone else to complete their risk assessments. The best person to conduct your risk assessment, rather than yourself, would be a member of a security team such as a security guard as they will be trained to deal with and identify any potential hazards.

Although event organisers can hire someone else to conduct their risk assessments, it is still important to remember that it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of their event.

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What To Put In A Risk Assessment For Events?

A risk assessment for an event will normally be a single document that contains a variety of different criteria such as:

  • What Hazards Could Take Place?
  • How Likely Would A Risk Happen?
  • Who Is The Person At Risk?
  • What Security Measures Are Already In Place?
  • Is This A Priority?
  • What Actions Or Steps Need To Be Taken Next?
  • Has The Risk Been Actioned And If So – Then By Who?
  • Has The Risk Been Fixed?

How To Organise A Risk Assessment For An Outside Event?

Outdoor events such as music festivals will hold a bigger capacity than smaller indoor events. This will mean that there will be more risks or potential hazards that can take place. So, it is important to make sure that your outdoor event is secure, the best way to do this would be to complete regular risk assessments.

If you were to organise a risk assessment for an outdoor event, you should first consider where the event will be taking place outside, how many people will be attending or working at your event, what risks could take place such as bad weather or crowd injuries, and what security measures you already have in place that will prevent these risks.

To keep updated with all the latest event news, head over to our news page where you can find articles about festival security and special event security.

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