How Many Security Guards Do I Need For An Event?

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1st June 2021

When planning an event it is important to hire SIA licensed security guards so that you can have the best event security. You may be thinking “how many security guards do I need for an event?”. In this article, we answer the most popular questions about hiring event security guards.

What Does Event Security Do?

Event security is hired to ensure that any kind of event is properly secure and is safe for those who are attending it. This event could be a smaller, more private gathering such as a party or business launch or a larger public event such as a concert or festival. Government guidelines stipulate that the organiser of an event is responsible for the health and safety of the event space and those attending the event.

They are also responsible for a risk assessment, and event security can contribute to this documentation. Special event security is a key part of the organisation process for such events to ensure that the day runs smoothly. Event Security can cover visible security guards or behind-the-scenes security such as CCTV operators – most special events use a combination of both.

How Many Security Guards Do I Need For An Event?

Event security does not have an official number of guards that you require for an event. Too many guards may seem overwhelming for event-goers, while too few may lead to security situations that are unmanageable.  The best way to work out how many security guards that you may need for an event is by contacting a security company and asking for their advice during the quotation process. Security companies are experienced in guarding similar events and will be able to advise accordingly.

how many security guards for an event

How Many Security Guards Per Person Event UK?

One of the main factors in determining a rough estimate for the number of guards per person is whether alcohol is being served at your event. Under the influence of alcohol, attendees are more likely to require assistance, and there are increased security risks. If your event is not serving alcohol, a rough recommendation would be one security guard per 150 guests. If alcohol is being served, however, this number should half to one security guard for every 75 event attendees. The larger the event, the smaller these ratios should become in order to effectively control any crowds – so if your event is over 1000 people, considering reducing the ratio to between 20 and 30 security guards. You may also require additional guards above these numbers to monitor doors, fire exits and VIP or restricted areas.

How Many Stewards Are Required For An Event?

You may also wish to consider using stewards alongside trained security guards for extra supervision and manpower. Stewards may not have the same amount of training as security guards, so should not be used as a complete replacement, but can be used in coordination with security personnel. Stewards usually do have some basic first aid and crowd control training which can come in handy at large events. Once again, to establish the number of stewards for your specific event, the size and amount of attendees should be taken into consideration. Your security company should be able to advise on this.

how much is event security

How Much Does Security Cost For An Event?

You may be thinking how much is security for an event? The cost of security is wholly dependent on your individual needs, the location of your event, and the number of people attending. In order to receive an accurate quote, you should contact security companies and provide them with your specific information. If you are working within a tight budget, let security companies know this, and they can tailor their security accordingly.

Where To Get Event Security Guards From?

To get the best event security you would have to hire security guards from a professional security company with a good reputation. Here at Region Security, our experienced and expertly trained staff offer high-quality service at a low-quality price. Our happy clients speak for themselves, and we ensure that our guards manage your event well, looking after it as if it was their own.

How Many Security Guards Do I Need For An Event

How Do Your Prepare And Plan Security For An Event?

Event security is important as they are a key aspect of keeping you safe at events. The best way to prepare for an event would be to talk with your security provider and to go over safety hazards.

It is important to discuss the physical safety hazards of your event space with your security team so that they are aware of the potential risks. Documenting a health and safety risk assessment will help you identify what could go wrong with your event and plan on how to control the situation if this happens. Security companies will be able to advise accordingly with this.

To keep to update with the latest event news head over to our news page where you can find other articles about special event security and festival security.

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